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Jade Helm 15: Military Exercise or Military Take Over

By Chris Rivera Parts of the internet went hysterical when they first found out about the military exercise known as Jade Helm 15. It was with the help of Governor Greg Abbot (R), of Texas, that helped fan the flames of the conspiracy that Jade Helm is a mass cover up that will allow for the federal government to invade

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Reflections of 2014 & Why I Now Support Segregation

(Source: Facebook.com/sancophaleague) 2014 was a strange year to be Black. We had Ferguson, Eric Garner, and so many others that I’ve officially lost count. There were marches, demonstrations, and riots. Some protests were peaceful; some, not so much. Through all of this hurt, pain, and mass confusion, I realized something very controversial, yet powerful: I believe in segregation. I know

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Plight Of A Single Mother

In today’s society the family structure has shifted, almost twenty years ago the rate of single parents wasn’t as significant as it is now. There are plenty of factors that tie into the reasons of why several women are becoming single mothers at alarming rates. Sometimes, things happen, such as death, divorce, etc. Plenty of women are single mothers by

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