You Better Call Becky With The Good Hair, Boy Bye!

  Queen Bey has been having women putting down there tea and sipping on there Lemonade. 

The Lemonade album is making history because it is like no other album that has been done. It’s a visual production that expresses pain, agony and marital woes. 

  Recently, the Beehive has taken to social media to attack who they feel is ‘Becky with the good hair’. Rumored to be Rachel Roy, the      ex-wife of former Rocafella president Dame Dash. 

Many feel like the album was a marketing ploy concocted by both Beyoncé and her husband Jay-Z. The album was first promoted after the HBO special on his streaming service Tidal. 

  Honestly, the album openly discusses their “marital troubles.” Why would such a talented power couple put their personal lives on blast? To entertain you of course. Simply because she knows the power of her brand and believes people will eat it up. 

I will commend Mrs. Carter for standing up for Black Lives Matter. I’m glad she’s using her fan base to uplift women and take pride in our black men. Now as far as, the theory that she was honestly cheated on. Ummm, I’m not too sure about that. Why don’t you take a look for yourself? 

Beyoncé Lemonade Video Full

Bring Back My R&B Part 2

BRING BACK MY R&B!! part 2 
By Tiffany Jenkins 


 Picking up where I left off from my previous article on how disappointed I have become with the R&B music of today; let’s talk about the ladies! 

It’s no question that some of the best women to come out of the genre were from the 80s and 90s. They have actually done a MUCH better job of holdin it down over the years than the fellas. (Ummm, sidebar, R&B does not automatically = sex, now it definitely can leeeaaadddd to it BUT it’s not necessary to be so raunchy wit it). 

It’s also not depressing music either… Keyshia Cole and K. Michelle, I’m talking to YOU!! Can we get a happy album? Just once, that’s all I’m asking!! 

Bring back my ring leaders! My Aaliyah, Lisa Stansfield, Deborah Cox, Tamia, Chante Moore, Stephanie Mills, Regina Belle, Patti Labelle YASSSSS HUNTY!!!! And we are still being blessed with Brandy, Jazmine Sullivan, Alicia Keys, Monica, Mary J. Blige, Lalah Hathaway and the diva Toni Braxton!!! I need a drink of water, the fabulosity is too much.

 I mean our ladies from across the pond are even killing the game. I’m talking Estelle, Leona Lewis, Adele and the late great Amy Winehouse! Rest her soul. 

Did I mention the INCREDIBLE girl groups? I didn’t? Well, um, TLC, Jade, En Vogue, SWV, Xscape, Total, Brownstone, 702, The Pointer Sisters and so many more! Coming from that legacy, how did we end up with a Tinashe?? I’m just sayin ‘… 

Call me ol skool, retro, stuck in the past or whatever. I need music that I can feel, that takes me to a good place, that can move my soul…I want my R&B BACK!!!! 

Beyoncé Drops Ivy Park Activewear

  Queen Bey shines in this new promo video for her Ivy Park activewear. She talks about how her athletic routine and her history of exercising in her childhood park after her father would wake her up to go running. 

Ivy Park activewear should be released soon in Mid-April. 

Tomi Lahren vs. Charlamagne Tha God

Ok by now aren’t we all pretty damn tired of the backlash from Beyoncé, Formation performance at this past Super Bowl Performance? I know I am. One reporter who was totally against Mrs. Carter speaking up for black lives matter meets her match when the most opinionated radio DJ Charlamagne Tha God claps back at her. IMG_2893-1

Beyoncé, Coldplay and Bruno Mars Make Statement at Half time Super Bowl Show

 Beyoncé, Bruno Mars and Coldplay all performed during Sunday’s Super Bowl Halftime show. 

 These artists have the platform to make such a profound statement about topics affecting the world. The Black Lives Matter movement and the LGBT Community were represented that evening. 


Oscar The Grouchy Racist

By Jennifer Lee

oscars small picRace is something we all experience, whether it is only one kind, a combination of two, or some kind altogether indefinable. On the other hand, not everyone can attest to having knowingly experienced racial discrimination. When we live in communities that are comprised of one race, culture, and look, we are comfortable because we see ourselves in the people around us. When these same communities are mixed, differences become apparent and questions arise. Many people consider not knowing all the answers a sign of defeat, and it is this backwards thinking which leads to the lack in confidence that can turn curious cats scared. This year’s Oscar nominations have been deemed racist by news outlets all across the country. Is there truth in those accusations, and more importantly was the supposed racism intentional? Let’s take a look at the facts. The nominees for the most popular acting categories are all white.

Out of context this does not raise much suspicion, but one of the movies nominated for best film is Selma, an acclaimed MLK drama delivered to us in the midst of multiple racial profiling police scandals. This powerful film came to screens exactly when the black community needed a boost. The entire team involved performed with plaudits on every platform, and yet none of the cast was nominated.

Even more outrageous to some, the director, Ava DuVernay, the first ever African American woman to be nominated for a Golden Globe in directing, was a top prediction for the same Oscar category, and yet the academy still had the audacity to snub her.

Firstly, the academy is comprised of the people making films, so actors, directors, and writer, etc. For individual categories like acting, other actors vote. This means Jennifer Lawrence can vote for Julia Roberts, but not for Martin Scorsese. So people are trying to argue that Hollywood itself is racist, when it is actually one of the more diverse employment sectors; it’s even more diverse than our nation’s Congress.

Secondly, the academy as a whole doesn’t nominate movies based off crowd appeal alone. If that were true, Harry Potter and The Hunger Games would have made clean sweeps since the start of the millennium. The academy members want to be honest and individualistic in their votes, and that involves trying to cast aside any reviews, and use solely their own opinions to vote for the people who did the best work.

It is possible that the other people nominated in place of the Selma actors and director just did a better job, plain and simple.

At the recent Grammy awards, Beck won best album over a plethora of artists better known than him. If you don’t remember, it was the time Kanye almost pulled a Kanye. Most people (Kanye) were outraged because someone like Beyonce did not win.

And most people as evidenced by Twitter have never even listened to Beck. For all they know, they could actually like Beck’s album better, if they gave it a listen. (Forgive me Yeezus for I have sinned). Sometimes we just have to trust that the voters know what they are talking about, and other times we have to tune in to the People Choice Awards.

Crowd-pleasing actors and movies are unintentionally overlooked every year; it is just part of life, like when you run out of milk for your cereal; except to them, it is actually a really big deal and a major life goal. Racism most likely did not play a role in their decision; it is just the hollow shell of a story that the media can bombard us with.

Either way, we can speculate, or we can work to remove racism from our country, and by that, I mean wait till the oldest two generations bite the dust.

natural hair style

Are Black Women Beautiful?


In today’s modern world, society will have you second guessing everything about yourself, from your looks to your personality. With the current trends of what is considered sexy through the media, you’ll be thinking reality TV stars and video vixens are the ideal beauty to aim for to get a man’s attention. But what kind of attention are we truly seeking? Are we getting him to respect us? First,  are we even respecting ourselves as young ladies? The current “twerking” fad has women dancing like crazed strippers in just about anywhere. Have we gotten so desperate for love that we will showcase all of our assets to the man before the first date. But yet wonder why he won’t commit to marriage? Perhaps we are sharing too much of ourselves before we can really say this is the right one for us.

As a culture that got robbed of it’s heritage and roots we surely are quick to put another nationality’s hair in our head. Now I’m not talking down about weave. I’m sure as women we’ve all worn our fair share of it. What I am saying is if you can’t even look at yourself in the mirror without your “Beauty Supply” hair and truly love what is staring back at you, then you’ve completely lost yourself in society’s vision of “beautiful.” The person you are inside is hurting and is in dire need of emotional repair.  Even the women who are braving the butt injections or bleaching their skin. We all have some things we want to work on but when it comes down to mutilating your own body and distorting your image, the vision that God had when He created you. Then yes, things have gotten out of control.

Beyoncé has a song entitled, “Pretty Hurts,” where we see Beyoncé going through great lengths to become the star, the top beauty queen.  We also even see another female swallowing cotton balls. Beyoncé paints this picture that she is happy but yet in the inside she is suffering from bulimia and clearly isn’t satisfied with herself.


The lyrics, “Pretty hurts, we shine the light on whatever’s worse. Perfection is the disease of the nation…it’s the soul that needs the surgery,” weighs deeply.

We as women should truly take the time to love and pamper ourselves. We are strong, we carry the life of the next generation. We hold the household down when things become a bit challenging. We must fight ten times harder than a man to be successful in the workplace, but I can assure you we’re just as qualified if not better. It’s time we let our light shine bright, lift our head up high and realize that we are the prize. Once the princess and now a queen, have him show you how he needs you. Not the other way around. Men, that get it easy, usually leave just as easy.

quote to live by

So take out the weave sometimes, the make-up, the “I don’t care about the world” attitude. Do a true self-reflection. Ask yourself. Are you really happy with what you see? Are you loving what’s inside of me? Time to take off the mask that is beginning to cast this dark shadow of keeping us women from truly admiring our natural beauty.

Biopics Frenzy Taking Over Hollywood

By Randall Rydell Russell

tlcmovie Something is happening in Hollywood that is spreading like a wildflower. All over the industry, studios are picking up hot commodities based off some of our favorite singers and rappers. What started with CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story hitting TV audiences in late 2013 as what many thought was just another way to make money off a name, turned in 4.5 million viewers on it’s first night, making it the highest rated television film to ever premiere on VH-1. Let’s go back and see how this all began.

Lady Sings the Blues was released in 1972 and was about the life of Billie Holliday and featured Diana Ross in the role. Bird was released in 1988, and was about influential jazz musician Charlie Parker played to a tee by Forest Whitaker. The Jacksons: An American Dream was released to TV in 1992 which portrayed the rise of the Jackson family from their start in Indiana to superstardom through Motown. Angela Basset and Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs played Katharine and Joe Jackson, and a young Terrence Howard and Jason Weaver playing Jackie Jackson and Michael Jackson at various ages. A more popular film was What’s Love Got To Do With It which was released in 1993, portrayed the turbulent life of Tina and Ike Turner brilliantly portrayed by Angela Basset and Laurence Fishburne. The Temptations was released in 1998, and featured Leon and DB Woodside. Hendrix was released in 2000 on cable television, with Wood Harris playing classic rocker Jimi Hendrix. Little Richard was released in 2000 as well, and this featured Leon in the title role. One of the more popular biopics of recent memory, is Ray. Jamie Foxx starred in the role of Ray Charles. The role gained him an Academy Award for Best Actor. Notrious was released in 2009 and was about rapper Notrious B.I.G. and played by Jamal Woolard. Cadillac Records was released in 2008 and starred Beyonce Knowles as Etta James.

Studios also have movies about James Brown, titled Get On Up being released this year, with Chadwick Boseman in the lead role. A Whitney Houston movie with Yaya DaCosta in the role is also in production. As well as a film about Aaliyah which is rumored to be in hiatus due to the family of Aaliyah not happy with how they are handling the story of their daughter. A biopic about Tupac is also in the works. Straight Outta Compton, a film about rap group also in the works with F. Gary Gray directing, and Ice Cube’s son playing his father in the film. Last is Miles Ahead a movie about Miles Davis with Don Cheadle in the role.

    Biopics seem to be the next big thing in the entertainment industry. They either do great or fail horribly. Do any of these new films have a chance? Do these movies have audience appeal to keep the investors and studio heads happy? Stay tuned.