Black Lives Matter-Police Brutality In America

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On Monday, November 24, 2014, the world awaited the outcome of a grand jury hearing on the murder of 18-year-old Michael Brown, who was shot down by Ferguson, Mo., police officer Darren Wilson. The verdict of this hearing, which was held to determine whether Wilson would be indicted for the shooting, was that Wilson would not be prosecuted. It could not have come at a worse time.

The people in the town of Ferguson are crying out in pain and anger because yet another unarmed black male was shot down due to a racial injustice. The pain may never go away but the memory will forever go on.

It is a sad state in America when men and women cannot walk down the streets anymore without fear of being harassed by a cop who has yet again abused his power and authority. The ones truly affected by this travesty are the parents of Michael Brown. They have to live every day without their son.

This is not just a racial issue, but a humanitarian issue. Until society comes together as one we will continue to have these injustices. We have to get past the pain and unite together, but rioting and looting will not change how we are viewed in this world. We cannot burn down our towns and businesses to eradicate the unfairness we’ve faced.

It is true, Darren Wilson not being indicted was not fair, but what has happened in Ferguson will not change anything. This shows us at an all-time low. It shows ignorance and calamity in the black community. This is not the way to remember our fallen victims.

We need to band together and rationalize how we can come together as people. We need to educate ourselves and run our own businesses, and create our own police force if the ones sent to protect us are doing us more harm than good. The moment mothers and fathers worry about sending their children off to school or to the store and wonder if they will come back home, we know there is something seriously wrong in the justice system and in America, period.

Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, Emmett Till, Oscar Grant and countless others will never be forgotten; but until we come together to try and change our justice system which has failed, things will stay the same. We must learn to become the change that we want.

Although it appears that black lives are not a matter of importance in America, we must learn to love and value ourselves and want to do better in this world. We need to know that we are important, we matter and we can make things happen in our society

Police Brutality –Black Lives Matter

The Mike Brown Verdict



By Jessica Daniel

It is a sad day for Ferguson, Missouri, as many of us have heard the news regarding the verdict of the police officer Darren Wilson who was not charged for the murder of 18 year-old Mike Brown. The grand jury’s decision to let Officer Wilson go without indictment, despite the evidence that was there that he had fatally shot Mike Brown (who was unarmed and innocent) seven times, caused an uproar and disappointment among people not only in Ferguson but all over the country. This tragic and ridiculous act of murder of our black youth due to the abuse of power from law enforcement ignites racial tension, hatred, devastation and fear that an officer or anyone else like George Zimmerman for that matter, can literally get away with murdering our brothers, sisters and children.

As I think about the many acts like this that are taking the lives of people in the black community, it makes me wonder how so much hatred and racism can still exist in this country today. The immediate response for situations like this would be an act of revenge through more violence and hatred, but honestly, that would not get us anywhere and would still cause many problems for us. If we want change, we must be the change by letting go of hatred for one another and instead, love one another.

The jury may have decided Officer Wilson’s fate and countless others who were never charged for the killing of innocent black youth and other minorities, but the ultimate fate and judgment of those men lay in God’s hands. True justice for the murder of Mike Brown will one day be served.