Cardi B & Offset Get Engaged Onstage

Cardi B has been winning all around. Recently, gaining a number 1 billboard hit with Bodak Yellow. Now the ex Love and Hip Hop New York star is officially about to be off the market. 

Rapper Offset, from the rap group Migos popped the question to Cardi B during their performance over the weekend at Power 105.1’s Powerhouse concert October 26th in Philadelphia. 

Here’s Cardi’s reaction to her surprise on stage engagement. 

Check out @lmCardiB’s Tweet:

Artist RICA Has a New Brand & Sound

The talented 25 year old, independent, female artist RICA was born and raised in Washington, DC. RICA took interest in music during her 6th grade year when her fellow classmates created a rap group and would beat box in class. Poetry and writing short stories was RICA’S specialty but she decided to take those writing skills and write a rhyme. The rhyme was so good that the others in the group wanted her to write their lyrics. RICA was apart of two music groups during her high school years ran by Mega Don Productions which afforded her the opportunity to get in the studio and perform at local open mic in the DC & MD area. Soon after the group split up RICA decided to take her career in her own hands and went solo. RICA purchased a condenser microphone, a refurbished laptop and taught herself how to work audacity DAW and began creating. March 2015 , RICA released a mixtape titled ‘Thee AnitVirus’ that was recorded and mix by RICA in her studio apartment.

​”I am not a pro, but the mix was decent. The quality of course could’ve been better but I had to do what I had to do due to lack of funds to spare” – RICA

The mixtape was released under RICA’s old stage name ‘ENTREE‘; no not the meal. March 2016 RICA decided to take a new approach and elevate her sound by working with Live Band and music production team “Flux180” to acquire new music for the year. Her latest self titled release that is now streaming on all digital platforms is a great body of work that she exemplified her many styles as a artist.

When listening to music by RICA you get two things, which is quality and variety. Who doesn’t love variety ?

The many sides of RICA is what makes her a flavorful artist worth savoring . Forcing ears to listen with her passive yet aggressive tone, RICA can cruise the live drums and 808’s mellow or up-tempo. She can paint you a vivid picture of your life and her life, evoking human emotion or she can emerge solely in confidence and go bar for bar with the next artist and hold her own.

Young Urban Voices Magazine had a chance to catch up with the lyricist during her busy schedule. 

YUV MAGWhat are your current projects that you’re working on? 

RICA: Currently I’m focused on my brand as an artist and working with different producers to deliver great music.

YUV MAG: Do you have any albums out? 

RICA: I just released a EP self titled RICA and a few singles that’s now available on all streaming platforms. You can find all the information on my website & the listening party video for the EP is available as well.

YUV MAG: Where can people find out more about you?

social links

IG: RICAforeverx

Twitter: RICAforeverx

YouTube: RICAmusicradio

Soundcloud. RICAmusicradio

YUV MAG: Musical Influences? 

RICA: T.I. was a big influence but more so as a person rather than an artist. Different genres of music influenced me. I am attracted to versatility, so listening to all types of genres growing up developed my knack for music to be more than one dimensional. The genres consist of blues, classical, pop, gospel, reggae, rock and country music to name a few.  

The Struggle Talk Music, Fans & Their Unique Sound. 

The Dynamic Group: The Struggle consist of 4 Members Each Of Them Currently Live in North Carolina. Each has their own original sound and style. Their style is hiphop,pop,R&B,and soul.

They started 2015 and are already reaching 12k on twitter which proves that achievement is their goal. The members are friends and family they combined together because they knew they had a gift and they want to share that gift with the world.

The Struggle sat down with YUV Mag to discuss their music and unique sound.

YUV:  Tell me what is the meaning behind your group’s name The Struggle. 

THE STRUGGLE: We’re The Struggle because we’re coming from the struggle to make it to the top and we’ll never forget where we came from and hope others can do the same get out of the struggle and chase your dreams! 

YUV: What are all of your names? 

TS: Destiny, Tierra, Curtis, Davon. 

YUV: How did the group get started? 

TS: Davon joined the group later on but we all knew we had talent and wanted to do something good inspire people so we made a music group more talented people are better than one. 

YUV: Who are your musical influences? 

Destiny- Nicki Minaj,Fantasia,Ledisi, Jennifer Hudson,Jackson 5

Davon-Erik Hassle (No Words) & Sam Cooke

Curtis-Drake ,Lil Wayne


YUV: Explain to me your catchphrase, “I pledge allegiance to the struggle?”

TS: Meaning The Struggles Where we come from and we shall never forget it.

YUV: Do you think your family dynamic plays a pivotal role in your music? If so, how? 

TS: Yea talent in dancing ,music etc played a major part in this it’s a generation thing.  Our family is full of talent and they push us to keep going it’s better to have a group with family because when we get mad at each other at the end of the day we’re still family and we’ll always be there for each other.

YUV:  How do you think you were so quick to grow your social media following so fast? 

TS: Because we promoted ourselves very well. 

YUV: How can people hear your music? 

TS: YouTube,Facebook,Instagram 

YUV:  What instruments do you play? 

TS: Piano , drums, clarinet, trumpet etc.

YUV: Do you have an album out or coming out soon?  

TS: Coming out soon 

For those who don’t know please include your links to all your social networks. 

From instruments to singing to rapping to dancing this unstoppable group joined forces together to take on the music industry and gain fans and supporters while doing it .When they hit the stage nothing can stop them and nothing will their grind is to succeed and be remembered as one of the best out. 

Destiny states- “Watch out world we’re just getting started”.

We Pledge Allegiance To The Struggle.  

Remembering A Queen         

By Tiffany Jenkins  
Another blessed life has been claimed. The fantastic Afeni Shakur has left us. For those who are not familiar, she was Tupac Shakur’s mother.
But trust me when I say, she was so much more. Born Alice Faye Williams, Afeni took life by the horns. She was a passionate activist for civil rights. She even belonged to the Black Panther Party in the 70s. Afeni, during a government raid, was arrested along with others on suspension of being involved with bombings that had taken place.
Even though she defended herself, the judge sentenced her to several years in prison. It was while in prison Afeni gave birth to her son and named him Tupac.
Although Afeni lived such an extraordinary life, unfortunately, she was forced to face a mother’s greatest nightmare. Burying her child. After Tupac’s death, she fought for the rights of his unreleased music and won, she founded multiple charities and even started a clothing line, both in Tupac’s honor.
An activist, philanthropist, business woman, humanitarian; Afeni Shakur dedicated her life to stopping senseless violence especially in the black community. She fought for peace and justice. She advocated education and the value of knowing yourself and that we all have a purpose to touch each other’s lives the way her son did.
To the hip-hop industry, Afeni was known as `The Mother of Rap’. It’s a terrible loss but we remember this inspiring woman, who with grace and civility, reminded us that even through the darkest of times there is ALWAYS light at the other end. Rest in eternal peace my sista, my warrior, my Queen. 

rosa veleno

Rosa Veleno, Is Hip Hop’s Hottest Newcomer

RV_epk_295 (1)Rosa Veleno, will soon become a household name who will be a force to be reckoned with. A Detroit, girl with a hip hop sound, but she’s much more than that. A model, actress, and even a Navy Veteran, Veleno is certainly one to watch out for in the hip hop scene. Veleno chats with Young Urban Voices Magazine to dish the news about her new project and YUV has all the dirt on what she said.


Young Urban Voices: What is your story told through your words?


RV: I am an American recording artist from Detroit Michigan who overcame grave obstacles and continually separates myself from statistical “norms”.


YUV: What is your passion?


RV: Music—entertainment period—is a big part of what makes me, me! I find comfort in humor and melody! Being able to express my feelings and authentically connect with others keeps me existent!


YUV: When did you start doing music?


RV: I was very shy as a kid, my mom use to cut the radio down to try and catch me singing! I started as an adolescent, the earliest recording I have of myself, is at about 11 years old rapping on a track in my big brother’s group.


YUV: When will your album be available?


RV: I don’t have a release date as of yet but I look forward to narrowing that down soon. We are definitely shooting for the first quarter of the year.


YUV: What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever had to deal with in life?


RV: Facing my fears of taking risks and deciding not to accept circumstance! There have been times in my life where I’ve copped out and believed I was incapable, constantly looking back to see how far I’ve gone instead of forward—towards the future. When I finally mustered up the courage to take a chance, I saw progression. Like making the decision to serve in the Armed Forces.


YUV: How did joining the Navy help create your musical sound?


RV: Well, the Navy shipped me off to my first tour in Naples, Italy! Initially, it was a huge culture shock to go from convenience being arms length, to appreciating time, new food, and different social norms. The music! Now? I love it all! I was exposed to House, Techno, Pop, and Hip Hop from a different perspective! Italians literally knew all the words to Kanye West’s music but didn’t speak a lick of English! Not to mention, a competition I won allowed me to understand how to target my audience, no matter who you are—from an Admiral to a soldier’s grandmother.


YUV: Rosa Veleno, how’d you come up with the name?


RV: It is actually Italian! I’ve gone through quite a bit of names over the years! After dropping Sheena Sheen, I wanted to choose something that had sugar and spice. I came up with Pink Venom! It worked for a while, but as I looked at marketability and the fact that Nikki Minaj surfaced with “pink” everything, I decided to Google Translate! I was taking Italian at the time, and asked my teacher about the literal translation and Rosa Veleno was born!


YUV: What is your ULTIMATE goal in life?


RV: Happiness! I realize that sounds a bit unconventional but its true! I’ve spent a lot of time trying to beat the odds and have come to the “cliché” conclusion that no amount of money sustains true joy! I want that for my family and myself.


YUV: Where do you see yourself in ten years?


RV: A flourishing career that filters outside of music into endorsement deals, licensing, acting gigs, etc. I’ll take a few Grammys, some millions, a kid, and a husband since we talking! Ha!


YUV: How do you handle “haters”?


RV: “Got a lot of haters but most of them really fans. Bet I put them in a room, they sing my lyrics like a band”! I love haters, they are also apart of my fan base! Work!


YUV: How can we learn more about you and your music?


RV: Please stay tuned and follow me on all of my social media outlets. Instagram, Twitter, Sound Cloud: @rosaveleno Facebook: @IamPinkVenom Coming Soon:


Thanks again for taking the time to chat with me Janae. I really appreciate you!! <3 RV

Black Stars On The Rise

By Jasmin Wells

Black Stars on the Rise

Entertainers are doing more than just rapping and singing nowadays. They have branched out to doing more amazing things everyday including branching out into Television. 

  Nicki Minaj, one of the only platinum selling female rapper’s, has been given the opportunity to star and produce in a series about her life with the television network ABC. After revealing the accomplishment via Twitter, the Barbie’s, aka Nicki’s followers and fans, went haywire with excitement. The pilot will be coming soon, which will also give fans the opportunity to learn a little more about the artist.

Snoop Dogg has been no rookie to reality Television. Snoop and his family have graced our screens, letting us into their everyday lives, while gaining a little more fan base. We learned that Snoop is a family man and has always put his family first. Now, Snoop is heading to the big screen to broadcast another accomplishment that he is passionate about. Snoop created a little league football team in 2005 and has been making an impact in the business ever since. Snoop has teamed up with AOL for an eight episode series as he travels with his team to document various games and other players.

Jay-Z has always been a mogul in the music business and hasn’t stopped yet, even after he’s supposed to retire, the star is still proving that he is someone to be reckoned with. With his title also comes rumors, and since Jay-Z keeps his life so secret, it isn’t hard to wonder what the star is up to behind closed doors. Rumor was that Jay-Z was down with Tidal, a high fidelity music streaming company, and what better way to crush rumors then to simply tweet. The star recently tweeted about Tidal hitting a million followers and how he was going to celebrate on the twentieth of October in Brooklyn, New York. All three artist prove everyday that they are more than just entertainers, but entrepreneurs that refuse to be ignored. Congratulations guys on your continued success.

Video Of The Week: Nicki Minaj “The PinkPrint Movie”


Nicki Minaj proves that she is indeed talented and has depth. You would never think the “Anaconda,” star could produce songs like, “The Crying Game, “I Lied,” and The heartfelt, “Grand Piano.” Take a look for yourself at how Ms. Minaj  re-invents herself.



Empire Reigns

By Randall Rydell Russell

empire cast

Television shows come on and get cancelled faster than you can say boo. The network Fox is

notorious for cancelling promising shows either due to low ratings or lack of substance. But Wednesday,

January 7, 2015, a program entitled Empire premiered to stellar ratings, outshining American Idol, one

of the networks best shows.


Empire, loosely based on the 1966 play and 1968 film The Lion in Winter, the story of King Henry

ll of England, his imprisoned wife Eleanor of Aquitaine and their three sons Richard, Geoffrey and John,

during Christmas time in the year 1183. A power struggle brews as King Henry deciding on which son

should take the throne when he dies.


Empire, takes those same themes and brings them into the modern world. The King in this story

is Lucious Lyon (Terrence Howard), a former thug and drug dealer who is now a hip hop mogul and CEO

of his own record company Empire Entertainment. Andre (Trai Byers), Lucious’ oldest son is the CFO of

the company, influenced by his wife Rhonda (Katie Doubleday), and yearns to take over the company for

himself. Jamal (Jussie Smollett), is Lucious’ middle son who is gay but hides it from the world, in fear that

it’ll backfire on him, but he has a raw musical talent as singer/songwriter/record producer that Lucious

doesn’t see, due to him being disappointed in Jamal’s sexual orientation. Hakeem (Bryshere Gray), is

Lucious’ youngest and favorite son who is a rising hip hop star who is influenced by women, alcohol and

money. Lucious ex-wife, Cookie (Taraji P. Henson) who helped Lucious start the company seventeen

years prior, is released from prison after all the time, looking to get her half of the company back,

causing turmoil for Lucious, his partner and best friend Vernon (Malik Yoba) and Lucious’ new love

interest Anika (Grace Gealey). Lucious also discovers that he has ALS and must figure out who to leave in

charge of the company, Andre, Jamal or Hakeem, all while a friend from the past, opens up old wounds

that could jeopardize not only Lucious and his family, but the company Empire itself.


Empire, created by Lee Daniels (producer, director of Monster’s Ball, The Woodsman, Precious,

The Paperboy and The Butler) and Danny Strong, and original music by rapper/producer Timberland, this

program shows the highs and lows of the music industry, a traditional old school story brought to our

time, and the trials and tribulations of family while running a business. Gabourey Sidibe (Precious ) also

co stars with a large cast of upcoming performers including Cuba Gooding, Jr., Tasha Smith, Courtney

Love and Naomi Campbell are all set to appear.


For a black program on a major network, Empire is fighting to stay afloat on a network that

usually cancels if things don’t work. But from its series premiere opening to high numbers. Empire may

be here to stay.