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“Get On Up” James Brown Film Releases Today

James Brown film

The long awaited, James Brown biopic, “Get On Up” hits theatres today. The film promises to touch upon Brown’s life. The highs and lows while showcasing what America loved the very most, his electrifying talent. Chadwick Boseman, the # 42-Jackie Robinson story, cast as James Brown himself. The movie cast some heavy hitters such as Octavia Spencer, Viola Davis from the

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50 Shades Of Black

Our Black Is Beautiful Two women of color, both very talented actresses and models ranging from light to dark and are both equally beautiful. The “Paper Bag” Test, “skillet,” “tar-baby,” “light -bright,” what do all of these words have in common. They are all derogatory terms once used to describe women and men of color. Stripped of our afro-centric culture

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