K. Michelle is BACK with a NEW sound and new LOOK

The R&B Soultress K. Michelle is back with not only a new sound but a new look as well. The former Love and Hip Hop artists has really came a long way since first appearing on the show. 

With joints like, “Can’t Raise a Man,” , “VSOP,” and, “Love Em All,” you know you are getting some hot music. 

Kimberly Michelle, better known as K. Michelle is gearing up for her new album, The People I Used To Know, which dops December 8th. Right on time for Christmas and would make the perfect stocking stuffer. She’s released a few hot tracks like, Birthday, Song Cry and Either Way  featuring R&B singer Chris Brown. 

We all know K. can SANG! So surely, this album won’t disappoint. 

Click the link below to watch the video to her hot new song, Birthday.

K. Michelle- Birthday

The Evolution of a Songtress: Stacye Branche’

 Evolution in life is usually thought of as a gradual process in which something changes in its final form. This describes Songtress and author Stacye Branche’s third disc, The Evolution of Living in Truth.

Branche started her musical career as a young child singing in school. Branche later received a recording contract right out of high school.

“I had a friend who worked at a record label and brought them (producers) to hear me,” Brance says.

She later wrote songs that received submissions to the soundtracks of such films The Brothers, Biker Boys, Blue Moon and several others as well.

Capitalizing on her silky soprano, three octaves range, this Los Angeles native channels her Alternative Soul for her music that is a blend of rhthym and blues, pop and Jazz. Life experiences have helped shaped the voice behind her 2001 album, I Believe, and the 2004 follow-up For The Man I Love. 

Branche who is a popular blogger became inspired to write books after a few hopeful requests from her fans. She has penned three books entitled, It’s All In How You Look At It(thoughts and questions about life. )

 Relationships: and the things we don’t talk about and Its All In How You Look at it(thoughts and questions about love and relationships). Which are stories to help us have better relationships with others.

We must first learn to love ourselves if we hope to have relationships with others. ” 

Branche offers some needful advice to those looking to get into the music industry.

There is no one way to get in the industry, Branche says. “You just have to create your best work, whether it’s through music or writing books. Do your best work and in time you’ll be guided to the right people or someone will notice you.”

With a vocal style borne throughh study of the emotional nuances of Minnie Ripperton, Dinah Washington and Ella Fitzgerald, Branche has combined that knowledge with the influence and inflections of her work with Stevie Wonder, Herb Alpert and The Emotions to bring her distinctive style full circle.

In essence, she has found her “truth”.

“This album embodies the time I’ve spent growing as a person, as a writer and now producer,” Branche says.

“The tracks are a kaledioscope offering my fans a true sense of myself, my evolution.”

The Evolution to Living in Truth,” the third disc from Stacye Branché is available for purchase at http://www.stacyebranche.com and for download at iTunes <http://www.apple.com/itunes&gt; . 

Jazmine Sullivan Feels Slighted By Lack Of Success As Black R&B Artist 

Recently, one of my favorite artist have become Jazmine Sullivan. I’ve listened to her music when she first came out with, “Bust Your Windows,” and “Need You Bad,” but it wasn’t until I was going through my own personal turmoil that I fell in love with her music.  I discovered how amazingly talented she was. 

Sadly enough she isn’t as popular as other female singers perhaps because she doesn’t sell sex because she uses her talent to get ahead in the entertainment industry. 

Oddly enough, she’s being compared to singer Adele. Fans of Sullivan have taken to social media stating how her talent is equally if not better than Adele’s. But because she’s (Adele) white, she happens to get a pass and a pathway to success. 

Sullivan says she’s glad people are recognizing her but feels there shouldn’t be a comparison because we’re all equally talented.  Perhaps working on the Jazmine Sullivan Brand will reach more people and grow a larger fan base. 

But if you haven’t listened to a Sullivan song you truly are missing out on a great experience. Her music is very relatable to things we go through in real life. 

Video Of The Week: Nicki Minaj “The PinkPrint Movie”


Nicki Minaj proves that she is indeed talented and has depth. You would never think the “Anaconda,” star could produce songs like, “The Crying Game, “I Lied,” and The heartfelt, “Grand Piano.” Take a look for yourself at how Ms. Minaj  re-invents herself.