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Money Matters Monday: Make These Changes Now, New Tax Season Approaching 

By: CoKane    Make these changes now: new tax season approaching Whew! This past tax season was a real joy working with Jackson Hewitt. It’s was my pleasure helping the customers of East Point, Ga and surrounding areas with preparing and e-filing both their federal and state income tax returns. I am always a strong advocate for tax clients and I’d

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Monica Crofton, CEO, Repairs Credit & Dreams

monica crofton

Monica Crofton, CEO of Crofton Credit Consulting sits down to chat with Young Urban Voices Magazine. She dishes about what lead her to create the credit consulting business where it’s main goal is to assist members with poor credit and help them obtain creditworthiness,  allowing them to achieve their financial objective based on good re-established credit. Young Urban Voices Magazine: How

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Empire Reigns

By Randall Rydell Russell Television shows come on and get cancelled faster than you can say boo. The network Fox is notorious for cancelling promising shows either due to low ratings or lack of substance. But Wednesday, January 7, 2015, a program entitled Empire premiered to stellar ratings, outshining American Idol, one of the networks best shows.   Empire, loosely

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Plight Of A Single Mother

In today’s society the family structure has shifted, almost twenty years ago the rate of single parents wasn’t as significant as it is now. There are plenty of factors that tie into the reasons of why several women are becoming single mothers at alarming rates. Sometimes, things happen, such as death, divorce, etc. Plenty of women are single mothers by

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