How Bad Do You Want it? 

dreambigEveryone talks about what they plan to do. Everyone makes new year’s resolutions during the brink of a new upcoming year. But how many of us stay loyal to our vision long after we’ve said it. 

Whether you want to start a business , write a book or even learn a new language you have to STAY the course. It’s quite easy to get distracted or blindsided by events in life. 

So I ask how bad do you want it? Remember, if you treat your gift, your craft like a hobby that’s exactly what it will be. Keep working! 

Sometimes, being disciplined means staying home on a Friday or Saturday night. Losing out on hours of sleep because while others are sleeping you’re too busy grinding. 

Another thing , that kills dreams beyond lack of ambitious is doubt and fear. Just because you don’t see an increase in your plans. Doesn’t mean you haven’t made progress. 

Keep working hard. The grind will pay off and don’t wait on opportunity to come your way. Because in this world you’ll have more people fighting against you versus fighting with you. 

Be confident and kill your goals! Applaud for yourself and KEEP WORKING to get even further. 

Don’t worry about where other people are with their lives. Their path is theirs alone and not meant for you. A path for you is already there waiting on you to realize all of your amazing greatness. 

Be a Go Gettah!  

Motivation Monday:This Is YOUR Year


 The beginning of a new work week in 2016. It’s time to go into boss mode. Those goals you wanted to implement last year back when you were so sure things were going to be different.  But guess what it’s a new year so what are you going to do? Just sit back and let the day go by! I hope not! 

I want to motivate you to start that business, take that class or trip! You can do it! Believe in yourself 100%. 

Time goes by fast and you’ll look up and it’ll be June then December and you’ll only have yourself to blame. 

So get to writing down those goals and execution plans. Don’t worry about the naysayers or “haters”. God got you all the way. But you have to believe in yourself first! 

celebrating new year

New Year, New YOU! Top 5 Things To Leave Behind In 2015


Hey ladies and gents!

I hope you guys have had a wonderful Christmas!

But now that the gifts have been given or in some cases returned! We know that 2016 is RIGHT around the corner. What is that you want to do that will help you reach that goal in life? What ever it is that you haven’t accomplished in 2015,  don’t fret! There is a new year coming that will help launch you into your new season. But there are just a few things that you need to leave in the past so you can grow and prosper. Let’s get into some of those things:

#1 Insecurities:

Yes! You have to get rid of insecurities. Leave all of your insecurities in the past they won’t do you any good. Whatever goals or resolutions you set in your mind. Do like Nike says, “Just Do It,” nothing in your life will feel as good as overcoming tough obstacles such as insecurities. Is there anything in life you’d always want to do? Write a book, go to college, travel the world, start a business, whichever it is you’ve always wanted to do GO GET IT!

#2 Low-Self-Esteem

This goes with #1. Having low self-esteem is another form of insecurities. This is definitely something that should just be eradicated in the new year. You can NOT and I repeat NOT get anywhere in life with this character trait. Low self-esteem has a poor reflection in your relationships whether it be with friends or dating. You will always be looking over your shoulder and wondering if you are good enough for anything or anybody . It’s just one of the ways you’ll stress yourself out and ultimately wind up going no where.

#3 Toxic People

Don’t feel bad for getting rid of people that are not serving a purpose in your life anymore. Toxic people can be anywhere from family, friends, lovers to co-workers. If you have people that are constantly bringing you down or just being negative in any shape or form. Then you must leave these people behind. Don’t let people hold you down away from your purpose in life. YOU only have one life to live. So LIVE It!

#4 Procrastination

The number 1 killer of goals and dreams is contentiously and consistently putting things off. Why put off  until tomorrow what you can do today? If you’ve always wanted to do something in life, you have to plan, research and execute. What might be frightening at first will probably be the best decision you’d ever do in your life; if you want to ever succeed in life. But you will never know if you are too afraid of at least trying. Don’t let years go by and you wake up to realize your life has gone by without you ever accomplishing anything.

#5 Addictions

This is the strongest pill to swallow for some?!? There are so many ways addictions can bury you, such as sex, drugs, alcohol or anything that has a tight hold on you. These things haunt you so bad it leads to depression and in some cases suicide.


These top five things are resolution and goal killers.  You should want to steer clear of these things in all of your future endeavors. I want you to live your best life in 2016. Get your plans in order, make a vision board for all the things you want to get done. Remember, the only way for your dreams to come true is for you to work your ass off to get it done. But you can’t do anything if you’re still settling in these five goal killers.


Goal Oriented

By Sonsie Zamora

Guide to setting and achieving goals:


Being accomplished is a sense of self. Having the ability to set goals, and achieve them makes you feel good. You get things done, you have a clearer mind, less stress and you feel better about life because you’re moving forward and on to the next goal as you accomplish others. If there are so many upsides to getting things done, then why are there so many of us that procrastinate? It’s easy to get distracted, there are so many things that can deter us from our course and throw us off track. I’ll give you a step-by-step guide how I set and accomplish goals and maybe it can help you to avoid the distractions and get those things that you’ve been meaning to get done, once and for all.

The first thing I do is make a list of any and all things that I need/want to get done, whether they are major things or just little day-to-day things. Such as; cleaning out that one junk drawer closet in the house, sorting through all of the loose paperwork that has accumulated, finding recipes for dinners, finishing school, applying to scholarships, finally finishing that make-over you started, etc… All of those things that keep me up at night and rattle around in my mind. I find that once I jot them down, I feel much less stressed already. Next I break that major list into three smaller lists; things that must get done this week, things that can be done in a few months, and long-term goals to be accomplished within the year or even more. Depending on the items on your list, you may require even more ‘smaller’ lists. I like to focus on what can be achieved within the year at the most however, because I feel it helps your momentum when you can keep checking short term goals off of your list. It also allows for procrastination when you set your goals too far into the future, because you might think ‘I still have time,’ then before you know it time is up and you missed your opportunity or you’re still stuck with the same to-do list and nothing has been checked off it.

Things that ‘must’ get done of course take priority and I like to focus on the harder things at the beginning of the week so you can get them out of the way. I usually sit down Sunday night before bedtime and write out my weekly schedule, allotting realistic time frames for each thing that needs to get done during the week. If I have a paper for a class due by the end of the week, for example, I’ll allow myself an hour on Monday to write out a quick draft and outline with my ideas. On Wednesday I’ll clean up the draft and add any research and by Friday I’ll finalize the paper. This way I’m not stressing come Friday to try to finish the entire paper all in one sitting. I find by breaking things into tiny weekly to-do’s, that I am more successful and less stressed.

One can apply the same concept of breaking goals up into little tasks, to long-term goals. Let’s say your long-term goal is to lose weight. You wouldn’t start by simply saying ‘tomorrow I will begin losing weight’. First you’d want to establish how many pounds you want to lose and what would be reasonable to lose each week and each month therefore figuring out how much time it would take to reach your final goal. Then you want to write down all of the things involved with losing weight and break those into weekly and monthly goals as well. Such as; cut sugar and fried foods, increase water intake, start a workout regimen, get fun new workout clothes for motivation, join a gym or find a local area to workout, buy a bike, etc. Make sure to keep the goals realistic and break them up into small, un-daunting tasks so you can keep moving toward your final goal and not get stuck along the way.

Distractions can be a huge problem in not reaching your goals. Especially today with all of the cell phone alerts, news feeds, Facebook updates, etc. Try to either turn off your phone and TV when focusing on your tasks, especially if you’re allotting just an hour or so at a time each day for your goals, you can feel less anxiety about allowing yourself that short and uninterrupted time. There’s nothing that can’t wait an hour, especially when the focus is yourself, which is a lot more important that so-and-so’s latest relationship drama or whatever it is. Also allowing your mind to be clear not only sharpens your focus but can also generate new thoughts and ideas and make for a more creative, alert and less stressed mind. Make sure you plan out your ‘fun times’ too. If you’ve been grinding all week, don’t let yourself skip Friday girls’ night, you deserve it. Tomorrow is always another day and you can get right back to the grind again then.

Once you start successfully scratching things off of your list of goals, you will feel your confidence growing and you may start reaching even higher for your next set of goal. Go ahead and start dreaming big! Travel to different countries, do a marathon, write a book, invent something, finish college, get into your best physical shape or whatever else you dream about. You now have a formula to get you there. I hope this helps and don’t stop setting and achieving goals. When you look back on your life 80 years from now, you will feel so fulfilled having accomplished as much as you possibly could and getting the most you desired out of life.

happy new year

Setting Your Goals for the New Year


By Jessica Daniel

Another year is about to end as we say goodbye to 2014 and welcome in 2015.

A new year ushers in a new you, right? As you create your list of new year goals, take the time to really think about what goals you would like to set for yourself, short term or long term, and stay committed to those goals. Ever wanted to open up a restaurant, for example, write a book, or start your own business, but you felt as if those goals that you had were just impossible for you to follow through with, that they were unrealistic? This new year, I want to encourage you as you write down your goals to pray and give them over to God, and trust that in this new season of your life He will make a way for you to accomplish those goals through His will. Have faith and know that God makes the impossible possible. There is nothing too big or too small for Him.

So when you set your new year goals, stay committed and do not give up. Have a happy new year and may God’s blessings be upon you in 2015.

Staying Focused on Your Goals




By Jessica Daniel

When you have a dream or a goal in mind that you want to accomplish, whether it is to graduate college, find a good job or a career, write a book, be successful in life or whatever it may be, there is always going to be some type of obstacle in the way to keep you off track of accomplishing your goals. But the most important thing to remember is to stay focused and know that no matter how tough it may be at the moment for you to accomplish your goals, the obstacle that you may be facing right now is nothing compared to the blessing that is waiting for you.

Staying motivated and determined to achieve any goal that we have for ourselves during times when we just want to give up can be hard. For example, you may be struggling in college trying your best to comprehend a certain subject, like math or science, and in order to graduate, you need to pass those classes. Or, you may have applied for a job, and it gets frustrating when you don’t get hired even if the interview goes well. No matter how frustrating and tempting it is to give up on your goal, especially when life throws unexpected curve balls your way, don’t give up! Stay strong and believe that you can and will achieve your goal.

Although it can be a long and hard process to get to where you want to be in life, the process it takes to get there is well worth the struggle it takes to experience the joy of graduating college or starting a career. Whatever dream or goal you have in life, just give it to God, and He will make a way for that dream of yours to come to a reality. Stay focused and trust that He will provide.

So continue to dream big, setting goals for yourself and know that through Christ you can do all things.

Concerns For the Future

By Randall Rydell Russell


We live in a day in age where everyone wants everything right and now without having to answer to anybody. But this epidemic is showing it’s true colors through our youth. Most kids between 9 and 17 in low income areas are becoming more drawn to drugs, fighting and violence than usual. Kids smoking pot, drinking and engaging in sex is nothing new, but the ages of the ones starting are getting worse.

Most of these kids are being raised by parents who are barely 30 and they themselves are the products of bad upbringing and they have instilled these mindsets onto their children, giving most people who have their stuff together bad views on these kids.

Here’s the thing coming from an at risk youth myself, you have to find your balance or thing you’re good at that’s positive and embrace it in a big way. That can be anything from art, filmmaking, music, sports, agriculture to maybe even helping other kids like I did.

The one thing these kids need to understand is that the world isn’t against you unless you put yourself in the situation to not be helped. To the point you are so disillusioned with what you’ve learned that that is the only thing that crosses your mind, leading to a life of crime, debauchery and violence.

We have to do better in this world or our next generation will see the crumbling of society. There is hope left in this world people. We just have to be strong enough to dig deep and find it. If  I can make it, anyone can.