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7 Simple Practices To Improve Your Relationship Happiness

   7 Simple Practices To Improve Your Relationship Happiness By: YUV Guest Writer Annie Lizstan  Maintaining a happy relationship can be frustrating at times and disappointments are not inevitable in such a connection. Most couples find it disconcerting and heartbreaking if they can’t find contentment in their most loving relationships. Why would someone who truly loves you try to hurt

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Black Power: Why I’m Fed Up With BET Networks

  BET or Black Entertainment Television use to be a force to be reckoned with. Once owned by Bob Johnson, use to display positive and powerful programs like Video Soul with Donnie Simpson, BET NEWS, also one of my favorites that they need to bring back for this lost generation is Teen Summitt. A youth talk show geared toward giving African

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Love Triangle, Future, Ciara, Russell: Someone’s Bitter, “I BET!!”


“Goodies,” and “Body Party,” pop and R&B singer Ciara has in my opinion truly upgraded. She went from Atlanta based rapper, Future, who is the father of her son to now Football star, Russell Wilson. And when I say, “upgrade” I don’t mean this in terms of looks,(Future is quite an attractive guy) I mean in terms of respect for

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The Face of Romance, 2015

the evolution of love

By Kate F. Sexual liberation has had a very complex background and history. Both men and women are involved in the process of pushing the idea of relationships forward. The hazardous old stereotypes still live, like men seeking more sex in a relationship while women look for emotional commitment as they raise children and put ‘pressure’ on their men to

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