Anita Baker Request Fans Stop Streaming Her Music As She Fights For Her Masters

Soultress Anita Baker has had a successful musical career that has spawned decades. Even winning eight Grammy awards and five platinum albums. But despite her having massive success she has found herself in quite a bind legally with her music

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Rihanna Is Making Even More Boss Moves With The New Trademark For Fenty Hair

Rihanna’s company Roraj Trade LLC just announced on Twitter yesterday that it has filed a new trademark application titled “Fenty Hair.” Which is looking to encompass the categories of hair care preparations, dandruff shampoo, hair waving preparations and more; the company stated in a Tweet. According to the legal trademark document filed March 3rd, the services will also include non-medicated hair restoration lotions; hair bleaching preparations; hair coloring prep and even hair glitter.

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