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The Struggle Talk Music, Fans & Their Unique Sound. 

The Dynamic Group: The Struggle consist of 4 Members Each Of Them Currently Live in North Carolina. Each has their own original sound and style. Their style is hiphop,pop,R&B,and soul. They started 2015 and are already reaching 12k on twitter which proves that achievement is their goal. The members are friends and family they combined together because they knew they had a gift

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Remembering A Queen         

By Tiffany Jenkins   Another blessed life has been claimed. The fantastic Afeni Shakur has left us. For those who are not familiar, she was Tupac Shakur’s mother. But trust me when I say, she was so much more. Born Alice Faye Williams, Afeni took life by the horns. She was a passionate activist for civil rights. She even belonged to

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Rosa Veleno, Is Hip Hop’s Hottest Newcomer

rosa veleno

Rosa Veleno, will soon become a household name who will be a force to be reckoned with. A Detroit, girl with a hip hop sound, but she’s much more than that. A model, actress, and even a Navy Veteran, Veleno is certainly one to watch out for in the hip hop scene. Veleno chats with Young Urban Voices Magazine to

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Empire Reigns

By Randall Rydell Russell Television shows come on and get cancelled faster than you can say boo. The network Fox is notorious for cancelling promising shows either due to low ratings or lack of substance. But Wednesday, January 7, 2015, a program entitled Empire premiered to stellar ratings, outshining American Idol, one of the networks best shows.   Empire, loosely

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