Cardi B & Offset Get Engaged Onstage

Cardi B has been winning all around. Recently, gaining a number 1 billboard hit with Bodak Yellow. Now the ex Love and Hip Hop New York star is officially about to be off the market. 

Rapper Offset, from the rap group Migos popped the question to Cardi B during their performance over the weekend at Power 105.1’s Powerhouse concert October 26th in Philadelphia. 

Here’s Cardi’s reaction to her surprise on stage engagement. 

Check out @lmCardiB’s Tweet:

Why Aren’t You Happy For Me? 

By CoKane

Why aren’t you happy for me?

 When someone accomplishes a goal or task that they’ve planned and put into action for quite some time, it should make everyone who knows this person personally extremely happy and excited. We all know how hard it is to achieve any goal. We all know how many late nights, early mornings, tears, upsets, and ‘NO’ one must endure before the big bow breaks. So why do some folks seem jealous when someone else makes it out? It’s the total opposite of the happy emotion that the achiever would expect once he divulges that a goal or task has been successfully completed.

 It’s the learned ‘crabs in a bucket’ phenomenon, and I’ve seen it so many times from family to those who I thought was a friend to those who I’ve only met through social media. Being a self-published author who isn’t signed or affiliated with any of the e-book publisher brands, I’ve always found it hard to be respected by my author peers who started at the bottom with me as well as make readers believe in my pen game enough to support my work. It weighed down so heavy on me until I almost decided to walk away from this industry and career altogether. It took several moments of reflection to regroup and realize that people don’t support when they feel threatened. I just couldn’t understand why the need to be threatened by anything that I create or stand behind. I settled with those fake smiles to come from those who hate me for whatever I’m doing that they’ve not been able to accomplish. According to the Urban Dictionary, a “hater” can be defined by:

• A person who feels anger and/or jealousy for someone who has succeeded in something they have worked hard for.

• A being that speaks badly, and/or takes negative actions in attempt to create problems for a successful person.

But why the need for hate when it’s easier to congratulate and support? Unfortunately, for some, hate is all they know. Being raised in environments that showcased no cohesion amongst the family is where a lot of this disconnect stems from. The black family isn’t bonded enough to be proud of their family member’s own successes, hence the quote “Your biggest support will come from people who you don’t know”. Nathalie Thompson asked “why would your family – the people whom, you’d think, should be the ones most likely to be in your corner, be so quick to shoot your dreams down?” It’s simple: it comes down to the fact that they stopped living for their dreams and seek “to prevent you from reaching your own dreams”.

For example, when LHHATL reality star, Bambi, started a hair line, LHHATL fans flocked to buy the same grade of hair from her yet when a cousin or best friend opened up an online hair boutique, these same ‘fans’ asked and begged for discounts or free items, often times not ever buying one item at full price. Or when I dropped my books and provided gifts to readers to provoke reviews, my efforts weren’t appreciated by the receivers of the gift, and reviews weren’t left nor were my books shared for others to read. The fear of rejection and the pain of seeing someone else close (friend or family) doing or achieving something when they had to give their own dreams up is causing people to hate your success from a distance yet smile in your face as if they’re happier than you are. It’s a very common form of hate, and in order to annihilate it, we’d have to reshape the minds of those who refuse to see your worth and congratulate your success.

The Huffington Post believes that “if you master generating genuine happiness for other people, not only will you find a cure for the envy, which can sabotage your success, but there are additional benefits as well. Those benefits include:

• Freedom from frustration and worry. When you see another person’s win as a loss for you, you pave the way for discouragement and resentment to set in. Instead allow other people’s success to ignite hope for the success coming in your time of harvest.

• More opportunities to be happy! Rejoicing with others creates an opportunity to multiply the good times you get to celebrate. By seizing every chance to sincerely congratulate others on their success, you are creating an atmosphere for others to be willing to celebrate your successes.

• Improved relationships with others. Healthy relationships involve sharing both ups and downs. People are more likely to respond positively to you if they sense that you’re truly happy for them.

• Good karma. You reap what you sow. Giving unselfishly creates a win for everybody.

 Now we know the benefits of being genuinely happy when someone other than yourself wins, but until you accept that you cannot win EVERY TIME and others will win every now and again, you’ll be stuck in your miserable state of mind, wishing for someone else’s downfall yet causing your own. Smile! If your best friend, cousin, sister, uncle, mother or father made it before you, trust that they’ll bring all of those who were genuinely happy with them in due time.

On The Brink of Greatness

Every time I’m beside you, everything is so chill. Just being beside you, shit kind of feels totally real

Sitting beside you, holding your hands in mine

Tracing both simultaneously, trying to connect our lines

Sitting beside you, looking at your side view

Admiring the strength in your face, you’re so cool

I’m genuinely interested in everything about you

Sitting beside you, I’m studying you like I’m supposed to

The curve in your ear, the bend of your neck

The presence of your Adams Apple, the light hair on your chest

I’m observed all that while you sat looking ahead

Sitting beside you with one hand rubbing your leg

I feel you loosen up, your tense exterior slowly dispelled

We’re taking it one day at a time, we’ll be GREAT, I can already tell

Sitting beside you, I’m wondering how many more days

Will I sit beside you and love you in so many more ways. 

Stand behind me and I’ll protect you from the front

Walk beside me and let the world know that this is what you want.

By CoKane

Single and Ready : The Art of Dating

Single and Ready


In 2016, it’s almost rare to find a man that still asks a woman on a date, and actually follows through. It’s crazy to say that the times we live in have changed the dating game forever. Where a man used to ask a woman on dates then picked her up, opened the doors, enjoyed her out for a few hours and returned her home with a simple kiss of gratitude, they’re now asking ladies to “chill” in its place. It’s a “not wanting to waste money on someone who isn’t worthy” mentality, and the saddest part about it is seeing women lower their value and conform to the popular “Netflix & chill” phenomenon.
Many agree that dating in this era seems pointless because men are only looking for sex and women only want the money. If we go to the time before cell phones and social media, dating was one of the only forms to meet new people. It allowed friends to set their friends up on blind dates. It allowed men to step their game up and come correct for a woman he was interested in. It allowed men to wear the pants as their woman proudly wore the skirt. Roles were not confused or switched during these times. And this created more dating then courting then possibly marriage.

Fast forward to the emergence of the internet and cell phones, and all sensible, single folks turned to internet dating sites and social media to “meet new people”. While cell phones and social media do connect like minds with other like minds, it tore down the art of dating and evolved it into this “smoke and chill”, “drink and chill”, or “Netflix and chill” era. At this point, a man spending his money on a woman who might not bed him doesn’t sound as inviting as that same woman coming over for Popeyes and a DVD.
Chuck Henderson of Wallstreet Insanity agreed that “hanging out and hooking up seems to be way more prevalent. Sometimes, this evolves into a relationship before you’ve even gone to dinner and a movie.” So where does that leave courting? Exactly where it left dating….in the past. Men are complaining that some women serial date just for free meals and movie trips, while women argue that most men serial date just to see who they can bed the quickest with no intention on anything but sex. With so many sex filled song lyrics, TV shows and movies in the 21st century, it’s no wonder that everybody has an ulterior motive when they meet someone new. Whether good or bad intentions, dating was created to help find commonalities in folks and figure out if forever is even an option with that person.
So how do we get back to what worked in the 1930-60s when people still believed in families and marriage? Easy! The first thing that must happen is people need to raise your standards and quite conforming to a person who just wants to “chill”. Single people also need to stop looking for sex in the wrong places and wrong people. Not to mention, women are incapable of having emotionless sex unless she’s being paid for her services. Sex is still an emotional attachment for every woman, especially those with their hearts on their sleeves.
Dating helps you get to know someone, figure out if they’re worthy of your time, love and presence, discover the commonalities between each other, and possibly move forward into a union. A smoke session with Dante isn’t a date; he’s more than likely trying to feel you out to see how fast he could bed you. Chilling on the block with your crush isn’t a date. She’s probably casing every dude out there to see who makes the most money. Pay attention to the signs because in everything we do, there’s a fair warning prior. If we’re trying to reintegrate family values into our kids, we must unteach then reteach ourselves the art of dating!
By Co Kane

A Deep Mind Battle 

A Deep Mind Battle by Co Kane  



Everybody keeps insisting this is a lesson

I’d much rather the Universe lessen

All these loads so I’m not stressing

My life.

So much recollection

Yes I need some reflection

Or probably a decent distraction

One that wears a Magnum

Something sexy with much attraction



I need some action.

This is a phase.

My thoughts are all over the place  

Let me pick up my scattered thoughts just in case

I’m not trying to keep running away

Yet I can’t stay.

I feel so afraid.  

I go to my Higher Power but i don’t know what to say.  

Everyday I declare I’ll be okay

I look in the mirror and don’t recognize my face

My smile seems misplaced.

Dark, slanted eyes.

Reveals a soul that cries.

Unveils a spirit that died.

Now there’s a race against time

To reconnect my soul with my mind

It’ll take time.  

I got plenty to use to unwind

Un-blur my vision, I can no longer be blind

No one has ever been kind

My fire is dim, it used to shine

No motivation.  

Full of frustration.

Please hold the conversation.

Yes that’s Fear of Rejection; by default there remains a disconnection. I’ve grasped whatever valuable lesson all these hard times were teaching and stressing, and until I find peace, I’ll carry my heart on my sleeve.


Love & Hip Hop Cast Members; Omarion and Apryl Calls It Quits 

  Defunct B2K member and Love and Hip Hop Hollywood cast member Omarion Grandberry announced via his Twitter account the breakup from longtime girlfriend and mother to his two children Apryl Jones. 

This is what he had to say :  

Apryl Jones also took to her own Twitter account tweeting: “Single…the end”. 

The couple have two children together; Megaa in 2014 (a son) and a brand new daughter A’mei in 2016, according to reports from VH1. 

Omarion, says he will continue a cordial and mature friendship with Jones, for the sake of their children. 

We Are More Than Hashtags: Death of Sterling and Castile 

  Black men are dying. Black men are dying at such an alarming rate it’s downright scary. They were our brothers, uncles, fathers and husbands. Now they are reduced to nothing but a mere hashtag. 

What has our country become when black men can’t even live without being in constant fear of their lives. Wives, mothers and sisters living in fear if they will return home at the end of the day. 


Simply selling CDs or exercising your right to bare arms is reason enough to kill?!? (Alton Sterling)

I think not! 

No one bats an eye until the murder of police officers are in question. Although the lives of innocent people is a devastation in an of itself. But just like police officers lives matters so does black lives. 

We are not saying other lives don’t matter but we need to get the same amount of sympathy for our slain black men just like those slain officers. 

Something needs to be done. But destroying innocent civilians isn’t the answer. We need love not hate. 

We need to come together and fight injustices. But until the ones with all the power and wealth change the way they think nothing will ever change in this crazy world. 

The girlfriend of Philando Castile live streams her boyfriend’s murder. Please be careful everyone you are worth more.  Don’t become the next hashtag. 

7 Simple Practices To Improve Your Relationship Happiness

7 Simple Practices To Improve Your Relationship Happiness

By: YUV Guest Writer Annie Lizstan 

Maintaining a happy relationship can be frustrating at times and disappointments are not inevitable in such a connection. Most couples find it disconcerting and heartbreaking if they can’t find contentment in their most loving relationships. Why would someone who truly loves you try to hurt you? 

Personal and intimate relationships are hard to navigate unlike professional connections due to expectations and agreements, according to Steve Chandler, a relationship author, and motivational coach. Luckily, there are some simple practices that can improve your relationship. They include: 

1. Know Your Expectations

The chances are that most couples who don’t find happiness in their relationships is not aware of their expectations. They may only realize that they feel somehow resentful toward their loving partners. If this is happening in your relationship, try to explore deeper, and you may learn that your partner has gone against some of your expectations. For instance, you may plan to have a dinner out on a weekend but you’re your partner fails because s/he gets occupied with other things.

2. Spend Time Together

The majority of couples who seek professional counseling hardly recount the last time they spent quality time together. You may be preoccupied with job assignments or your kids such that you don’t have alone time for your partner. And by the time you retire to bed, you are too exhausted to have an engaging chat. 

It’s very hard to feel happily connected if you don’t spend time together. It’s among the top practices that can keep your relationship healthy. Set dates when you shall be spending time together and ensure that they are honored.

3. Hug Twice Every Day

This doesn’t mean hugging hurriedly, but rather embracing each other for at least 20 seconds to allow the “curdle hormone” or oxytocin to kick in. This hormone triggers a pleasant feeling which is very essential in a happy relationship. Hugging is also a powerful gesture just like medicine. 

A hug for 20 seconds in the morning and before bedtime. Stick to this ritual on a daily because your partner may feel uncared for if you skip it for a few days.

4. Listen Without Interrupting

One of the best way to say “I love you” is through listening to your partner when they s/he speaks about their feelings, thoughts, and stresses among much more. About glozine lifestyle news, most people struggle with the skill of authentic listening. It entails shutting off all electronic gadgets; make eye contact and nod you’re your head in an appreciative way. This shows that you are not only caring, but also present during a conversation with your partner. 

High-fives and supportive grunts are also recommendable in showing your partner that you are sincerely paying attention.

5. Keep Each Other Updated

You can’t tell when to commiserate or celebrate with your partner unless you are kept updated on what’s going on in their life. By expressing what is happening in each other’s life, it will inform your partner when you need their support in stressful situations as a result of job or health issues. They will also know when to celebrate with you whenever you make some achievements. How was your night? How was work today? These are some questions that will clearly express that you are carrying your partner in mind as you face the joys and challenges of the day.

6. Learn Your Partner’s Love Language

Every person in a relationship expresses unique loving behaviors and gestures. If you are not aware of your partner’s love language, there is no harm in asking. The chances are that they may have attempted to share them, but you completely missed the point. 

Inquire the things you do that make them feel loved and cared for. It could be your tender touch, making love or just buying them presents.

7. Draft plans

Most of the programs that count in a relationship are not achieved unless they are put on the calendar. These include having sex, meeting friends, visiting relatives and going out for dinner. Ensure that you both set goals every month. This is an assurance that you are on the same journey together with your partner. 

Draft some meaningful relationship goals that appeal to both of you. You must plan and act as a team if you want to Improve happiness in your relationships.


The list of things you can do with your partner to improve happiness in your relationship is endless. You don’t have to surprise them every day, but practicing the above seven can strengthen your bond and make your relationship more enjoyable. Happy relationship!

Author Bio

Annie Lizstan works as a health and beauty consultant for online websites and an independent researcher by profession. She had completed her studies from university of Arizona and live in Wasilla, Alaska. She always like to explore her ideas about health, fitness and beauty . In her recent period ,she got an opportunity to explore on joint pain relief. She has experience researching as a passion as well as profession. You can also connect with her on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

#LoveWins – Gay Marriage Finally Becomes Legal in the United States

After many years of hard fought struggle, advocating, and political correctness the LGBT+ community was finally able to have a victory on June 6, 2015 when the Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriages nationwide. This simply means that many same-sex couples who have been denied the right to be married are now able to join into the incredibly important and legally binding union that allows them to have privileges that they couldn’t get beforehand in states where it was previously banned.

With this overturning, many same-sex couples will have rights that they were previously denied, and this does not just include a wedding. It also includes hospital visitation rights, spousal benefits for social security, adoption benefits (including no longer being denied adoption in the case of going around marriage and adopting their partner to receive the same benefits of being family), and being able to take someone to court over denying their right to marry. These people have worked long and hard to have this right and it is a great victory for the nation.

There are some states that are not pleased with this, obviously. This is mainly among the thirteen states of the US which previously did not allow same-sex marriage. In certain parts of the state of Alabama, as a way to avoid having to see these marriages take place, they have banned marriage and marriage licenses completely. Geneva County is one of these places, and a probate judge named Fred Hamic said that he had the right to refuse to issue marriage licenses. In a statement to the Dothan Eagle he said that Section 30-1-9 of the Alabama Code of 1975 said that a probate judge may issue a marriage license, but he doesn’t have to. This is one way for them to avoid having to go through such an uncomfortable process.

With this Supreme Court ruling, there are bound to be many people who are against it showing their displeasure towards it. There are those who use religion as an excuse, and there are those who don’t but rather instead say that it’s unnatural, that it’s wrong simply because they do not enjoy it. There are those who honestly believe it is against what God intended, though they do not judge them for that lifestyle. There are many different ways to disagree with it, though there are many who simply reply with “Does it affect you? Does the fact that these strangers getting married hurt you or change you in some way? It doesn’t? Then stop complaining about it.”

However, it should be known that marriage is not the total victory for gay rights. There are many great people in history that were part of the LGBT+ community. There are still many schools with a bias against gay rights and history, as well as many sexual education courses not even including anything about sex with a partner of the same gender. Marriage is not the final victory ground, there is still much that needs to be done. It is important that future generations are educated about these interests, and are more inclusive when they think about the people they may be with. Not just those of the opposite gender, but those that they truly care about. Although marriage rights are certainly a step in that direction. For now, there are so many countless people that are thrilled to finally be able to marry the one they love in their hometown and not have to have every member of their families fly out to San Francisco or some other far off city in order to see them marry and have their dream wedding.

Here’s hoping that the next generation won’t even think about discrimination against someone who decides to pursue someone of the same gender, or the opposite gender, or even someone who has no gender. Let’s hope that with new access to new and more powerful technology, they will be able to learn what schools exclude and know how to be safe when they go further with the one they love.