Ten Second Start: A Short Story


By  YUV  Writer Randy Russell

The marks on her neck mean there was a struggle. That’s what the morgue attendant tells me as I identify the body.

“Can you sign at the dotted line that this is in fact your daughter?” asks the morgue attendant.

I do as I am asked. He cover’s Erica’s lifeless body then gives me a minute. My emotions are in a rut. That’s my child,

my baby, my only immediate family, and we were estranged at that. She was twenty five and full of life, but now some

son of a bitch has taken that from her and me.

I walk out of the office passing some of the workers there. The expressions on their faces is odd to me. No emotion,

no connection at all. This is their paycheck, ringing in dead bodies, while watching the Kings-Lakers game at the check

out desk. Leaving is the best thing to do at this point, I feel nothing but disgust and churning in my stomach.

The only unoccupied stall in the morgue bathroom is where I let my Chinese food come back out for an encore. For

some reason after that, I feel embarassed and filled with complete anger over my loss that I begin to punch the wall

repeatedly. When that starts to wear thin, I kick the stall wall over and over again, screaming in a rage. The people in

the stalls next to this one almost instantly take off out of the bathroom. I begin breathing hard, gripping my fists until my

nails start digging into my skin. I go to the sink to wash my mouth out, putting water on my face as I am doing that. My

reflection in the mirror looks disturbed, because I am.


I sit in my brand new BMW in the parking lot of the morgue, thinking of Erica as a child. The little girl I called

shadow, who just had to be with her daddy at all times. She was deathly loyal to me, as I was the same to her. Except

for the past three years and three hours ago when some jogger found her body on a trail near the American River.


Today I sold my fourth house of the week. I was at my lawyer Wendell’s house this evening when I got the call.

My phone was on silent, due to me and Wendell’s powder party, soaked with Sam Adams Oktoberfest, Chinese take

out and Randy Couture on UFC. My only child was not a priority at the time. Carpenter‘s is next after the morgue. An

hour later, 12oz bottles of the best craft beer is in front of me. Milo Carpenter doesn’t even ask, my face says it all.

Pain, guilt, anger. I’m an emotionally struck man who misses his daughter. Keep ’em coming.


It’s quiet tonight. A few college kids, the occasional war vet or biker. The usual for this low key, hole in the wall

pub. Just the way me and all the others like it. Milo is old but didn’t ask too many questions. At sixty seven, he is sure

up on what is truly hip with the kiddies. And he wouldn’t bother you if you didn’t want to be. That’s cool with me.


I see him at the end of the bar. A suit, just like me, continues staring at me. Rival agent I think. The way I’m

feeling, he can bring whatever shit he wants to. I’d kill him and no one would care. Now I’m talking nonsense. I think

more of the Wheat Ale is what I need.


The suit gets up and walks over to me. He sits down and takes a card from his breast pocket. The card reads in

fancy Old English letters, “Revenge, Inc”. “What’s this?” I ask the suit. “My name is Conrad Myers. We are aware of

your situation with the murder of your daughter, and we would like to assist you with your revenge. We have her

killer in Warehouse 13 downtown waiting for you,” says Myers.  This is either a joke, I’m way too drunk, or this guy is

for real. “Who the fuck are you, and how do you know what the hell happened to my daughter?” I ask. I stand up

to him to seem intimidating, but Myers sees right through me.

“The words I’ve said, should’ve clearly told you the arrangement, and the deal my company is offering,” Myers slyly

says. “You have no other choice”.

“This is not the time to be making me offers,” I tell him. “How do I know this isn’t some sick game?”

“Mr. Cunningham, we aren’t in the business of playing games, we are in the business of fixing the lives of broken

families, with compensation. You may not be able to get Erica back John, but you can get her killer back. The address

is on the back of the card. Tomorrow morning, be there,” says Myers.


He gets up and exit’s the bar. I’ve suddenly sobered up but now my mind is racing with what I need to do next. I

look at the pristine work on the business card and the address. The only thing I can think of is see what they’re about. I

chug my last beer, put down a tip, exiting Carpenter’s bar.


The drive home was hard due to the several craft beers in my system and thinking of Erica on her 5th birthday

when we took her to Disneyland. The look on her face is sealed in my soul for life when she saw Goofy for the first

time. She loved every minute of it. More tears come down my face as I think about that day or just Erica in general.

The world seems very closed in and empty right about now.


Home is worse. It’s too quiet here with just me here. I don’t want to be alone tonight. I want Erica to be sitting

here with me having pizza, telling me about her job and her future plans.Well that’s not going to happen anymore.


The next morning I call Erica’s mother, where I hear her beyond annoying voicemail about being in Chile for three

weeks. I hang up. She’ll hear the truth when she returns. Maybe then, she can return to reality and face her

responsibilities like a parent and a grown woman.


Erica’s mother and I did not last long. Erica was born a year into our marriage. Annette felt having a kid, Hell

being married amongst other things were too much for her plate due to her wanting to see the world and things like

that. She is initially a big kid, with no grown up ambitions. Her father is well off so she did not have to worry about

money or a place to stay after we divorced, so initially, I raised Erica, Annette and her parents had her on weekends

growing up. And as much as I tried to patch things up with her, there was no changing her ways or

her views on life. So I played the parent. I made sure of it because the love you have for your

child is stronger than anything out there. I snap out of my strong mode to realize I am still in

mourning, so I should continue sulking for the duration of the day.

I make a cup of black coffee, burnt toast, and light a cigarette in the house. It

doesn’t matter anymore. Nothing really matters anymore. She’s gone, so I hope the

police will find the killer. That is my view because I start thinking again that Myers is full of shit.

But what if he wasn’t?


My eyes turn to the card for Revenge Inc, thinking of what Myers told me.

Thinking that if it’s true, I may be able to kill my pain, and avenge Erica’s death. I chug

the rest of my coffee, take a drag of my cigarette, grab my car keys, leaving my

house on the road to redemption.


Before I head to the address, I stop by the ATM. You never know what this is about, and

I might need money so I pull two hundred out. Nothing big, I honestly don’t know why I am

pulling this money out in the first place. After recovering from the brain fart I just had, I make

my way back to the car, getting back on track heading downtown to the address on the card.


Warehouse 12 is abandoned. It used to be the old Sacramento Brewing Company

factory before they went under. It is now hidden by trees, old run down fork lifts,

old beer kegs, mountains of pallets and old drums. My car reaches the back. I see two

more cars waiting. A new Lexus, and a two year old Jaguar.


I get out of the car and look around. The area stinks of homelessness and other strange

odors that most likely come with the territory. The spot is well hidden, and a drive to get to. But

for what I’m here for, that’s about right. The door to the Lexus opens. An older tall black man in

a nice suit gets out. He looks at me with interest.


“You get a business card too?” the black man asks. “Depends. You a cop?” I ask.

“Far from it. I’m a lawyer. Terrence Wilkes,” he says.

“John Cunningham. Real estate agent,” I say.

“I’ve seen you’re signs. You do good work around here,” says Terrence.


At this point, I didn’t want to get buddy, buddy. I want to see what Myers has to

show me. Excuse me, us, as I look at Terrence. I need to get this over with, and get Erica’s

funeral arrangements together.


Thank you is all I can tell him. The door to the Jaguar opens. An Asian male gets

out. He is small, has glasses and is a complete wreck. He is a bit short, but looks fit. He is wiping

the sweat from his face with a white rag.


“The hell are we doing here? The Asian man asks. “This seems like some bullshit.

They bring us out here for what, to fuck us or something?” says the very timid Asian man.

“We got the business card just like you. My son overdosed on some bad heroin and then I get

the call he’s dead,” says Terrence.


“So Myers did pay you a visit too?” I ask. Terrence nods. “He came to the hospital

when I was checking on my daughter,” says the Asian man. “What happened to her…?”

asks Terrence. “She was raped and found by her roommate in their dorm. And my name

is Richard. Richard Chu,” says the Asian man.


It is all starting to make sense. Each of us was visited by Myers right after something terrible happened to one

of our kids. Myers is giving us a chance to seek revenge. But for what price? Erica’s body on the morgue attendant’s

table pops in my head again. My perspective is clear once more, and my motive and action to complete that motive

can be a reality.


“Your son overdosed, your daughter was raped, and my daughter was murdered.

And this man, or group is giving us the opportunity to seek our revenge. With compensation,” I say with complete



“With no strings though right?” Terrence asks. “He’s right. But, if you saw my little girl beaten, bloody, and filled

with tubes galore like I did. You’d want revenge too,” says Richard.

“I bet that’s like seeing your daughter on a table with a morgue tag on her toe,” I say. “Or your son overdosing a day

before entering law school. You’re lucky your child is still alive,” says Terrence.


“What the hell is this, tit for tat? It don’t matter. We’re here now. So now what?” asks Richard.

Richard must be a bitch to deal with in the work place, wherever he works. He is loud and doesn’t know when to shut

his fucking mouth. Terrence I could see myself having a beer with at a bar. He seems very laid back for a lawyer. I still

don’t know this guys at all though. So I still keep my guard up.


A white van pulls up in front of us. The driver has sunglasses on and looks almost

emotionless. Myers is in the passenger’s seat with the complete opposite look on his face.


“Richard, Terrence and John. You’ve made the right decision,” says Myers. “Myers, just

tell us what’s is going on,” I tell him. He stares at us for a second until he lets out a laugh. He

pulls out three envelopes and hands them to us.


Inside each of them are large wads of money. They are fresh, un-marked, and eye

opening at that. Though I can see the doubt in Terrence and Richard, and feel it in myself, the

money, Myers and the unthinkable incidents that have scarred our families…I was in. Myers sees

that we all are in, so his men open the door to the van. “Get in,” says Myers.


“I ain’t going in there. No way,” says Terrence. “The black man is right. I don’t like this

van business,” says Richard. Myers just stares at us. He almost looks annoyed beyond belief, but

he is so good at staying cool, that his eager smile returns ear to ear, as he looks to the three of us

putting sunglasses on. “It’s usually best to follow the words of the person that has just given you

a substantial amount of money, and who also has trained men with me, who could kill you as fast

as you can breathe,” Myers tells us. Terence, Richard and I look to each other and immediately

agree and begin getting in the van.


In the van, the men blindfold us. The way we are taken must be a secret. You see this

kind of stuff in movies right when the bad guys are about to off someone. But I don’t think that’s

the case.


The van stops, the door slides open and the blindfolds come off. The three tough men

pull us out and we are now in the middle of a forest. “They’re gonna kill us. I know it,” says

Richard. “Let’s start walking gentleman,” says Myers. Without hesitation, the three of us begin

walking through the forest, surrounded by complete strangers.


After about twelve minutes, I can tell we are going somewhere totally hidden from

society. Civilization consists of us eight men, out in the middle of nowhere. Anything could

happen out here.


Time must be flying, due to the sun being way up at the top of the sky, sending its rays

through the trees down on us. Richard mopes in front with two of Myers’ men and Myers

himself. Terrence and I are behind them, with two other guards at the rear. Terrence and I have

taken this time to talk to one another, feeling we are the only sane people of the bunch.


“You married?” I ask Terrence. “Yeah. She is a professor at Sierra College. African

American studies. She’s a good woman, good mother,” says Terrence. “I wish Annette could’ve

been more like that,” I say. “Your daughter’s mother?” asks Terence. “Yeah. We met our senior

year in high school and we just hit it off. We ended up going to San Francisco State together and

all she did was party,” I say. “I know the types. I usually represent them,” says Terrence. I laugh

at that comment, so does he. It’s the first time I’ve laughed since I heard the news about Erica.

“How old was you son?” I ask. “Twenty four. He had just turned twenty four a month ago,” he

says. “Yours?” “Twenty five. She made it a quarter century, and my forty year old ass is almost

half dead,” I tell him. “Shit, me too,” says Terrence. Terrence was okay. Out of everyone here, I

trust him.


“You two butt buddies done sucking each other off?” says Richard. “Fuck you Jackie

Chan,” says Terrence. “Like I haven’t heard that one before watermelon eater,” says Richard.

This is where Terrence proceeds to walk towards Richard until two of Myers’ men get in between

them. Myers walks over to us with a look that looks not so pleasing. “Racisms and bigotry are

not allowed on my time. And what I said before about what my men can do, still goes and John

here can be the only one to reap the greatness of what we have in store. Make a choice,” says

Myers. Terrence and Richard glare at each other but continue down the forest with the rest of us.


Thirty minutes later, the three of us have broken a sweat. Myers and his men are fine.

This has got to be either Placerville or Auburn because I can hear the river nearby. The only

thick forest in this area I know about. We reach an open area in the forest where Myers stops

everyone. Something a few yards away catches my attention and Myers knows this.


He walks over to three long coffin looking crates. He motions for the three of us to

walk over. Myers men walk over to open the crates and pull three men out. My heart races. I

can feel it beating in my throat. My breath is slow and sweat comes over my entire body like

a paper towel slowly soaking on a wet counter.


Myers unmasks the first man. “This is Anton Ruggio, Mr. Wilkes. The drug dealer who

sold the heroin that ended your son’s life,” says Myers. He pulls the hoods off the other two men.

An older white man with a full beard and a younger Hispanic male. I knew one of them is my

Erica’s killer.


“This old, pitiful man is Wayne Garvey. A convicted sex offender, preferring his prey

book smart, Oriental and under the age of 18. He beat your daughter Richard for not being 15,

and that’s while he raped her, then left her for dead. That’s not a man my friends. Well he

is…but he doesn’t meet my qualifications,” says Myers with his motivational speaker voice on.


Richard and Terrence are dying inside. Grown men don’t look like that every day. They

have to be pushed, the pushed that only comes when you have to follow honor, or being a man

and Myers is giving us the opportunity of a lifetime. You take what you get, and I am for sure

taking it.


I was next. I couldn’t wait to hear about the man that erased my daughter’s future. The

man who took away her hopes and dreams. Her life as a wife and a mother. A career that

would’ve taken her around the world. I yearn for this son of a bitch. I could approach him,

possibly strangle him with my own hands, until I hear his last breath.


“This is Manuel Martinez. A paranoid schizophrenic with a hatred for women. He saw

Erica, John. He saw her and made his move. Beat her and killed her and took her for her money.

And we lured them in. We found them for you!” says Myers.

“Why help us? What did we do to deserve this?” asks Terrence. “Terrence, Terrence. All three of you

were chosen” says Myers.


The three of us are speechless. This is supreme confliction. I’ve never felt such anger,

fear and confusion all at once. I can’t even imagine how Terrence and Richard are feeling. But

what does he mean by chosen?


Three of Myers men walk up carrying small briefcases to Terrence, Richard and I. They

open them and reveal three 9mm pistols. Right there, I could tell what this is.


“When I say so, I’ll give them a ten second start, and then you can end their lives and

receive more compensation,” says Myers.

“What about the cops? Terrence asks.

“We wouldn’t have your children’s attackers hand cuffed and at your disposal if that was a problem Mr.

Wilkes,” says Myers.


Richard grabs his gun, storming towards Garvey until one of Myers’ men stops him.

“Move you son of a bitch. He’s fucking dead!” screams Richard. Myers walks over to us,

grabbing Richard’s gun. “When you’re given the opportunity like the one I am offering to you,

you toughen up and control yourself for a small time. Then you can feel froggy when I say leap.

Is that understood?” says Myers. Richard doesn’t say a word. He too believes every word Myers

is telling us. Terrence is still trying to process everything.


“This is guaranteed not to fall back on us?” asks Terrence.

“You have my word,” says Myers with that soothing yet seductively calm voice. He gives Richard his gun back. “Don’t

try that again Richard. Are we understood?” asks Myers. Richard nods his head.


Terrence grabs his gun, looking to Anton gripping the pistol as hard as he can. I

proceed reluctantly to grab my gun too. I’ve never picked up a gun before in my life until today.

But I know how to use it and it will be of good use.


Myers’ men cut the ropes from the three prisoners ankles, then stands them up with their

backs to us. I hope this isn’t how it is going to go down. I want to look him in the eyes when I kill



“When I say go prisoners, you have ten seconds to try and get away. We’ll see how that

works out,” says Myers. He takes out a gold pocket watch, gazing into it for a moment. He

closes the watch, hiding it back into his pocket. Myers looks to them. “Go,” says Myers.


Anton, Garvey and Manuel take off into the woods. Terrence and Richard shoes are

burning rubber they’re so anxious. I’m restrained. I’m piecing together how it’s going to go down

for me in my head, but I am also ready to shed her attacker’s blood. Switch the roles to make him

the victim this time.


“Ten seconds are up. Proceed gentleman,” says Myers. We take off like hounds of hell

into the woods after our prey. Richard catches up to Garvey, throwing him on the ground. After

that, all we hear is his gun going off several times. Garvey is no more.


Terrence and I are together until he sees Anton. We part ways at that moment. That is

okay though, I wanted to be alone for mine. So I head through the woods. Every sense of mine

is enhanced with great desire to avenge Erica’s death. Everything I feel, everything I am going to

do is justified. I keep saying that in my head.


From out of nowhere, Manuel runs at me screaming. I move out of the way as he

stumbles to the ground. He turns to attack me again, but my gun is pointed at him. I’ve made it

ready. It is positioned to kill. Just like me.

“She was just in the wrong place homes. And it was Hector that killed her. I just watched her. I didn’t

really want to do it man please! I’m sorry it wasn’t me,” Manuel pleads.


It was too late for apologies. Anybody will say anything so they can live just a little

longer. Erica doesn’t have that option anymore. It’s done.


“Did you say sorry to Erica? I ask.

“Man, please! It wasn’t me. It wasn’t me!” screams Manuel. “It was me that did this,” I say. I pull the

trigger. The bullet goes into his head. He falls to the ground, no longer here. A relief but chill flows

through me. I’m better. Erica can be at peace. I walk off, leaving him like he left Erica.


Tears are coming down my eyes as I head through the forest. I killed that man. I killed

someone. Me, John Cunningham, top of my class, number one salesman at my job. I am a

murderer. But he murdered her, and like I kept telling myself, it was justified.


I make it back to the others. Terrence and Richard have obviously been waiting for me.

Myers has a very happy look on his face. “Good job John. You’ve done it. You three: a real

estate agent, lawyer and doctor are the best at what you do. We take care of the ones who will be

needed,” says Myers. Myers’ men walk over with envelopes. “Inside is a check for one million

dollars for each of you. A hello and good job,” says Myers. I look at the symbol on the envelope.

That familiar symbol I thought only existed on the History Channel. A freemason’s symbol.

Myers smiles at us. “Welcome to the club,” says Myers.




The End.

Author Janae Marie Attends Sacramento Black Book Fair


Author Janae Marie and Publisher of Young Urban Voices, will be attending the Sacramento Black Book Fair. She is the Author of Flirting with Temptations and the upcoming book, Daddy’s Home. She is also the writer, director, and producer of a short film, entitled My Mother Donna.

Flirting with Temptations


Monica Clayton is a smart and successful Senior Marketing Executive at Shears & Perry marketing firm. A single mother to a five year old little girl appears to almost have it all until she is partnered with married co-worker Keith Jackson. Things take an interesting turn for the worse once the two become involved romantically. What starts off as an ordinary fling turns into a sadistic fatal attraction.

She then meets her next victim Computer Consultant Marlin Turner. She falls head over heels for him. That is until she meets his Latina fired up wife Kasha a small woman with a short fuse. After a mysterious encounter leads to murder Monica is forced to watch her back as she soon becomes the target of revenge. A path of sleeping with married men slowly begins to catch up with her when she winds up in a tragic accident fighting for her life. Monica finally realizes her actions could soon lead her to an early grave if she doesn’t change her ways.

While on a quest for forgiveness Monica meets eligible bachelor Jeremy Stuart. The couple plans to share their life together that is until she runs into Kasha on a plane. Who wants revenge for the pain Monica has caused. Is it too late for Monica to change her home wrecker ways or will she always be haunted by a past that will ultimately determine the fate of her future?

Daddy’s Home


Abandoned, raped, homeless, molested are just a list of things Danielle Turner has endured while growing up. Being sexually abused at the age of thirteen by her alcoholic father and ignored by her mother after she witnesses the act herself, forces her to runaway from home. She tries to settle in with her Aunt Tralene and sophisticated cousin Sadie but when she finds out some shocking news about her parents, she decides to face the real world on her on.

Danielle finds herself homeless and pregnant after meeting Desmond Washington a popular student at her school. With no one to trust she turns to life on the streets.

She later meets smooth talker Dante Willis who promises to take care of her. But she doesn’t know that his promises come with hidden agendas. Danielle finds herself being forced into prostitution and abusing drugs to earn her keep in Dante’s house.

The hard streets of Detroit, grow her up fast but it isn’t until an encounter with her father that she is finally able to move on with her life.

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The Lust & Sex Chronicles: Taming Mr. Right

tiny pic front cover (1)

The Lust & Sex Chronicles: Taming Mr. Right -My Warning…Starts

My Warning

Hello, it’s nice to meet you. How are you? My name is Jeffrey Willis but I sometimes go by the

alias of Harold Ian Victor. I’ll tell you more about that later. I don’t need to tell you everything

about me, I’m sure you don’t care anyway. But I will tell you what you want to know. I am a

young man of about twenty two years of age. I am extremely good looking. I’ve been told by several

women and a few guys as a matter of fact. I am chocolate brown with deep dark eyes. I drive a nice

car and make a nice amount of money. Women love to buy me things and do whatever with me. I

don’t stop them because hell what man wouldn’t like that shit. But where some women usually fail

with me…they don’t focus on the inside. All women see when they are with me is this fine as face

and how I pleasure them. I am an addiction to most. Once I get inside you I never leave. You are

stuck with me forever. I don’t mind at first but after a few years I start to do damage to the body

and tear down the morality of your soul and self–esteem. No one wants to live with me but yet

they won’t protect themselves from me. Do I feel bad about what I do to people; HELLNO!

People are responsible for their own actions. We are a part of an ignorant society where

carelessness reigns supreme. We play ourselves repeatedly just for an hour or two of satisfaction

that we don’t care about the repercussions of our actions. I remember this one saying I heard, “If

looks could kill.” I laugh at the mere thought. Because sometimes they just do.

Before I reveal to you everything about me; I must take you back to where all the chaos started

and explain to you how I ended up in the place I am now. I’ll begin with my life in high school

this is where things began to get crazy. But I must tell you, my story. I sometimes like to torture

those who don’t care about the feelings of others. People are so selfish and thoughtless it makes

me sick to my stomach. The total lack and disregard to humanity is sickening.

girl lays hand on guys chest

Chapter 1

I am posted by my locker waiting on this English class to start and I see Melissa Owens the finest

chick in the whole Chadsey high school. She walks past me every day. She is perfection everywhere

from her titties, ass and hips but she was a complete bitch. Melissa was the meanest and most

stuck up girl I’ve ever meant. All that beauty most of went to her head cause she walks around

like she is the shit. I’d like to fuck the shit out of her then beat the shit of her for messing with my

little sister Geneva.

“Hey, Geneva, where did you get that shirt from? I really like it.”

“Thanks.” she says.

“Yeah I liked it when it came out last season. Damn, why are you so poor? I feel so bad for you.

Hell, if it wasn’t for your brother I’d feel sorry for you.” She said laughing as she walked away.

Melissa made her way over to me. I played it cool like I always did. I let the hoes come to me like

they always do with their stupid asses.

“Hey Jeff, what’s up? You look good today.”

“What? Today, I look good every day. But why you always bagging on my sister, that shit ain’t cool


“Okay, I’ll stop. But I can’t believe you two are related. You’re so different.”

“What’ sup with you and me?” I said as I pulled her by the waist closer to me and stared deep into

her eyes.

“I don’t know, what is up with us? That’s your call. What you doing after school?” She questioned.

“You, if you let me?” I said to her. I couldn’t believe how fast girls eat this shit up I mean damn! All

I said was what she was doing after school and the bitch was putty in my hands.

“What time are you free?”

“I’m free whenever you are Ms. Melissa. Just one thing I have to know; my place or yours.” I

whispered into her ear.

“We can do it at my place; I don’t live that far away from here.” She said.

“Alright, just hit me up after your last class.”

“I sure will.”

“Alright, sweetie, I look forward to it.” I said as I gave her a little pat on the behind. She looked back

at me and smiled as she walked away to class. My sister walked right up to me and punched me

lightly in the chest.

“What, Geneva?”

“How can you mess around with her after the way she treats me?”

“Stop worrying. I put a stop to all that. You won’t have to worry about her messing with you

anymore after I’m done with her ass tonight.”

“Jeffrey, please tell me you’re not going to do what I think you are?”

“What’s that?” I laughed.

“You can’t!”

“And pass up on that phat ass. I don’t think so little sis! But trust me; she won’t be the same after

being with me.”

“You are a mess! You are talking about…you are going to…”

“Shh! everybody doesn’t need to know. Aren’t you late for class sweetheart?”

“You lucky, I’ll see you at home.” Geneva said.

“Alright order something, you can’t cook!” I yelled out to her jokingly.

“Shut up!” She yelled back while on her way to class.

I loved my sister she was the only one that meant something to me. Nobody else mattered to me. I

didn’t give a fuck about nothing or no one. I was all about me and I didn’t give a fuck. My pops

already scarred me for life so why should I care about the thoughts and feelings of others. I just hate

selfish people who mess with mine.

I finally made my lazy ass over to my English class but Mr. Pratt was late so I decided to catch up

with a few of my boys who were in the class with me.

“Hey, Jeff man. I heard you were down with Melissa Owens. Man!! Do you know about her?”

“What, that she fine as fuck?”

“Naw man, she out there she’ll do it to just anybody I heard.” Bryant one of my friends said.

“Shit, probably true man. Look at the body on her. You can’t tell me ole’ girl ain’t been around the

block but she ain’t gone know what to do once she done with me.”

“I feel you on that one man” My friend Scott said.

My teacher finally made it in talking about how he was running late because he had a flat tire or some

shit. I was half listening I was thinking about nailing Melissa’s fine red bone ass. I couldn’t wait to

get her alone.

Later that Day, I met Melissa at her locker talking to a couple of friends. I tapped her on the shoulder

and I guess she was startled because she looked surprise that I was standing in front of her.

“You ready?”

“Oh yeah, I’m ready.”

“You change your mind or something?”

“No, I just thought you were going to back out.”

“No I thought you were going to back out. Hello ma.” I said to her friend Jennifer, a short little brown

skin cutie. She wanted to be like Melissa so bad. I could tell she wanted me too. Maybe once I was

done with her I’d bone her friend later.

“Alright I’ll talk to you later Jennifer.”

“Alright, call me later girl!”

Melissa just smiled and turned. She put her arm around my waist and kissed me on the cheek. This

girl just didn’t know what she was doing to me I was ready to take her right now. We walked to

Melissa’s car as she drove us over to her place.

Melissa had a nice home in a quiet little suburban neighborhood. She was a spoiled kid who got

whatever the hell she wanted. And right now she wanted me and I was about to let her have it.

“So where are your parents at?” I questioned her.

“At work of course, they don’t come home until midnight.”

“Mmhm, I like the sound of that. Look at y’all got plasma screens and entertainment systems. I’m

gon have to challenge you on that Xbox!”

“Naw, I’m pretty good at that. I’ll kill you in some Madden.”

“Whatever. But we know this ain’t what we came here for. So why are we stalling?”

“My bedroom is in there.” She said pointing to a closed door.

“Come on.”

She didn’t waste any time heading to the room. We locked the door just in case. I lay out on the bed

then she climbed right on top of me.

“Why you want to be with me? It’s so many girls in our school.”

Because you’re easy, damn! Why do girls always kill shit by talking? Just let me nut and get the fuck

on shit! I got other things to see and other people to do. Yeah, I meant what I said.

“I like you. You know that. Melissa you know you’re the prettiest girl in that school. Why you even

ask a question like that?” I said as I started to gently caress her thighs and her ass. She leaned into me

and began kissing me passionately. She rubbed her hand up and down my chest and slowly made

its way to my dick. This girl was a true freak! I knew what everybody was saying about her was true.

I couldn’t believe how forward she was. The way she grabbed hold of me and told me how she

wanted me to do her. I knew it would be on.

I thought about asking if this bitch had protection but what the hell. If she doesn’t say shit I won’t say

shit either. I was ready to pound her ass so I could go back to my boys and tell them how good it was

to be with Melissa Owens. I flipped her over and started feeling in between her legs. Women love

that shit, love getting that pussy wet. I took pleasure and hearing the moans come from her as she

grabbed on to my shoulders. I began to undress her and was pleased at what I saw. My hands rubbed

against her D size chest. I was going to lick this girl out. I finished undressing and was ready to lay

the pipe down on this broad. I lay her down, looked deep into her eyes and entered her warm, moist

pussy. This shit, never felt so good. What felt even better was listening to her moan my name

repeatedly. Only, if she knew what she was about to get from me. Over and over again, I penetrated

her and enjoyed every minute of it, making her come numerous times. After, I released my deathly

venom in this trick. She motioned for me to take the subway. I happily obliged. This silly girl just

didn’t know what I was going to do to her.

Melissa screamed my name over and over again as she grabbed hold onto me. The way she yelled

and kicked as she squirmed all over the bed was the highlight of all of this. Creating a water fall in

between Melissa’s legs made me want to enter her again. Apparently, she was surprised that I would

do just about everything with her, because I was tearing that ass up. I bust my fourth nut and called it

a night. It was getting late anyway. I had been over there for like five almost six hours. She looked

worn out anyway. I kissed her on the cheek and started to put back on my clothes.

“Are you alright, Melissa?”

“Yeah, I just wasn’t expecting all of that!”

“Well, now you can tell all of your friends how good my dick is.”


Because best believe I’m going to tell them how good your pussy was.

“I’ll call you, Mel. Don’t have wet dreams about me!”

“Shut up! Alright goodbye Jeff, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

I walked home from Melissa’s house which wasn’t too much farther from where I stayed. I felt really

good after fucking Melissa. I felt bad for her but she probably deserved it. I hope my sister made

something to eat because I was starving. We didn’t stay with our parents, we are on our own. My

father has life in prison for murdering our mother. Yeah, I got a pretty fucked up life. Luckily, for

Geneva she has a different father from me. I was glad she was adopted and wasn’t a bastard like me.

She deserved better then the life that I had. I walked into the house and smelt the faint smell of

spaghetti and garlic bread.

“Hey, Geneva, what’s up?!”

“What the hell are you doing coming home so damn late, it’s eleven thirty?”

“I told you. I was with Melissa!”

“What, Jeffrey, don’t you ever feel bad about what you do to these girls?”

“No! Why should I feel bad? She wanted to fuck me? Damn, I should’ve made her suck my dick!”

“J! Come on!”

“Why do you care so much about her? She treats you like shit?”

“But she still doesn’t deserve to be given a death sentence.”

“Look, what do you want me to do ‘Neva? There is nothing I can do. What do you want me to do, not

have sex?!”


“I didn’t do this to myself, it happened to me. I’m not going to stop something I enjoy just because of

some fucked up shit. I like sex. Hell, I love sex. So leave me alone. I’m hungry. Where is the food


“It’s in the microwave, I’m going to bed.”

“Goodnight!” I told her as she walked off towards her bedroom.

I knew my sister worried about me. But I was 17yrs old going on 18. I was all she had. I had to deal

with some horrific shit because my father was out there. How the hell is that my fault? If I could, I’d

go to that prison and beat the shit out his ass. I hope I don’t end up in there with him one day. But

right now. I enjoyed pussy, and the feeling I got from having sex and had no plans on stopping

anytime soon.

The next day at school I was standing outside the building waiting on homeroom to begin when

Bryant and Scott approached me wondering how my one night stand went with Melissa.

“I know you uh, put it down on her right?!” Scott asked.

“Man, what you think? She got exhausted after I bust for the fourth time.” I said as they all began to

burst out with laughter.

“Shh, there she is.” I said as Melissa was making her way towards the door with a few of her friends.

“Hey, what’s up Jeffrey?”

“What’s up baby, how are you doing?!”

She continued in the building as we stood outside. Melissa and her friends walked over to the

cafeteria to grab some breakfast before class started.

“So, girl, come on tell me how it was! I know that Jeffrey is so good looking!” Jennifer asked she

was more like a follower behind Melissa.

“Wait, did I miss something?” Nadia questioned.

“I had sex with Jeffrey last night!”

“What, are you serious?”

“Yes girl! Let me tell you! His penis is so big! He knows exactly what to do with it too! I mean we

did it over and over again. He went down on me to girl! I mean we did just about everything last

night. I am telling y’all he is good. I got to have him again.”

Geneva happened to be walking past and heard Melissa talking about the rendezvous she had. She

walked up to her trying to get her attention.

“Uh, Melissa, I need to tell you something.”

“What the fuck would you need to tell me, loser!” She says, as her friends begin to cackle with


“Look, I know you don’t like me but I seriously need to tell you something. It’s about my brother.”

“I already know everything there is to know about your fine ass brother. Girl, did I tell you that he

lasted for almost six hours! I mean whoooooooooo! I was exhausted!”

“Melissa, I don’t mean to be nosey but did you happen to use a condom with my brother?”

“What, why, I’m on the pill. He ain’t gon get me pregnant? And damn, why the fuck is you still here

all up in my business! Get away from me!”

“You know what?! You are a bitch Melissa and you deserve what my brother just gave you!”

“What, bitch? Who the hell you calling a bitch? I’d kick your ass!”

“Hey, Melissa, let it go.” Nadia tried to calm her down.

“I don’t know what the hell her problem is!”

“Hey, I think I should be heading to the library now. I have to print out a paper before I go to class.”

“Alright, goodbye Jennifer, see you later.” Melissa said.

“But don’t you think she might have been trying to tell you something about him. And why the hell

didn’t you use protection. I mean I know he is finer then no other but don’t you think that he probably

sleeps around? A lot of girls like him Melissa.”

“So, that don’t mean he sleeps with them. I got tested two months ago and I’m clean. Please stop

worrying about me. Let’s get ready for class.”

Melissa and Nadia made their way out of the cafeteria but Geneva still wanted to warn Melissa. She

pulled her by the arm and whispered in her ear.

“My brother has…”

“What, what is it that you need to tell me about him so damn bad?”

“Look, all I can say is you might want to watch yourself around him. He isn’t who you think he is.”

“All I can say is you need to leave me alone. I am with him and I don’t need you trying to persuade

me to leave him. Leave me alone damn!” She said, as she walked out of the cafeteria.

That was what I was talking about. Some people just didn’t have any disregard for anything. Now

later on, when she finds out what’s really going on she’ll blame her for not warning her. But by then,

it’ll be too late. Those six hours I spent pleasuring her sweet body it took only six minutes just to

destroy her sweet little body.

~To Be Continued~

Daddy’s Home By Author Janae Marie Coming This Fall

Daddy's Home the upcoming book by Author Janae Marie soon to be released this Fall
Daddy’s Home the upcoming book by Author Janae Marie soon to be released this Fall

Chapter 1

Her Silent Cries

Every night I had to hide. Every night I had to hide from the pain I felt inside. I had to escape from the world I was in. The days he, my father would come home drunk, yelling and screaming as my mother would leave me alone with him as she rushed off to work as a District Attorney or so I thought. She didn’t give a damn about the misery I endured at home. Tonight like any other of his drunken nights, would be the day he would strip me of my innocence. Every night he’d come into my room, to kiss me good night. But those visits seemed so unnatural. The things he did, the things he wanted me to do.

“I’m going to teach you to be a woman,” he said.

I was only thirteen and was scared shitless of him. I knew what we were doing was wrong but what was I suppose to do? Yell, kick, scream then he may kill me too? I watched him unbutton his pants. I clinched the sheets, feeling a strong nerving feeling flow through me. I had never seen a penis before and I certainly never wanted the first one that I saw to be one of my own fathers’.

“Touch it, grab it and hold on to it,” he orders me. Frozen in fear I did nothing but look at him until his voice grew louder and with more anger, he took my hand and wrapped it around his penis. I let out cries of sorrow but he just slapped me and told me to “grow up.”

“I’m going to make a woman out of you.” He often repeated to me. “This is what makes you a woman. Now lay back as I put this inside you. You going to be a real woman, not like your mother that selfish bitch,” he tells me. I begged for my father to stop. I even tried to kick him in the groin but he punched me in the face and tells me to be a “good girl.” I hated my father for continuously taking my innocence away from me. I was never the same after what he did. I cried, screamed, shouted and pleaded for him to stop. I could feel every piece of me ripping apart as my father shoved his six inch manhood inside of me. I wanted to kill him and vowed to myself that one day I would. I resented my mother secretly for staying with a man so drunk, evil and crazy. I knew after tonight my life would never be the same again. He kissed me on the forehead as he fastened his pants to get ready to leave.

“Remember Danielle, if you tell anyone, they’ll never believe you. They’ll just say you’re lying,” he states to me as he walks out the door.

Chapter 2

No One Would Listen

It had been almost two years later before I found the courage to tell someone what was going on between my father and I. I finally decided I would tell my mother. Surely, a good mother would stick up and support her child right? Hmmph, or so I thought, I found my mother working on some files buried on her desk, while tapping a computer keyboard in front of her. Slowly, I approached her with what was the hardest confession I ever had to make.

“Mom, can I talk to you about something?” I asked standing in front of her.

“Ugh, Danielle is this important, don’t you see I’m busy,” she replies with an attitude.

“It’s about dad.”

“What about him” She questioned annoyed as her friends tapped the keyboard, and eyes still glazed at the computer screen.

“Well,” I said, clearing my throat.

“When you are gone to work, dad does things to me,” I admitted.

“Does what things to you?” She says not batting one eye.

“He does things to me…he should be doing to you.” As quickly as the words poured out from underneath my tongue, my mother finally took her eyes away from the computer screen. That did it, that’s what got her attention. I just knew she would come rescue me from the dark hell I felt I was in.

“You lying bitch!”


“Always trying to seek attention, now if you don’t mind; I am very busy, Dani.”

“I’m not lying,” I yelled as tears rolled off my cheeks.

“He does this every night, you are gone. If you don’t believe me, ask him, ask him, momma!”

I painfully cried out as I tried hard to make this woman who gave me life believe me.

“Ok Danielle, what does he do to you?”

“He used to make me touch his penis, and then as I got older, he would come into my room at night while you were at work and have sex with me. I begged him to stop but he would just slap me across the face and tell me to be quiet. Please mom, leave this man, I beg of you for my sake?”

I pleaded with this woman to be a responsible woman and mother to do the right thing.

“How long has this been going on?”

“For two years,” I answered

“For two years…Why the hell didn’t you say anything?

“I was too scared. He told me not to tell you but I am tired of this. He is my father. I am fifteen years old. This is not right mom. If you don’t believe me ask him,”

My father had just walked through the door which meant soon it would be time for my mother to leave but not before we finally got to the bottom of this. I had hoped my mother would put him in his place. I was hoping his place would be on the corner of Woodward and 6 Mile.

My mother and I walked into the living room where my father was drinking a can of beer and staring out the window.

“Hello, Warrington, you got a minute? I need to talk to you about something ,” my mother asked my father.

“Um, sure, what’s going on?”

I waited in the kitchen while my parents talked I didn’t want to feel the awkward tension in the room. The conversation didn’t last long because, the next thing I knew my mother calls out to me.

“Danielle Latrice Turner, get in here right now!”

“Yes, mother,” I said, as I entered the living room but before I could figure out what was going on. I was greeted with a hard slap across the face. I broke out into tears as I grabbed my stingy face.

“What the hell did I tell you about lying Danielle? Now he tells me, you’re going around being fast with boys at school and you wanted to cover it up before you got into trouble. Well, Danielle, I have no damn tolerance for this nonsense. You brought this on yourself. Stop lying. Are you acting out for attention or something? I’m leaving for work now. I swear girl, I just don’t know what’s wrong with you.”

“Mom, I’m not lying and I’m not messing with any boys at school. Mama, please believe me,” I begged.

“Danielle, that’s enough!” my father interjected.

I looked at him and rolled my eyes with anger. How dare he say I am lying he is the cause of all of my pain. My mother grabbed her briefcase, gave me a disapproving stare and walked out the door. I tried to run out after her.

“Mom, please don’t leave me alone with him. I beg you, please stay home today.

“Danielle, please, get yourself back in the house,” I watched her drive off into her car as I stood on the porch too afraid of what to do next. I tried to sneak away down the street but before I hit the stairs my father called me back into the house.

“Oh, no,” I thought.

I went back inside going against my gut feeling. I should’ve kept walking. He told me to shut the door behind me. His eyes were stern and I could tell he was furious that I had told mom about our dirty little secret.

“Didn’t I tell you not to tell anyone about our secret?” He questioned frustrated.

“Didn’t I?” he repeated.

“Yes…” I answered as my father hit me so hard across the face I fell to the floor.

“I’m going to teach you a hard lesson about keeping secrets,” he said. I watched him take the belt from his pants off. I tried to make a run for it, to try to lock myself into my bedroom but my father caught me halfway up the stairs. He dragged me into my parent’s bedroom and locked the door. He shoved me onto the bed and told me he was going to make me pay for telling on him. He pulled down my pants and forced himself inside of me from behind. I let out small wails of agony and pain. My father was relentless when it came to destroying the purity I was supposed to have. I was only fifteen and already had the sexual capacity of a grown woman. I hated my parents; my mother for never sticking up for me. It was almost as if she knew what was going on between us but didn’t care. My father; for raping me of a childhood because he would rather torture me instead of stick his dick in some old woman. My parents were two messed up individuals. But why did my life have to suffer for it? This is the day I decided to take back my life. I told my mother and she did nothing. There was no way on God’s green earth would I allow this to continue. I’m ending this once and for all. By any means necessary. Danielle Latrice Turner is getting the little piece of happiness they took from me. My father was going to pay for being a sick and mentally disturbed pervert if it was the last damn thing I did.

He finally tired himself out and collapsed on the bed, falling asleep, the sick bastard. I got myself together and quietly left the room as my silent cries shielded the pain I felt inside but not before I grabbed one little thing from on top of the closet shelf. I unlocked the door as he lay in the bed knocked out. I left with something that I knew was going to help me get my life back.