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Why Some VH1 Shows Need To Be Seriously Boycotted!

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Okay I am glad that is a new year! And with that I would like to see a change in the viewing of African Americans on TV. VH1 and possibly BET show some of the most degrading sitcoms on TV. My beef with BET is that is no longer black owned. I am truly furious with the way VH1 portrays blacks on their network. Back in the day you couldn’t catch a black on their channel. But now they have re formatted their programming to show nothing but reality shows targeting the African American community which do anything but showcase us in a positive light. With VH1 producing shows like, Tiny and Shekinah Weave Trip,” “Bye Felicia, Sorority Sisters and the love and hip hop “Love & Hip Hop Series,” is the epitome of wretchedness.  The term ‘Bye Felicia’ came from a hashtag that was trending on social media and even earlier then that Felicia came from the Ice Cube neighborhood classic film, “Friday,” Which proves no originality coming from writers and creators of TV Shows anymore. I am really tired of seeing weak minded women fighting and crying over a man that is not that into them. That seems to be the norm on reality TV, black women with too much weave, horrible plastic surgery.and bad attitudes.

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This is where Bye Felicia originally came from!

The most recent show that has everyone in an uproar is the new Mona Scott Young show, “Sorority Sisters,” which has upset people because they feel like it makes a mockery of Black Sorority Organizations.  Which I agree because organizations especially Greek organizations are suppose to be sacred and about community, leadership and sisterhood. But these young ladies are anything but….and as a black woman myself I am tired of seeing black women fighting and being caddy to one another. I feel this is the reason why African Americans can’t be respected in the world because of how we are portrayed on television. Also shows like Maury Povich doesn’t make black men or women look any better either.  I think the whole entire programming department needs to be reformatted. Even shows like Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder show black women in power sleeping with men. There are no family shows like The Cosby’s (even Bill is in hot water right now) Nothing is how it use to be in the 90s, not music or TV. If we could go back to quality productions with skilled writers and actors, and musicians, we could change for the better. .

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Are Black Women Beautiful?


In today’s modern world, society will have you second guessing everything about yourself, from your looks to your personality. With the current trends of what is considered sexy through the media, you’ll be thinking reality TV stars and video vixens are the ideal beauty to aim for to get a man’s attention. But what kind of attention are we truly seeking? Are we getting him to respect us? First,  are we even respecting ourselves as young ladies? The current “twerking” fad has women dancing like crazed strippers in just about anywhere. Have we gotten so desperate for love that we will showcase all of our assets to the man before the first date. But yet wonder why he won’t commit to marriage? Perhaps we are sharing too much of ourselves before we can really say this is the right one for us.

As a culture that got robbed of it’s heritage and roots we surely are quick to put another nationality’s hair in our head. Now I’m not talking down about weave. I’m sure as women we’ve all worn our fair share of it. What I am saying is if you can’t even look at yourself in the mirror without your “Beauty Supply” hair and truly love what is staring back at you, then you’ve completely lost yourself in society’s vision of “beautiful.” The person you are inside is hurting and is in dire need of emotional repair.  Even the women who are braving the butt injections or bleaching their skin. We all have some things we want to work on but when it comes down to mutilating your own body and distorting your image, the vision that God had when He created you. Then yes, things have gotten out of control.

Beyoncé has a song entitled, “Pretty Hurts,” where we see Beyoncé going through great lengths to become the star, the top beauty queen.  We also even see another female swallowing cotton balls. Beyoncé paints this picture that she is happy but yet in the inside she is suffering from bulimia and clearly isn’t satisfied with herself.


The lyrics, “Pretty hurts, we shine the light on whatever’s worse. Perfection is the disease of the nation…it’s the soul that needs the surgery,” weighs deeply.

We as women should truly take the time to love and pamper ourselves. We are strong, we carry the life of the next generation. We hold the household down when things become a bit challenging. We must fight ten times harder than a man to be successful in the workplace, but I can assure you we’re just as qualified if not better. It’s time we let our light shine bright, lift our head up high and realize that we are the prize. Once the princess and now a queen, have him show you how he needs you. Not the other way around. Men, that get it easy, usually leave just as easy.

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So take out the weave sometimes, the make-up, the “I don’t care about the world” attitude. Do a true self-reflection. Ask yourself. Are you really happy with what you see? Are you loving what’s inside of me? Time to take off the mask that is beginning to cast this dark shadow of keeping us women from truly admiring our natural beauty.