Cardi B Scores 1st Rolling Stone Cover

This has truly been the breakout year for Ms. or should we say now Mrs. Cardi B, from landing a number 1 hit on the Billboard charts, getting engaged and she has just recently scored a cover on the Rolling Stones, Hot Issue. 

Cardi who is just 25 years old discusses how she is adjusting to fame, the pressure of following up to Bodak Yellow and not being another one hit wonder. 

The hip hop star also states how she’s feeling “muted” and can’t say what is on her mind as much due to the controversy it might bring. 

Rapping has always been something she’s always been into. It was either college or making money. Of course, Cardi chose stripping as a way to make herself some cash. During her strip club days, she garnered over 1 hundred thousand followers on Instagram. Releasing her 1st mixtape Gangsta Bitch, caught the attention of producers and she signed her record deal and starred on Love and Hip Hop New York, while the rest is history. 

When asked where she sees herself in 25 years she jokingly replied, “Cursin’ at my kids.”

The Day He Gave Me HIV

 The Day He Gave Me HIV. 

I couldn’t believe this was now my reality. I knew I shouldn’t have been with him. His sister tried to warn me. Why didn’t I listen? How could he have given me this? He knew, he fucking knew! He ruined my life. I was a pregnant teen now living with HIV. What the fuck would I do now? My parents are strict as shit and I don’t even know how to tell them this awful news. How would I face him at school? How can I face anyone at that school? I couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror. My life was over. I couldn’t bring a child into this world. Naw, not like this. 

I walked into my house and couldn’t get over this no matter how hard I tried. I listened to music but nothing worked. I paced around the living room growing angrier. I ran into the bathroom and vomited repeatedly. The sheer shock of this information had my stomach unsettling. As I attempted to stand up, I stared at my reflection. I was no longer the same person. A piece of me died. I felt no life inside of me. My life was ruined all because I wanted to have sex with a guy I was interested in. There was nothing wrong with that. 

Jeffrey should have opened up his mouth and told me about his disease. He was a selfish bitch who only thought of himself. I hated him. I hated myself for allowing this to happen. The longer I stood at the mirror. I couldn’t take it anymore. I looked around the room and I picked up a small bag of rocks and threw it hard at the mirror until it broke. I punched walls over and over again while blood dripped from my hands. I had to talk to him. I had to confront Jeffrey. I didn’t know how my life would turn out because as devastating as it is. I’ll never think I’ll bounce back from this. 
Melissa Owens

Sleeping with The Enemy


Single and Ready : The Art of Dating

Single and Ready


In 2016, it’s almost rare to find a man that still asks a woman on a date, and actually follows through. It’s crazy to say that the times we live in have changed the dating game forever. Where a man used to ask a woman on dates then picked her up, opened the doors, enjoyed her out for a few hours and returned her home with a simple kiss of gratitude, they’re now asking ladies to “chill” in its place. It’s a “not wanting to waste money on someone who isn’t worthy” mentality, and the saddest part about it is seeing women lower their value and conform to the popular “Netflix & chill” phenomenon.
Many agree that dating in this era seems pointless because men are only looking for sex and women only want the money. If we go to the time before cell phones and social media, dating was one of the only forms to meet new people. It allowed friends to set their friends up on blind dates. It allowed men to step their game up and come correct for a woman he was interested in. It allowed men to wear the pants as their woman proudly wore the skirt. Roles were not confused or switched during these times. And this created more dating then courting then possibly marriage.

Fast forward to the emergence of the internet and cell phones, and all sensible, single folks turned to internet dating sites and social media to “meet new people”. While cell phones and social media do connect like minds with other like minds, it tore down the art of dating and evolved it into this “smoke and chill”, “drink and chill”, or “Netflix and chill” era. At this point, a man spending his money on a woman who might not bed him doesn’t sound as inviting as that same woman coming over for Popeyes and a DVD.
Chuck Henderson of Wallstreet Insanity agreed that “hanging out and hooking up seems to be way more prevalent. Sometimes, this evolves into a relationship before you’ve even gone to dinner and a movie.” So where does that leave courting? Exactly where it left dating….in the past. Men are complaining that some women serial date just for free meals and movie trips, while women argue that most men serial date just to see who they can bed the quickest with no intention on anything but sex. With so many sex filled song lyrics, TV shows and movies in the 21st century, it’s no wonder that everybody has an ulterior motive when they meet someone new. Whether good or bad intentions, dating was created to help find commonalities in folks and figure out if forever is even an option with that person.
So how do we get back to what worked in the 1930-60s when people still believed in families and marriage? Easy! The first thing that must happen is people need to raise your standards and quite conforming to a person who just wants to “chill”. Single people also need to stop looking for sex in the wrong places and wrong people. Not to mention, women are incapable of having emotionless sex unless she’s being paid for her services. Sex is still an emotional attachment for every woman, especially those with their hearts on their sleeves.
Dating helps you get to know someone, figure out if they’re worthy of your time, love and presence, discover the commonalities between each other, and possibly move forward into a union. A smoke session with Dante isn’t a date; he’s more than likely trying to feel you out to see how fast he could bed you. Chilling on the block with your crush isn’t a date. She’s probably casing every dude out there to see who makes the most money. Pay attention to the signs because in everything we do, there’s a fair warning prior. If we’re trying to reintegrate family values into our kids, we must unteach then reteach ourselves the art of dating!
By Co Kane

7 Simple Practices To Improve Your Relationship Happiness

7 Simple Practices To Improve Your Relationship Happiness

By: YUV Guest Writer Annie Lizstan 

Maintaining a happy relationship can be frustrating at times and disappointments are not inevitable in such a connection. Most couples find it disconcerting and heartbreaking if they can’t find contentment in their most loving relationships. Why would someone who truly loves you try to hurt you? 

Personal and intimate relationships are hard to navigate unlike professional connections due to expectations and agreements, according to Steve Chandler, a relationship author, and motivational coach. Luckily, there are some simple practices that can improve your relationship. They include: 

1. Know Your Expectations

The chances are that most couples who don’t find happiness in their relationships is not aware of their expectations. They may only realize that they feel somehow resentful toward their loving partners. If this is happening in your relationship, try to explore deeper, and you may learn that your partner has gone against some of your expectations. For instance, you may plan to have a dinner out on a weekend but you’re your partner fails because s/he gets occupied with other things.

2. Spend Time Together

The majority of couples who seek professional counseling hardly recount the last time they spent quality time together. You may be preoccupied with job assignments or your kids such that you don’t have alone time for your partner. And by the time you retire to bed, you are too exhausted to have an engaging chat. 

It’s very hard to feel happily connected if you don’t spend time together. It’s among the top practices that can keep your relationship healthy. Set dates when you shall be spending time together and ensure that they are honored.

3. Hug Twice Every Day

This doesn’t mean hugging hurriedly, but rather embracing each other for at least 20 seconds to allow the “curdle hormone” or oxytocin to kick in. This hormone triggers a pleasant feeling which is very essential in a happy relationship. Hugging is also a powerful gesture just like medicine. 

A hug for 20 seconds in the morning and before bedtime. Stick to this ritual on a daily because your partner may feel uncared for if you skip it for a few days.

4. Listen Without Interrupting

One of the best way to say “I love you” is through listening to your partner when they s/he speaks about their feelings, thoughts, and stresses among much more. About glozine lifestyle news, most people struggle with the skill of authentic listening. It entails shutting off all electronic gadgets; make eye contact and nod you’re your head in an appreciative way. This shows that you are not only caring, but also present during a conversation with your partner. 

High-fives and supportive grunts are also recommendable in showing your partner that you are sincerely paying attention.

5. Keep Each Other Updated

You can’t tell when to commiserate or celebrate with your partner unless you are kept updated on what’s going on in their life. By expressing what is happening in each other’s life, it will inform your partner when you need their support in stressful situations as a result of job or health issues. They will also know when to celebrate with you whenever you make some achievements. How was your night? How was work today? These are some questions that will clearly express that you are carrying your partner in mind as you face the joys and challenges of the day.

6. Learn Your Partner’s Love Language

Every person in a relationship expresses unique loving behaviors and gestures. If you are not aware of your partner’s love language, there is no harm in asking. The chances are that they may have attempted to share them, but you completely missed the point. 

Inquire the things you do that make them feel loved and cared for. It could be your tender touch, making love or just buying them presents.

7. Draft plans

Most of the programs that count in a relationship are not achieved unless they are put on the calendar. These include having sex, meeting friends, visiting relatives and going out for dinner. Ensure that you both set goals every month. This is an assurance that you are on the same journey together with your partner. 

Draft some meaningful relationship goals that appeal to both of you. You must plan and act as a team if you want to Improve happiness in your relationships.


The list of things you can do with your partner to improve happiness in your relationship is endless. You don’t have to surprise them every day, but practicing the above seven can strengthen your bond and make your relationship more enjoyable. Happy relationship!

Author Bio

Annie Lizstan works as a health and beauty consultant for online websites and an independent researcher by profession. She had completed her studies from university of Arizona and live in Wasilla, Alaska. She always like to explore her ideas about health, fitness and beauty . In her recent period ,she got an opportunity to explore on joint pain relief. She has experience researching as a passion as well as profession. You can also connect with her on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

The Side Chick: His Dirty Little Secret


 I was hooked, like an addict. I was getting high off his supply. Nothing ever felt so good then being pleased by him. Quinton knew exactly what I loved. No one could compare to his skills. Oftentimes, I felt bad about what we were doing. He had a wife and I had a boyfriend but he could never compare to the euphoric feeling I received from Q. 

He had a stocky frame, all muscle different than what I was used to. But all I wanted was to embrace him. Everything felt so right when we were together. 
More Coming Soon…

Taming Mr. Right: Some secrets hold the deadliest truths P1.

stock-photo-4796956-attractive-young-man-baring-his-chest-bamboo-backgroundMy Warning

Hello, it’s nice to meet you. How are you? My name is Jeffrey Willis but I sometimes go by the

alias of Harold Ian Victor. I’ll tell you more about that later. I don’t need to tell you everything

about me, I’m sure you don’t care anyway. But I will tell you what you want to know. I am a

young man of about twenty two years of age. I am extremely good looking, extremely. No I

am not just being cocky or conceited. I’ve been told by several women and a few guys as a

matter of fact. I am chocolate brown with deep dark eyes. I drive a nice car and make a nice

amount of money. Women love to buy me things and do whatever with me. I don’t stop them

because hell what man wouldn’t like that shit. But where some women usually fail with

me…they don’t focus on the inside. All women see when they are with me is this fine as face

and how I pleasure them. I am an addiction to most. Once I get inside you I never leave. You are

stuck with me forever. I don’t mind at first but after a few years I start to do damage to the body

and tear down the morality of your soul and self–esteem. No one wants to live with me but yet

they won’t protect themselves from me. Do I feel bad about what I do to people; HELLNO!

People are responsible for their own actions. We are a part of an ignorant society where

carelessness reigns supreme. We play ourselves repeatedly just for an hour or two of satisfaction

that we don’t care about the repercussions of our actions. I remember this one saying I heard, “If

looks could kill.” I laugh at the mere thought. Because sometimes they just do.

Before I reveal to you everything about me; I must take you back to where all the chaos started

and explain to you how I ended up in the place I am now. I’ll begin with my life in high school

this is where things began to get crazy. But I must tell you, my story. I sometimes like to torture

those who don’t care about the feelings of others. People are so selfish and thoughtless it makes

me sick to my stomach. The total lack and disregard to humanity is sickening.


Black Power: Why I’m Fed Up With BET Networks

  BET or Black Entertainment Television use to be a force to be reckoned with. Once owned by Bob Johnson, use to display positive and powerful programs like Video Soul with Donnie Simpson, BET NEWS, also one of my favorites that they need to bring back for this lost generation is Teen Summitt. A youth talk show geared toward giving African American teenagers an outlet to share their voices on topics that most concern them. 

Nowadays, BET shows a constant rerun of the same movies and nothing really positive for the African American audience it targets. Lately, the network has picked up the show The Westbrooks. Which from the commercials I’ve seen is just a black watered down version of The Khardasians.  Has our society gone so far into this social media game that we are praising young ladies for being popular on social media instead of being an intelligent and educated young woman. I suppose so with the term, “hoes be winning”. 

Come On, BET what happened to College Hill, Baldwin Hills and several other shows. I noticed the Book of Negroes, lasted not very long. 

Black People in power stop giving away your damn power for a measly buck! Johnson sold BET Network to Viacom some years ago. Just like Dr. Dre sold Beats by Dre to Apple. If black people weren’t so brainwashed perhaps we could do better. We will always be at the bottom of the totem pole for that reason alone. 

I just hope that for the ones with power we help take care of each other.  As for BET a non black owned station could careless about making positive images in the black community because they want to keep us ignorant and dumb. 

  Wake up black people! BET or VH1 don’t give a damn about black people. There was a time when VH1 wouldn’t even show blacks on their network. Now all you see are blacks.  Because they’re capitalizing off of our ignorance with shows like Basketball Wives and Love and Hip Hop. Shows that potray us as being over sexualized and catty to other black women. Men cheating on their women because one just isn’t enough.  We need to wake up to see the tricks being played here. 

Pick up a book instead of a remote sometimes.  


Love Triangle, Future, Ciara, Russell: Someone’s Bitter, “I BET!!”

WASHINGTON, DC - APRIL 28: Russell Wilson from the Seattle Seahawks and Ciara Harris arrive for the state dinner in honor of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe And Akie Abe April 28, 2015 at the Booksellers area of the White House in Washington, DC. The Japanese Prime Minister and his wife are on an official visit to Washington. (Photo by Olivier Douliery/Getty Images)
WASHINGTON, DC – APRIL 28: Russell Wilson from the Seattle Seahawks and Ciara Harris arrive for the state dinner in honor of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe And Akie Abe April 28, 2015 at the Booksellers area of the White House in Washington, DC. The Japanese Prime Minister and his wife are on an official visit to Washington. (Photo by Olivier Douliery/Getty Images)

“Goodies,” and “Body Party,” pop and R&B singer Ciara has in my opinion truly upgraded. She went from Atlanta based rapper, Future, who is the father of her son to now Football star, Russell Wilson. And when I say, “upgrade” I don’t mean this in terms of looks,(Future is quite an attractive guy) I mean in terms of respect for her as we all could tell. He says cheating had nothing to do with their relationship but instead they grew a part and wanted to make “other decisions.”

Atlanta native Rapper, Future

Now Ciara has grown and moved on, via the song, “I Bet,” she is now abstaining from sex with new beau Russell Wilson and someone (Future) sounds pretty upset about it, stating, “He may be just saying  it to say it, God didn’t tell me that. God didn’t tell me to wait.”

Okay, we get it, you guys didn’t wait. But why put her new relationship on blast? Sounds childish and immature, Sounds a little bitter, “I Bet.”

the evolution of love

The Face of Romance, 2015

By Kate F.

All_you_need_is_love_(The_Beatles_Story) (1)

Sexual liberation has had a very complex background and history. Both men and women are involved in the process of pushing the idea of relationships forward. The hazardous old stereotypes still live, like men seeking more sex in a relationship while women look for emotional commitment as they raise children and put ‘pressure’ on their men to stay committed for as long as that takes. And then along came the second half of the 20th century, where relationships get placed in a bigger picture, and previously taboo topics are swept away with the coming of activists such as the Gay Liberation movement. Relationships are redefined as a “commitment between two people”, regardless of their gender.

Birth control gained momentum as early as 1870 in the US and Europe. Unwanted pregnancies were much more rare. In England, single parent families dropped in quantity. Sexual activity was reserved for ‘after marriage’, and the importance of family life was promoted.

This trend has drastically changed in the early 1960s and the advance of the sexual revolution. Contraception had a series of advancements, and the birth control pill became everything. Single men and women became openly sexually active outside of their traditional relationships – marriages. Abortion was legalized in many countries of the western world.

It didn’t end there. In 1969, the Stonewall Riots “gave birth” to the Gay Rights Movement. Both men and women started ‘coming out’ in the Unites States, inspiring their brothers and sisters across the pond to do so as well. The average consumer was able to purchase products like aphrodisiacs, sex toys, and information on their existence and purpose were available to all. Fetishist and BDSM sexual preferences traditionally characterized as taboos, overnight became recognized and brought into the open. Marriage no longer carried the same relevance or strength as it once did, when divorces became easier to obtain. The feminist movement peaked in a single decade of glory that has not been surpassed even today. As a matter of fact, it was the feminist activists who enabled the LGBT population to express themselves and openly embrace their sexuality.

One of the most important aspects of the sexual revolution was a free flow of information. A myriad of non-fiction sex manuals and publications appeared in bookshops and libraries. However, not all the development was to a good end. Conservative members of society were preparing a ‘counter-revolution’. As usual, they defined all the above mentioned practices as abnormal and dangerous, with more or less success. But thanks to presence and active involvement of LGBT population and progressive youth, the fight for sexual freedom is far from a lost cause.

The element of “morality” is taken out of the equation when these events are discussed today – there is no moral grounds for torture inflicted upon another human being. The world we live in struggles for its freedom, and is creating the paths through which the freedom comes. The Internet has once again brought transparency to a touchy topic – free love and free access. Where a hundred years ago an indiscretion would land you in an asylum, today there is no fear in standing up for your physical and mental health, with sex ed classes (which should, honestly, be given more attention), going so far as shopping for condoms as commodities.

The evolution of relationships and sexual freedoms has shaken the very foundations of society like a wave of relief across a world governed by interpretations of holy manuscripts backed by personal agenda. Naturally, there is personal agenda on both sides, tampering the purpose of the fight, but a globally-felt inclination towards research, analysis and socio-economic progress keeps the field as fair as it can be.