Tamir, Sandra, Freddie, How Many More Do We Have To Lose?

Black-Men-Killed-By-PoliceYear after year an unforeseen tragedy happens in the black community that results in an uproar. The slain killing of an African American. Within these past couple years we have lost almost a dozen citizens due to police brutality. There are so many murders but yet these officers go without any punishment. It’s almost as if the justice system is sending out a message that it is okay to murder black men and women and get away with it. The killing of the nine individuals at the South Carolina church was hushed under the rug while the murderer can go on with his life as long as he pleads “insanity.” That in of itself is insane. Members of the “Black Lives Matter,” movement being murdered just for protesting their  rights to be seen as an equal human being in the world.

Tamir Rice, a young teen shot dead after seen playing with a toy gun, Sandra Bland murdered for what, we still don’t know. Freddie Gray, shot down just like Mike Brown, Oscar Grant, Trayvon Martin, and countless others. I don’t know what has to happen in this world before racism and violence ends. Gone, are the days when our children could play outside without fear of being killed. Everyday innocent men and women lives are being stolen away from them. Unsolved mysteries the media fails to uncover the truth about. No one will ever know what happen to young teen Kendrick Johnson who’s body was found rolled up in gym mats then later stuffed with newspapers. Somebody knows, no one is seeking to tell the truth.  NO one cares about the black community. It is far time that the black community come together to hold each other accountable. We must do something. We need to support each other. I pray that one day we can live in a world where gun violence and racism isn’t so rampant in our society. Where we don’t judge other cultures based over old stereotypes but we realize we are all one.  That we are all running one race; The Human Race.

justice or else

Do Black Lives Matter Anymore?

Recently, the nation united for the Justice or Else, Million Man March in Washington, D.C., to discuss racial injustices within our society for all of the police brutality that has taken place with our men and women. This was such a historical event but yet it failed to receive nationwide television coverage. Especially, from major predominantly African American television stations.

So this lives me to wonder if black lives important? Do we matter in this world?

I have created a poem that honors our lost ones in society due to injustices.

It is entitled Do Black Lives Matter Anymore?


South Carolina Church Will Not Let Evildoer Stop Them

By Chris Rivera

white-supremacy-charleston-shootingOn Wednesday, June 17th, South Carolina fell victim to heinous crime. Dylan Roof, age 21, walked into a Bible study at Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston around 8pm ET. There, it’s been reported that he walked into the church and asked for the pastor, the pastor being kind enough, welcomed Mr. Roof into his congregation.

Snapchat video also shows Mr. Roof sitting at the table with a small group. Many people within the church tried to get this young man to participate in their Bible study. He then began to argue with the participants as they discussed scripture. After an hour of being there Mr. Roof stood up and pulled out a gun. It is reported that one participant, Tywanza Sanders, tried to talk him out of the violence he was about to commit, telling him, “You do not have to do this.” The gunman responded, “Yes. You are raping our women and taking over the country.”

He then proceeded to take aim at one of the oldest members within the Bible Study, Susie Jackson, 87. It was at this moment that Susie Jackson’s nephew, Mr. Sanders pleaded that Mr. Roof point the gun at him instead, but the gunman answered, “It doesn’t matter. I’m going to shoot all of you.”

Eight people were killed at Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal, the ninth person died at the hospital. Six were women and three were men. They were shot at close range, officials said, rather than a random spray of gunfire from across the room. The victims were:

  • Cynthia Hurd, 54, a librarian from the Charleston County Public Library.
  • Rev. Clementa Pinckney, 41, a Senator from South Carolina since 2000. He had also been a pastor since the age of 18.
  • Rev. Sharonda Coleman-Singleton, 45, a speech therapist and coach of the girls’ track and field team at Goose Creek High School.
  • Tywanza Sanders, 26,
  • Ethel Lance, who had worked at the church for 30 years
  • Susie Jackson, 87, Lance’s cousin who was named by a relative and was a longtime church member
  • Rev. Depayne Middleton, a mother of four, minister and fixture in the church choir.
  • Myra Thompson, 59
  • Rev. Daniel Simmons Sr., 74

At least two people survived the attack. One was a five-year-old who listened to her grandmother’s advice when she told her to play dead. Another was a woman who was spared and told, “’I’m not going to kill you, I’m going to spare you, so you can tell them what happened.”

On a website that may be linked to Dylan Roof, the Last Rhodesian, list a manifesto where it states that, “I chose Charleston because it is most historic city in my state, and at one time had the highest ratio of blacks to Whites in the country. We have no skinheads, no real KKK, no one doing anything but talking on the internet. Well someone has to have the bravery to take it to the real world, and I guess that has to be me.”

Also in the manifesto, it mentions how the Trayvon Martin case inspired his views on white supremacy, “The event that truly awakened me was the Trayvon Martin case. I kept hearing and seeing his name, and eventually I decided to look him up. I read the Wikipedia article and right away I was unable to understand what the big deal was. It was obvious that Zimmerman was in the right. But more importantly this prompted me to type in the words ‘black on White crime’ into Google, and I have never been the same since that day.”

On Thursday morning, 14 hours after the deadly shooting, Mr. Roof was arrested about 245 miles away in Shelby, North Carolina. Debbie Dills spotted Mr. Roof’s black Hyundai sedan and called the police as she followed him for 35 miles. The police stopped his vehicle at 10:44am at a traffic stop. He was arrested and in his possession he had a gun, although law enforcement wasn’t sure if it was the same gun used in the deadly shooting. After the arrest Roof waived his extradition rights and was put on a plane from North Carolina.

As Roof entered the jail a fifteen-year-old boy from North Charleston held a sign that read, “Your evil doing did not break our community! You made us stronger!”

On Sunday, Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church once again opened their doors and became a house of worship. They did not let this horrific scene stop them as they held service at 9:30am. During the prayers Rev. Norvel Goff reminded the church that, “No evildoer, no demon in hell or on Earth can close the doors of God’s church.”

Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church has been present within Charleston since 1816, it was led by free slaves, who broke away to form their own congregation. It is also the oldest black congregation south of Baltimore, and was burned to ground in the 1820s, and rebuilt a decade later.



Black Lives Matter-Police Brutality In America

stop policebrutality

On Monday, November 24, 2014, the world awaited the outcome of a grand jury hearing on the murder of 18-year-old Michael Brown, who was shot down by Ferguson, Mo., police officer Darren Wilson. The verdict of this hearing, which was held to determine whether Wilson would be indicted for the shooting, was that Wilson would not be prosecuted. It could not have come at a worse time.

The people in the town of Ferguson are crying out in pain and anger because yet another unarmed black male was shot down due to a racial injustice. The pain may never go away but the memory will forever go on.

It is a sad state in America when men and women cannot walk down the streets anymore without fear of being harassed by a cop who has yet again abused his power and authority. The ones truly affected by this travesty are the parents of Michael Brown. They have to live every day without their son.

This is not just a racial issue, but a humanitarian issue. Until society comes together as one we will continue to have these injustices. We have to get past the pain and unite together, but rioting and looting will not change how we are viewed in this world. We cannot burn down our towns and businesses to eradicate the unfairness we’ve faced.

It is true, Darren Wilson not being indicted was not fair, but what has happened in Ferguson will not change anything. This shows us at an all-time low. It shows ignorance and calamity in the black community. This is not the way to remember our fallen victims.

We need to band together and rationalize how we can come together as people. We need to educate ourselves and run our own businesses, and create our own police force if the ones sent to protect us are doing us more harm than good. The moment mothers and fathers worry about sending their children off to school or to the store and wonder if they will come back home, we know there is something seriously wrong in the justice system and in America, period.

Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, Emmett Till, Oscar Grant and countless others will never be forgotten; but until we come together to try and change our justice system which has failed, things will stay the same. We must learn to become the change that we want.

Although it appears that black lives are not a matter of importance in America, we must learn to love and value ourselves and want to do better in this world. We need to know that we are important, we matter and we can make things happen in our society

Police Brutality –Black Lives Matter

Fferguson riots

Brutality On The Battlefield: Are Blacks The Only Target?

By Randall Rydell Russell

The racism of this country is at an all-time high. We are reverting back to the times of the civil rights movement. But it’s 2014 isn’t it. A lot of African Americans are caught in the cross fire and have always been profiled just for the color of our skin. But one thing is very evident, a lot of African Americans play the part and embrace their ‘hood and tend to make other African Americans look bad so the narrow minded world has a view of most African American males as thugs and gangsters. These gangsters also shoot first and ask questions later, leading to unnecessary death to innocents and police officers.

Through the years, there have been police officers who have corrupted their power and it continues to go on and effect the community, but at the same time, some of those police are innocents doing their job and lose their lives in the process because of ignorance. That goes beyond race, whites, Hispanics, Italians, Asians, whatever, criminals who want to get away come in all colors and that is the problem.

We are quick to blame police officers because of the past, and yes there are cops all the way up to right now who are doing some shady things because they can, but there are a lot who are just trying to do their job and go home, and like wrongfully convicted African Americans who have died due to police brutality, the same goes for gang brutality where police have lost their lives too.

To point fingers to who is at fault will just cause more of an uproar that we do not need. But the fact of the matter is that something has to be done about the narrow mindedness of this country. The views white America feels about black America and vice versa, and police need to think about their actions before just assuming someone who is who they say because of the color of their skin.

Riots and violence are not a wakeup call AMERICA, hearing each other’s side and coming to an understanding is the only way. If you think that is too much, then you are a part of the problem. It’s almost 2015, wake up and take a stand to better this country and this world.

Emmett Till and Trayvon Martin

Killing Our Black Community

Jordan Davis, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Mike Brown, Oscar Grant, Rodney King, Malice Green, Renisha McBride and several others all have one thing in common. They have all died to either police brutality or because of some malicious acts caused by some insensitive human beings. It seems our black community is dying at such an alarming rates. These names have began to slowly fade away because mainstream media  doesn’t want us to remember these individuals. It is truly sad that we have reverted back to the 1940s where segregation was running rapid in the cities. If you honestly, think about it we are reliving past times. Marching, rioting, protesting and demanding justice for fallen angels who were unarmed targets to police who treated them like animals.  But when we are losing four or more African Americans within a month or two of it self it’s incredibly ridiculous.

Mike Brown unarmed teen, shot down by police
Mike Brown

Michael Brown, was an unarmed teen, who was shot down by the hands of the police due to  an alleged robbery. He was supposed to start college in a couple of weeks.



John Crawford fatally shot because he was carrying a toy gun at Wal-Mart
John Crawford

John Crawford, was a young father of 22 years of age that was fatally shot in the chest after failing to adhere to officers orders of dropping his BB gun which he planned to purchase from Walmart.



Eric Garner
Eric Garner

Eric Garner, was a family man who suffered from asthma, officers tried to arrest him and while he resisted, they threw him to the ground and placed him in a chokehold. Garner, while in no position to move, cried out that he couldn’t breathe and tried to reach for an inhaler while officers mistakenly took for a gun. His death was ruled a homicide and video has now become viral.

Renisha McBride
Renisha McBride

Renisha McBride, was a young lady who crashed her car in the middle of the night, and was seeking help, knocked on the door and window of a middle age Caucasian man at his Dearborn Heights home, in Michigan. The shooter Theodore Wafer, fired through the door, which McBride endured a shot to the face. Wafer has just been convicted for second degree murder, manslaughter, and possession of a firearm during commission of a felony. He was found guilty on all three charges on August 7, 2014.

Ezell Ford
Ezell Ford

Ezell Ford, a mentally ill man, who was walking down the street while he was stopped by police for investigation. According to reports, Ford wrested with cops and attempted to grab an officers gun. The backup officers shot him, while the other officer while wrestling with Ford shot him and he later died.

Dante Parker
Dante Parker

Dante Parker, was tased by a female police officer after she mistakenly identified him as a burglary suspect, because he supposedly fit the description of someone who did,  because he was riding a bike, just as the actual suspect was. But the family man, worked 12 years at a Daily Press Paper as a pressman in their production department. Comments from family friends and co-workers say Parker often rode his bike, to lose weight and stay healthy, that he’d many times could be found running up and down stairs, and simply being a family man. He was apprehended by police who tased him because she felt he was resisting arrest meanwhile in the back seat of the police car Parker had difficulties breathing, so they rushed him to the hospital, but he like many others, also died.

There are so many faces that have died to foolishness. Why aren’t these cops, and citizens prosecuted through the fullest extent of the law? If anything they are forced to step down and take on desk duty. The worse part is no one cares enough about the black community. I can say Reverend Al Sharpton comes and speaks out about the injustices we face. But where all the influential voices in music and film. These are the people that can change the opinions of our young people. We watch young people spend hundreds of dollars on products and clothes from rich and successful entertainers yet when incidents like this happen we rarely hear anything from them. Now I am not saying it is their responsibility. But an injustice in an urban community is an injustice anywhere. Perhaps, their music could influence some type of change. Since we know the influence of Hip Hop already has on the young black community.

I don’t know when the killings of Blacks will ever end. But what I do know there is no respect at all in the black community. They are finding  new ways to kill us off.  If we aren’t killing each other, they’re murdering us. Until we decide to finally come together and unite as a community we will continue to get treated like animals with no voice. We have to remember the words and actions of Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Hopefully, one day people will finally see us as ordinary people with thoughts, feelings and opinions just like anybody else. I pray for a day where we aren’t victims of racial profiling and truly respected individuals of society.

Remember, YOU MATTER, Let’s Stop Injustice

Is America Killing Our Black Youth

Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis two teens murdered through "Stand Your Ground Law"
Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis two teens murdered through “Stand Your Ground Law”

Is America Killing Our Black Youth

We begin to wonder what is really going on when the lives of our African American youth begin dwindling away. Why is it that we stand at the forefront of tyranny? Two male teens gone within less than five years and these are just the murders being reported. Who knows how many countless travesties have gone unmentioned? News media will only report so much that if not reporting will hurt their ratings as well as its credibility.

What exactly is a “Stand Your Ground” law anyway? The state of Florida passed this law which allows someone in fear of his or her life to use deadly force to stop an attacker. But if you ask me, what exactly were these two teens doing to provoke such “fear” in these men: George Zimmerman (a neighborhood watchman who murdered Trayvon Martin in February 2012) and Michael Dunn who murdered Jordan Davis for his music being too loud. What? Besides being NORMAL AMERICAN TEENAGERS. When did listening to music and going to the store for snacks begin to pose such a threat to society that they had to pull out guns and murder innocent children?

What makes matters worse? George Zimmerman was going to do a celebrity boxing match with famed rapper DMX. This is not just a joke but a damn slap in the face towards Trayvon Martin’s entire family. The media attention it received was simply disgusting. On the other hand Michael Dunn feels he was justified by killing Jordan Davis although no one in the SUV was armed with any weapons. Dunn himself sees his self as both the victim and the victor. It is a sad cold day in America when our young children can’t live to see their adulthood and create families of their own.

Sybrina Fulton (Trayvon’s mother) and Lucia McBath (Jordan Davis’s mother) have come together to attempt to ban this, “Stand Your Ground” law. Which we honestly know is only successful for whites. Allegedly, only 3% of African Americans shooters received the same treatment for shooting a white person and filing a “Stand Your Ground” claim. What does that mean folks? The law does NOT support the minority. How so? You may ask? Neither of these men has “truly” been convicted yet. Michael Dunn still awaits his fate for a retrial May 5th on which he may face up to 60 years in jail. Meanwhile Zimmerman is a free man making a mockery of the incident.

We hope that someday things change in this world. Even as we stand in a brink of a new era and an African American holds chair in the White House. We still have to deal with the mistreatment of Blacks. Teens shouldn’t have to live their life as if they may die tomorrow? What has truly happened to this world?