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Re-segregation: A Step in the Wrong Direction

It is impossible not to notice the racial tensions that are growing within the United States as many Black Americas are enduring hardships and navigating their pent-up anger from the accumulation of racial injustices. Black Americans are justified in being fed up with how this country has handled race relations; however, to gain any substantial progress it is essential for

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Simply Sonsie – Answers YOUR Questions!

cheating boyfriend

Q: Dear Simply Sonsie,   I’ve been dating a new guy, 28 (I’m 32) for the past 6 months. He is a stripper. He was NOT in this industry when I met him. He repeatedly assures me of how professional he is in the workplace and promises he is always faithful to me. Recently I surprised him at work and caught him making out with a customer. Although

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Interview with Young Author Ernesto Aragon

By Jessica Daniel Young Urban Voices sits down and interviews Ernesto Aragon, a young and gifted man who loves God and is living life with purpose. Just returning from his mission’s trip to Pemba, Mozambique with Iris Ministries and getting ready for the release of his book “Why Christians are Skeptical of the Supernatural,” twenty-seven year old Ernesto is excited

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