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Texas Trooper Gets Indictment After Death Of Sandra Bland

According to reports, Texas Trooper Brian Encinia is being indicted on perjury charges which may actually land him a one-year prison sentence. The grand jury resumed the investigator into the arrest of Bland. She was found in a Waller County jail cell with a plastic bag tied around her neck, just a few days after her arrest. Officer Encinia was

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Tamir, Sandra, Freddie, How Many More Do We Have To Lose?

Year after year an unforeseen tragedy happens in the black community that results in an uproar. The slain killing of an African American. Within these past couple years we have lost almost a dozen citizens due to police brutality. There are so many murders but yet these officers go without any punishment. It’s almost as if the justice system is

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Justice For All?!? Serve & Protect…NOT Humanity

   By Joshua Elkridge *The facts in the following article are true however, names have been changed to protect the victims.* Friday, November 21st, 2014, 9:48 pm, South Sacramento, California. My friend, Donny is leaving my house wearing his dirty work clothes and riding on his bicycle that is practically held together with duct tape. I’m insisting on giving him

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