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Essynce Moore, Is A Teen Business Mogul On The Rise

essynce coutureEssynce Moore started designing clothes at the tender age of 6 with just for fun doodles in her school binder and notepads. Her passion was and still is, to find her own style and to share her creative UPSCALE clothing ideas and styles with youth around the world. Essynce is a “TWEEN” that has turned her passion into a business for 2013, with the launch of her official clothing line branded Essynce Couture, LLC with the motto “a child’s passion for fashion.” Essynce Couture also has a natural body product line for children, tweens, and teens labeled “Wynk” by Essynce Couture.

Essynce is an entrepreneur, children’s stylist, child’s fashion designer, author, actress, “local” celebrity, motivational speaker, and fashionista that brings a positive vibe to her peers and others. She’s been in numerous fashion shows, pageants, and karate tournaments. Essynce launched her first book 6th Grade Middle School Chronicles and will be in the movie King of Newark in 2015. In 2014 she has SHOWCASED at both NY Fashion Weeks and Atlanta Kids Fashion Week while also ripping the runway. In addition, in 2014 she was interviewed and featured on NBC (Channel 4 News), Jeff Foxx of WBLS FM, BuzzFeed, Yahoo, Verizon Fios Channel 1 News, NBC Channel 4 News, she was awarded “2014 Young Emerging Leader” by Alpha Kappa Alpha, she’s been featured in the 2013 TIME for Kids Magazine, Honored 2013 Entrepreneur of the Year by the Vashti School for Future Leaders, she’s been seen on the Uncle Majic Commercial (BET, VH1, Channel 11, etc), HBO (Bored to Death), and has involved herself with a host of other events and projects. In 2015 she has now launched her Essynce Couture, LLC Spa and Boutique EXCLUSIVELY for Children, Tweens, and Teens for the youth to come and be pampered, attend workshops, be styled by Essynce personally and so much more.

Essynce is also a member of the New York Youth Chamber of Commerce (NYYCC).  This young “phenomenon” is BUZZING and she can’t wait to see children wearing her Essynce Couture brand all around the world.

YUV had a moment to catch up with the new business mogul on the rise and this is what she said.


Young Urban Voices: Tell me in your words what is the “Essynce Couture” brand?


Essynce Moore: The Essynce Couture brand is everything associated with Essynce Couture, such as Essynce Couture publishing, university, LLC, and finally the Essynce Couture Spa and Boutique.


YUV: How did you get started in the business world at such a young age?

EM: I would have to say that my mom always included me in what she did at work was the start to me being brought into the world of business.


YUV: Who is your biggest inspiration?


EM: My absolute biggest inspiration is my mom. She’s the person who’s always been there to support me and what I do.


YUV: What inspired you to create the Essynce Couture clothing line?

EM: My love of fashion inspired me to create my clothing line, Essynce Couture.



YUV: How did the Essynce Couture, LLC Spa and Boutique get started?


EM: The Essynce Couture LLC Spa and Boutique started when my mother and I finally decided to open up a place in which all of my Essynce Couture products and services could be of use.


YUV: Can you tell us about your book, “6th Grade Middle School Chronicles,” published through your own division, Essynce Couture Publishing?


EM: My book 6th Grade Middle School Chronicles is about my first year in middle school and my 6th grade experiences. I wrote the book when I was 11 and it was inspired by the crazy events that occurred throughout the school year.


YUV: Are there any future publications in the works?


EM: Yes, the sequel to my first book, 6th Grade Middle School Chronicles is currently in the making… 7th Grade Middle School Chronicles.


YUV: How was appearing at NY Fashion Week?


EM: Appearing at NY Fashion Week was definitely an inspiring and memorable experience.

YUV: Do you make time to sit back and be a kid?


EM: I feel that it is very important as a kid for me to sit back and make time for me to be one. Therefore, I make occasional plans with my friends consisting of movie nights, ice-skating, and simply regular days at the park.


YUV: What are your goals for your business ventures within the the next five to ten years?


EM: Five to ten years from now I see my business, Essynce Couture going global and being a name that is familiar to society.


YUV: Have you decided on a college to attend?


EM: A particular college I have wanted to go to since I was little would have to be the performing arts university, Juilliard.


YUV: Where can people find your clothing line?


EM: My clothing line can be found on my website


YUV: How can your fans reach you?


EM: My fans can reach me through my multiple social media accounts, essyncecouturellc, and also my website. They can join me on my “ask Essynce” segment that I do monthly.


YUV: How are you handling success at such a young age?


EM: I would have to say that I am handling success pretty well at my age, it’s a part of my dream coming true.


YUV: What advice would you give to other aspiring teen entrepreneurs who would like to do the same thing?


EM: My advice to other aspiring teen entrepreneurs would have to be that your age is just a number and it isn’t something that should stop you from pursuing your dreams.


YUV: How did you win the role in the film,”King of Newark”?


EM: Like any other actor or actress, I landed my role in King of Newark by auditioning.


YUV: How does education play a role in your brand?


EM: Education allows my brand to break down the steps in becoming an entrepreneur; Essynce Couture educates kids and teens about education.


YUV: What is your ultimate goal in life?


EM: I would have to say my ultimate goal in life is to make all my dreams come true and support everyone who supported me while doing so. Oh yeah, also to inspire other children.


YUV: If you don’t mind sharing, how old are you?


EM: I am 13 years of age.


YUV: How do you handle “haters”?


EM: I handle haters by simply ignoring them, haters to me are irrelevant and I pretend as if my haters don’t even exist.






Recently,  there has been a lot going on in Hollywood as of late, despite all t he controversy going on in Ferguson.

Love has struck  and people are hooking up!

Rapper Bow Wow and L&HHNY Star Erica Mena showoff matching bling
Rapper Bow Wow and L&HHNY Star Erica Mena showoff matching bling

erica mena_shad moss

The biggest surprise hook up was the engagement of VH1’s Love & Hip-Hop New York’s Erica Mena and Rapper Bow  Wow.  Erica ends her relationship with ex-girlfriend Cyn Santana and announces an engagement to Shad Moss (Bow Wow). She claims, Moss will NOT be on Love & Hip Hop New York and he wanted everyone to know that their relationship is indeed not a publicity stunt. Hmm, we’ll see how things work out in the next six months!


Supposedly, Singer Mila J and famed R & B singer Trey Songz might be a couple. The two have already collaborated on his Trigga album with, “Disrespectful.”

Tyler Perry, girlfriend expect first child

Media Mogul Tyler Perry announces that he and girlfriend Gelila Bekele will be a expecting their first child.

No Good Deed film

Psychological Thriller No Good Deed starring Idris Alba and Taraji P. Henson hits box offices and debuts at NO.1.


Zane’s infamous book, turned film Addicted hits theaters October 10th.


The Love and Hip Hop Atlanta reunion gets off to a ratchet start as to be expected as Stevie J and Joseline turn-up and a brawl breaks out with all the cast members.


charlo greene
Alaskan reporter quits job on air

Alaskan Reporter quits her news job on live TV, “Fuck It, I quit,” over legalizing marijuana, because she owns an Alaskan Cannabis Club.


Trendsetting couple model Amber Rose and Rapper Wiz Khalifah file for divorce reporting “applicable differences.” Rose is set to receive a $1 million settlement. Rose has filed for full-custody of their one year old son.

wiz khalifah amber rose


JM Publications Needs YOUR Help!


We are running a campaign on Indiegogo to get sponsored backers for our upcoming projects.

 We hope to publish a 2nd book title, Daddy’s Home as well as launch an official website for Young Urban Voices, create an Online digital and Print publication. 

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About Us

JM Publications is a boutique publishing house that produces books, films and soon magazines. Started by Janae Marie herself, a successful single mother with a Bachelor’s Degree in Media Arts/Journalism and an immerse passion for the written word.

JM Publications has published it’s first book in 2012 entitled Flirting with Temptations. The mission behind JMP is to educate, inform and entertain people through a mass variety of projects.

We strive to tell the stories of minorities in a positive light through our online publication Young Urban Voices. We plan to turn this site into a digital  and print publication by 2015.

We showcase the true stories of entrepreneurs, authors, motivational speakers and artists. We’ve recently interviewed CEO of Codeblack Entertainment Jeff Clanagan as well as Braxton Cosby which is the nephew of Bill Cosby and various other significant individuals.

My Mother Donna is the first film, produced by JM Publications which plans to produce several books, films and our first magazine publication.

What We Need & What You Get

JM Publications is seeking to raise $2,000 to publish a new book title Daddy’s Home and launch an official website for our 1st magazine issue. These funds will go towards, the editing, production, graphic design and advertising of all projects of JM Publications.

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The Impact

This publishing house began as a way for Janae Marie to produce various  different projects such as books, film and publications. Specifically, we want to give a voice to African Americans doing admirable things throughout their communities. Whereas, these groups usually get a bad reputation in the media.  We strive to be unique, creative, and informative with our content  and projects.

Risks & Challenges

This is a start-up publication that is still relatively new so we are indeed still working on building a name and brand for ourselves but the passion my writers and I possess surely makes up for this. We plan to tell the story of the community by the written word and visual films. JM Publications appreciates all the funds contributed to this project.

Other Ways You Can Help

You can help spread the word about our campaign through Indiegogo and ALL social media sites.

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Editor Latoya Smith, Talks Books & Grand Central Publishing

lowres headshot

Latoya C. Smith started her editorial career as an administrative assistant to New York Times bestselling author, Teri Woods at Teri Woods Publishing. It was there that she discovered her passion for book publishing. Latoya worked at TWP seasonally while pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree at Temple University. She graduated Cum Laude from Temple in August of 2005. She then attained a full-time position at Kensington Publishing in March of 2006. In October 2006, Latoya moved over to Grand Central Publishing, an imprint at Hachette Book Group. Since then, Latoya has acquired a variety of titles from Hardcover fiction and non-fiction, to digital romance and erotica titles. She was also featured in Publishers Weekly, USA Today as well as various author, book conference, and book blogger websites. She is the winner of the 2012 RWA Golden Apple for Editor of the Year. And most recently, appeared on CSpan2 where she contributed to a panel discussing the state of book publishing. Latoya acquires for the Forever, Forever Yours, and Grand Central Publishing imprint. She is looking for short and long form mainstream romance and erotica as well as African American fiction and non-fiction.

Latoya Smith has a successful publishing career but takes a moment to chat with Young Urban Voices to tell us why she chose a career in book publishing and has the TRUE low down on how authors can get noticed by a traditional publisher.

Young Urban Voices:  How did you get started working with Author/Publisher Teri Woods?

Latoya Smith: She did a radio interview with Wendy Williams and mentioned she needed an assistant. Lucky for me my cousin heard the interview and encouraged me to contact her. I did and she was actually tickled that I called in response to the mention. I sent her my resume and the rest was history!

Young Urban Voices: What got you started in the book publishing industry?

Latoya Smith: I always loved reading books and so, when I landed the job with Teri it was like a dream come true. Once introduced to the industry, I knew it was what I wanted to do.

Young Urban Voices: Have you written any books since you started in the industry?

Latoya Smith: I ghost wrote a book back in 2007. I also have some poetry published.

Young Urban Voices: How did you get your job at Kensington and Grand Central Publishing?

Latoya Smith: When I left Teri Woods Publishing, I landed a position as editorial assistant to the director of Dafina books, then Karen Thomas. It seems one of the many resumes I had emailed and faxed landed on the right person’s desk! Shortly after my arrival, Karen received an offer with Grand Central. I came to GCP about one month after she started back in October 2006.

Young Urban Voices: Can you explain your feature in Publishers Weekly and USA Today?

Latoya Smith:  Sure. I was a contributor to an article about the state of Black publishing, written by Diane Patrick. I was featured blog on USA Today’s Happily Ever After blog discussing how excited I was to be working with veteran romance author, Rochelle Alers.

Young Urban Voices: What has been the highlight of your career?

Latoya Smith: Winning the 2012 RWA Golden Apple Award for Editor of the Year.

Young Urban Voices:  What have been the most interesting books you have published? (If you remember)

Latoya Smith:  I would have to say all my titles are pretty interesting. I work on a variety of titles from erotica to Christian fiction, general fiction and paranormal romance to LGBT stories. I love that I have the ability to work on both fiction and non-fiction in a multitude of subgenres.

Young Urban Voices:  What advice do you have for those wanting to go into book publishing?

Latoya Smith: Network, network, network! The publishing industry is a tough field to break into so making as many contacts as possible is a great start.

Young Urban Voices: What is your favorite genre of books you have been involved with?

Latoya Smith: I love African American fiction. It’s what I grew up reading and what I am most passionate about.

Young Urban Voices:  What are the most important things editors look for when seeking to publish an authors work?

Latoya Smith:  Knowing the marketplace is hugely important. Editors not only look for great stories but have to be sure that book has an audience. At the end of the day, as much as we love to read, publishing is a business so making sure your books sell is key. In addition to that, the author’s platform or willingness to work hard are important as well. Being successful is as much about branding as it is about writing a good story.

Young Urban Voices:  How easy/difficult is it for an author to get published by a traditional publisher?

Latoya Smith: I think the digital platform has opened the door for a lot more authors to get published because there is less risk up front as digital costs are lower than print costs. So for that reason, I’d say it’s easier now than it’s ever been.

Young Urban Voices: Is there anything you want to add to the interview?

Latoya Smith:  For students/persons looking to get exposure or an education in editorial and publishing, NYU has a great program as does City College. Copyediting and manuscript editing courses are very helpful as well.



How to Survive Your First Year of College

By Jessica Daniel

So here you are, starting your first year of college. You have already applied and been admitted to the college or university of your choice. You enrolled in your classes. Now, it is time to prepare yourself for the big day.

It can be a very exciting yet scary time as you make that transition from high school into your freshman year of college. Depending on whether you are going away to college or staying close to home, the challenge of getting familiar with and adapting to a whole new academic environment can be very overwhelming. Here are a few tips for freshman to get through their first year of college.

The first tip is don’t panic! Remember that there are many other freshman at your college, in the same position, that are feeling just as scared and overwhelmed as you are. Make friends with them as you help one another get adjusted to the campus.

Second, set up an appointment to see a counselor at your college to help you stay on track of your educational goals. Your counselor will talk and guide you through your first year and help you pick a major and the classes you need to take to complete your major and G.E. courses to get you on the right path to graduate.

The third and important tip is not to procrastinate. Many college students make the mistake of waiting until the night before to complete important assignments that are due the next morning. As a result, if there is a test on that same day, students become tired and unable to function very well. Be sure to manage your time wisely and give yourself enough time during the week to study and finish up that ten page research paper a week or two before the due date and get plenty of rest the night before a test.

Last, but not least, have confidence in yourself. Believe that you can make it through college and accomplish anything you set your mind to.

So there you have it. Those are just a few of the many tips that college freshman can follow to help make their first year a successful one.

Author Janae Marie Attends Sacramento Black Book Fair


Author Janae Marie and Publisher of Young Urban Voices, will be attending the Sacramento Black Book Fair. She is the Author of Flirting with Temptations and the upcoming book, Daddy’s Home. She is also the writer, director, and producer of a short film, entitled My Mother Donna.

Flirting with Temptations


Monica Clayton is a smart and successful Senior Marketing Executive at Shears & Perry marketing firm. A single mother to a five year old little girl appears to almost have it all until she is partnered with married co-worker Keith Jackson. Things take an interesting turn for the worse once the two become involved romantically. What starts off as an ordinary fling turns into a sadistic fatal attraction.

She then meets her next victim Computer Consultant Marlin Turner. She falls head over heels for him. That is until she meets his Latina fired up wife Kasha a small woman with a short fuse. After a mysterious encounter leads to murder Monica is forced to watch her back as she soon becomes the target of revenge. A path of sleeping with married men slowly begins to catch up with her when she winds up in a tragic accident fighting for her life. Monica finally realizes her actions could soon lead her to an early grave if she doesn’t change her ways.

While on a quest for forgiveness Monica meets eligible bachelor Jeremy Stuart. The couple plans to share their life together that is until she runs into Kasha on a plane. Who wants revenge for the pain Monica has caused. Is it too late for Monica to change her home wrecker ways or will she always be haunted by a past that will ultimately determine the fate of her future?

Daddy’s Home


Abandoned, raped, homeless, molested are just a list of things Danielle Turner has endured while growing up. Being sexually abused at the age of thirteen by her alcoholic father and ignored by her mother after she witnesses the act herself, forces her to runaway from home. She tries to settle in with her Aunt Tralene and sophisticated cousin Sadie but when she finds out some shocking news about her parents, she decides to face the real world on her on.

Danielle finds herself homeless and pregnant after meeting Desmond Washington a popular student at her school. With no one to trust she turns to life on the streets.

She later meets smooth talker Dante Willis who promises to take care of her. But she doesn’t know that his promises come with hidden agendas. Danielle finds herself being forced into prostitution and abusing drugs to earn her keep in Dante’s house.

The hard streets of Detroit, grow her up fast but it isn’t until an encounter with her father that she is finally able to move on with her life.

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The Superhero Craze

By Randall Rydell Russell

This weekend, yet another comic book movie has surfaced our cinemas. ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’, the seventh film in the franchise hit theatres this past Friday and it is receiving critical acclaim, resetting the series to continue on a little bit longer.

Some of us are quite tired of the film genre, some of us love them. Critics like the rip the films apart, searching for a bit of humanity, when in reality, it’s the audience that has the final say when it comes to box office results. Marvel by far is dominating in the industry of projects which includes the X-Men films, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Thor, The Incredible Hulk, Captain America, The Avengers, Fantastic Four, Blade, Daredevil, and the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy are going to continue delivering crowd pleasing scenes of epic heroics on the grandest scales. Not to mention Marvel also has tons of properties in cartoon form on television and the hit ABC show Marvel’s Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D.

The DC marketplace is also a hot commodity. Yes they haven’t had quite the huge success that Marvel is on the big screen (their TV credits which include the popular Smallville and the new hit Arrow are more popular than most Marvel properties), unless you count Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy which includes Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises. The latter two passion the billion dollar mark, joining the ranks of The Avengers which has also surpassed the million dollar mark. DC plans to have their own super hero team up movie in a few years called Justice League. The newly rebooted Superman film Man of Steel reinvented the popular hero and rebooted the series for a new generation. Next we will see Dawn of Justice, a Batman versus Superman film where Ben Affleck will be replacing Christian Bale who played Batman in Christopher Nolan’s trilogy. This will set off more movies including Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg and Doctor Strange.

The battle for superhero supremacy will rage on, and moviegoers will continue flocking to theatres, some die hard comic fans, some just movie fans. Either way, comic book films about superheroes aren’t going anywhere soon.

Author Janae Marie Interview With The Hub Magazine

See More from this Interview

Author Janae Marie talks about her work and her upcoming book.
Author Janae Marie talks about her work and her upcoming book.

Senior Staff Writer, Donna Ramos sits down with new book author Krystle Hudson (AKA Janae Marie) who talks about her new books and the self-publishing process:

THE HUB: Tell us about yourself. How did you come up with your pen name? Why did you decide to write under a pen name?

Hudson: My pen name Janae Marie, came from combining my middle name and my sister’s middle name. I have been writing since I was 13 years old. I wrote short stories when I was 16 years old. In college I decided to become an author and took writing more seriously. I earned a B.A. in Media Arts, Journalism from Wayne State University in Detroit. I have been in Sacramento for 2 years.

THE HUB: What genre is your favorite? What genre does your book fall under?

Hudson: Urban fiction, I grew up reading urban fiction stories … you’ve probably seen in your neighborhood more realistic.

THE HUB: Did you self-publish? How did you like the process?

Hudson: Yes I did. It is a lot of work, rewarding because you are in charge of everything yourself, hire proofreaders, editors, type set, market and promote yourself. if you don’t know the business side you learn it.

THE HUB: What’s the title of your book? What is it about?

Hudson: I have two books, the first one is “Flirting with Temptation” and the second one is “Daddy’s Home” it’s due out August/September. It is about karma. Marketing executive Monica Clayton likes to sleep with married men; she sees nothing wrong with getting what she wants but a guy starts stalking her. She gets sick, re-evaluates her life and finds a man she really wants and karma enters. “Daddy’s Home” is about abandonment. A young lady is molested by her father but finds she has identity issues. She goes from one person to another looking for someone to take care of her, endures lots of pain and wrong turns.

THE HUB: What inspired your first book?

Hudson: “Flirting with Temptation” came to me. For “Daddy’s Home” I was inspired waiting for the bus; I saw a young lady fighting with her boyfriend, their dialogue inspired me.

THE HUB: What are your hopes for your books?

Hudson: That they entertain and inspire people.

THE HUB: What future projects/events are on the horizon for you? Book signings, etc.

Hudson: I will be at the Sacramento Black Book Fair in June and the Exceptional Women of Color event in September.

THE HUB: Who do you admire in the literary world?

Hudson: Maya Angelou and Sista Souljah.

THE HUB: If you collaborated with another writer, who would you like it to be?

Hudson: Rashonda Tate Billingsley and N’Tyse.

THE HUB: Anything we haven’t covered that you’d like to add?

Hudson: I started a publishing company, J. M. Publications and published my books through it ( I have a weekly blog: Yu v (young urban voices news). I do interviews, entertainment, stories and I wrote an opinion piece on Trayvon Martin. I also wrote, produced, directed and edited my own short film entitled, ”My Mother Donna.” It’s about a once drug addicted mother thought to be dead and how she tries to reunite with her estranged family.

Watch My Mother Donna –+