Nipsey Hussle, Confirmed Dead at age 33, after shooting outside his own clothing store.

nip HussleJust a couple hours ago, Grammy nominated Rapper Nipsey Hussle , was fatally shot outside of his own clothing store, The Marathon Clothing store. Tragically, the day before he tweeted, “Having strong enemies is a blessing.”

According to numerous reports to NBC and TMZ, two other victims were in serious condition and transported to  a nearby hospital. The suspect is unknown at this present time and to have fled from the scene.

His latest album, Victory Lap, was recently nominated for Best Rap Album in the 2019 Grammy Awards. Hussle has known to be involved in gang activity during the earlier moments of his life. Which sparked him to make some changes in his neighborhood by joining the Destination Crenshaw art projects.

Several celebs have taken to social media to express their respect and sorrow upon Nipsey’s fatal shooting. Hussle was engaged to actress Lauren London and the two shared a child together from 2016

Prosecutors Probe Into Smollet’s Dropped Charges

According to reports, by Fox News, that despite a Chicago prosecutor  dropping all charges against Jussie Smollett, a Cook County state’s Attorney Kim Foxx says she wants to look into the investigation further.

Smollett is also being charged with almost $130,000 to cover the cost of the investigation that appeared to be fraudulent due by Tuesday and if not paid on time he is looking to be fined twice the amount of what he is being charged. The Empire, actor reported that he was the victim of an alleged hate crime. But it was later found out to be false. Two Nigerian males seemed to be a part of the attacking staged and paid off by Smollett.  Which is why Smollett landed in jail for falsifying a report to authorities.

He was recently, nominated for an award for the NAACP. Smollett not only missed the dinner and award show but he also lost in his category to Jesse Williams for Grey’s Anatomy.

President Trump has even voiced several concerns in regards to Smollet’s case, stating it to be nonsense and an “embarrassment to our country.” He asks that the FBI & DOJ further look into the case despite the dropped charges in Chicago.

US Using Eye and Facial Scans on Mexican Border

By Christopher Rivera

On December 10th 2015, Customs and Border Protection began using new biometric technology at Otay Mesa pedestrian crossing, in San Diego, for Non-U.S. citizens entering and exiting the U.S. According to the project will be in two phases; the first phase took place on December 10th in which certain Non-U.S. citizens used new kiosks, in the pedestrian lanes, with biometric capture technology to provide a facial photograph and iris images. The second phase will begin in February with “with biographic data provided from everyone departing the United States similar to the information provided when departing by air.” The test will run until June 2016.

The reason for this new approach, in a technology that seems to come straight out a sci-fi movie, is to crack down on immigrants who are in the United States on expired visas. In a study by the Pew Hispanic Center, in 2006, it was estimated that about 40 to 50 percent of people who are in the country illegally are here on expired visas. With the recent approach authorities have no way to identify them because they lack a check out system.

The trial system will last until June, and authorities will see if it will expand to foreigners at all crossings on the 1,954 mile border with Mexico.

Congress has long demanded a biometric system but it poses huge financial and logistical challengers.

One traveler, Rosendo Hernandez of Tijuana, said, “It’s very fast, not inconvenient in the least.”

Joe Misenhelter, assistant director at Otay Mesa, the nation’s fourth-busiest port of entry last year, said “It’s basically to verify that the same person that came to the United States is the same person that’s exiting the United States.”

Although people view this form of technology as a step in the right direction, like Marc Rosenblum, deputy director for U.S. immigration policy at the Migration Policy Institute, who said the effort aims to fix “the biggest deficiency in the whole system.” Others view it with some skepticism, like Jay Stanley, a senior policy analyst at the American Civil Liberties Union, who said that facial and eye scans may open the doors for countries to do the same to American visitors.

Nuclear Talks: What’s The Deal?!?

By: Micaiah Palmer

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According to the Associated Press in the article “No Nuke agreement yet: Iran talks push past deadline”, the talks regarding Iran’s nuclear deal set to bring the conferences to a close have been pushed further into the year to June 30th. The basics of the nuclear deal talks are rooted in the fact that Iran has been sanction by the United States and other countries due to Iran’s dabbling in nuclear activities.

To contain Iran’s nuclear ambitions, sanctions have been implemented to harm Iran’s economy, which would therefore force Iran to comply with the demands to suspend its nuclear activity. The United States, members of the European Union, Japan, the republic of Korea and other countries have acted strongly towards Iran’s nuclear ambitions (U.S Department of State).

According to the United States’ Department of State’s website, the sanctions were inflicted in hopes to:

  • 1) to block the transfer of weapons, components, technology, and dual-use items to Iran’s prohibited nuclear and missile programs;
  • (2) to target select sectors of the Iranian economy relevant to its proliferation activities; and
  • (3) to induce Iran to engage constructively, through discussions with the United States, China, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Russia to fulfill its nonproliferation obligations (U.S Department of State).

However, according to in the article “Talks for a Framework of Iran Nuclear Deal Continue”, “Iran wants a peaceful nuclear energy program, but no weapons”. The article also states that Iran’s president Rouhani campaigned on the platform that he would “build back Iran’s economy by reducing its rifts with the outside world” (Talks for a Framework). The main points in which the nuclear talks are now discussing include:

  • How quickly or slowly Iran will be allowed to advance its nuclear technology in the last five years of the 15-year agreement (Labott).
  • How quickly the crushing U.N. sanctions will go away (Labott).
  • Whether sanctions will snap back into place if Iran violates the deal (Labott).


Nuclear weapons are a huge game changer in the global arena. In order to maintain global peace there has been a great push for nuclear disarmament (eradicating nuclear weapons). By disarming, many feel that nuclear threats would be minimized and aid in ensuring some degree of peace. With Iran’s nuclear activity many countries may decide to build up and maintain their nuclear programs to ensure their own safety. Although Iran claims that they are only seeking to use nuclear energy not nuclear weapons, even with such claims, many feel that global security can still decrease dramatically. Many believe that Iran cannot be trusted, and that by acquiring nuclear energy, Middle East relations will become even more complicated.


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