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Re-segregation: A Step in the Wrong Direction

It is impossible not to notice the racial tensions that are growing within the United States as many Black Americas are enduring hardships and navigating their pent-up anger from the accumulation of racial injustices. Black Americans are justified in being fed up with how this country has handled race relations; however, to gain any substantial progress it is essential for

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Delightfully Uplifting Fun Friend

  Recently a movie entitled The Duff came to theaters. The anagram stands for Designated Ugly Fat Friend and according to the movie’s heart-warming resolution, it also stands for equality. Though the message of the movie seems to be that Hollywood’s young actors are ironically un-frumpy, it is actually, word for word, that “we are all somebody’s duff.” Believe it

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Conquering The Myth: Living with HIV-The Hydeia Broadbent Story

Hydeia Broadbent

When you think of Hydeia Broadbent you think of a young lady who is living a courageous life. Hydeia spends her time spreading the message of HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention by promoting abstinence, and safe-sex practices. “People think because I was born with HIV that my story doesn’t apply to them. The same disease I am living with is the same

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