Hanif Johnson, 27, Is Pennsylvania’s Youngest Judge

Stories of a troubled youth who is NOW on the finer sides of the law is not usually reported. But last month in February, The Huffington Post and Black Enterprise reported on a news story of a 27-year-old man named Hanif Johnson who has become the youngest judge in Pennsylvania.

Although, he has faced his share of troubles and run-ins with the law, that were later dropped once proven his innocence. Johnson knew that if he wanted to change the way people like him were viewed in the court of law. He would have to get behind the bench.

He faced countless skepticism as people, “laughed in my face” but after numerous talks. He is now having the last laugh. He has started his six year term as judge this past January.

Beyonce & Jay-Z Richest Couple in Hollywood

The Baddest Couple in the entertainment industry will always go to Bey & Jay. Not only are they a dynamic power couple but they are an iconic multi-million dollar brand. According to reports from Forbes magazine earlier this year, the couple are worth over a billion dollars. 

Beyonce has a net worth this year of $350 million and Jay-Z at $810 million respectfully. 

The couple even bought a $26 million dollar home in The Hamptons with over 7 bedrooms and 7 and a half bathrooms. As well as a seperate guest house with two bedrooms. Wow! Can I borrow $500! 

Tiffany Smith Business Consultant, Helps Dreams Come True

Tiffany Smith, CEO of Dream Team Consulting, LLC. 

Tiffany Smith, the owner of Dream Team Consulting LLC, graduated from Wayne State University in 2012 with a degree in psychology. Shortly upon graduating she was recruited to work in the insurance industry selling insurance and financial products. In 2013, she began working for one of the largest financial companies in the world. After the company closed its doors in 2014, Tiffany decided to branch off on her own. She became the first person in her family to own a business. 

Tiffany built Dream Team Consulting LLC with hopes of giving ordinary people the opportunity to follow their dreams. Using her various skills and training working in the financial and insurance industry she decided to partner with other individuals that could offer their own unique set of skills and insights into the road of success. 

 In her spare time, she works as a substitute teacher and has hopes of one day opening her own school for girls. She wants to instill in the youth the importance of financial independence and entrepreneurship. 

She is passionate about the empowerment and encouragement of women and hopes to be an inspiration to other female entrepreneurs. 

Young Urban Voices Mag caught up with Tiffany for an exclusive interview to see how she stays on track in her business. 

YUVMag: How did you start Dream Team Consulting? 

Tiffany S. :  I actually started my business right out of my home. I was preparing taxes and selling insurance. I also, learned how to set-up LLC’s through the state of Michigan. I started advertising my services on social media and reaching out to friends and family. The following year I was offered a physical office location for a very reasonable price by a pastor. I took him up on the offer and opened my very own office in Ypsilanti, Michigan.  

YUVMag: What was the hardest challenge you had to face owning your own business? 

Tiffany S. : The hardest part of owning a business for me was getting other people to see my vision. In order to grow and expand in business you need a team and it was very challenging to find people that were as dedicated to the team as me. Also being taken seriously in the financial industry as a minority woman was extremely challenging. 

YUVMag: What has been your biggest reward since starting your business? 

Tiffany S.: The biggest reward for me is knowing that I am giving my nieces and other young ladies a positive role model to look up to. Also making my family proud is extremely rewarding for me.

YUVMag: How can people learn more information to become financially literate? 

Tiffany S. :  I would recommend people read more, learn how to invest, understand the importance of credit and use life insurance as a tool to create generational wealth.

YUVMag: What is the biggest problem people face when trying to follow their dreams? 

Tiffany S. : I think fear is the biggest problem people face when following their dreams. There’s the fear of the unknown, the fear of failure, not knowing if you will be financially stable, the fear of starting at the bottom, the fear of other people’s opinions etc. 

YUVMag:What advice do you have for young ladies who may want to walk in your footsteps? 

Tiffany S. :My advice is to silence the fear! Stop overthinking, move out of your own way and embrace greatness! Trust the process, nothing happens overnight! Success takes time.  

Tiffany Smith


Dream Team Consulting LLC


Money Matters Monday: Make These Changes Now, New Tax Season Approaching 

By: CoKane 

  Make these changes now: new tax season approaching

Whew! This past tax season was a real joy working with Jackson Hewitt. It’s was my pleasure helping the customers of East Point, Ga and surrounding areas with preparing and e-filing both their federal and state income tax returns. I am always a strong advocate for tax clients and I’d help them in any way possible to avoid the devastating news of “Balance Due.”

Yes. I meant “BALANCE DUE”. This past season was the first tax season where I’ve encountered so many people, young and old, that owed federal and state balances after I concluded their estimate’s. I still found it difficult to explain to a customer that he/she has a balance that must be paid, and as a result, all preparation fees must be paid upfront. Their whole mood changes, and for those college kids who have always heard of big tax refund checks, their entire belief in the IRS fades to black. So much so that they don’t want to file anymore until they’re in their career. If only my tax kiosk could talk…

What are the real reasons behind these balances and low refund amounts, you ask? Sheer lack of tax education and understanding. The problem that I saw most, which tops the list, remained taxpayers not knowing how W4 exemptions tie into W2 federal withholding. 

  Secondly, human resource employees weren’t educating their new hires on the process of claiming exemptions on the W4 form. Another reason I picked up on was parents not educating their children on how to properly fill out the W4 during the hiring process. It could also happen when younger taxpayers don’t know that they won’t qualify for earned income tax credit until the’re 25 years old. Lastly, taxpayers simply weren’t updating their knowledge with new tax laws as well as the do’s and don’t’s.

To break it down, the absence of knowledge on how the W4 directly relates to federal withholding taxes hinders many young taxpayers between the ages of 18 and 24. No one sat them down and explaiend the difference between claiming exempt or claiming ‘0’ or ‘1’ exemption. For tax purposes, one can be exempt from income tax withholding if he or she had no income tax liability last year and expects none this year, income didn’t exceed a certain dollar threshold nor include more than a certain dollar amount of unearned income, and cannot be claimed on another person’s tax return. 

Legally, parents can claim their adult child until he or she reaches the age of 24. Because of that reason, young adults between 18yo and 24yo must claim the correct exemption amount, which is ‘0’ or ‘1’. This will allow the IRS to deduct the appropriate amount of federal witholding taxes throughout the year which helps to possibly increase the tax refund the following year.


 In addition to claiming correct exemptions, adults also claimed exempt the entire year and wasn’t properly taxed by their employers. Claiming exempt for the entire year created balance due notifications because taxpayers had too much money coming in and no taxes being paid out. All payroll checks should be taxed at least 15% to avoid penalties and balances. If one incorrectly claims exempt for the year, and has more exemptions on their tax form than what’s actual, the taxpayer will owe the IRS. While it’s not good practice to claim exempt, taxpayers do have six months of every year to claim exempt with no deductions on federal withholding. The biggest thing to remember is GOING BACK AT END OF SIX MONTHS AND CHANGING EXEMPTIONS TO MATCH ACTUAL HOUSEHOLD.

Thirdly, today’s human resource offices don’t bother eduating their new hires on the W4 and claiming exemptions process. I’ve asked many taxpayers if anoyone helped them file out their forms and they all said the same thing: someone from human resource gives them a pakcet of forms to fill out alone with no assistance. This, too, goes with parents not educating their children on how to properly fill out the W4 new hire form. The home is where many lessons are start. If parents fail to sit down with their children and walk through the W4 and W2 form, they’re subjecting their children to being taxed incorrectly, thereby procuring the balances that must be paid. 

During the new hire process explanation, parents should also inform their children that they won’t be able to qualify for earned income tax credit (or EITC) until they’re 25 years old or become a parent. Young adults automatically assume that they’re earned income eligible because that’s what they’ve been told their whole life. It saddens them when they find out that it’s not appliable until they reach age 25. This is the reason why parents can and should claim their children until they reach age 24 unless than child has made over $4,000 in earned income.


 To end, taxpayers simply do not update their knowledge on new tax rules and tax laws. Because of the scam that occured over a period of two years that caused the IRS to lose over a billion dollars from fraudulent returns, and with the ongoing attempt of hackers trying to access the IRS tax refund system, new ruels and laws have been established to prevent that type of loss from occuring again. Having your income taxes prepared by a non-tax professional or someone who isn’t a CPA or accountant can lead to refund amounts being inflated through incorrect means. Whether it’s intetnional or unintentuional, that incorrect inflation could cause longterm problems that result in penalties. taxpayers care the responsibility of updating their tax knowledge every year or having their taxes done by trained professionals who were taught the law and made aware of any significant changes.

Yes, that means taking your business to Jackson Hewitt, or one of our direct competitors, H&R Block or Liberty Taxes, to ensure that your taxes are completed correctly and you receive the maximum amount of whatever refund is owed to you. And one service that all three companies advertiser is reviewing previous submitted returns for mistakes or missed credits to see if it’s possible to obtain more money in the refund check. And who doesn’t want more money? It is better to get a refund rather than to owe money especially if you don’t have access to the funds necessary to pay off any balance. When properly filled out, the W4 withholds the correct tax to alleviate any amounts that may be owed. Be smart… ask a tax pro or human resource expert before you go from refund check to balance due.



Co Kane was born and raised in Miami, FL. She worked as a tax preparer for the last three years and a published author for the last year. She began writing poems and short stories while in middle school and continued writing throughout high school. In 1999, she was accepted to Florida A&M University (FAMU) where she obtained an Associate of Arts degree, a Bachelor of Social Work degree and a Bachelor of Criminal Justice degree. She received her Master of Human Services from Liberty University online in September 2014.

Co Kane was a contributing staff writer for the campus newspaper while in attendance at FAMU. She is an avid spoken word artist, hoping to one day publish her poetry to share with the world. She uses her writing skills in her free time, and while it may take some time for her to create her next story, she uses the downtime to try and update herself with the times that she lives in. In June 2015, she established her own publishing company called Co Kane Publications, and she is currently accepting submissions from new authors.

Today, Co Kane currently resides in Florida. All of her work can be found on her website, http://www.KanePresents.com and she can be contacted at CoKanepublications@gmail.com

Andrea Walker Creates Noise In Publishing

and. walkerAndrea Lashon Walker has earned a Master of Science degree in Entertainment Business from Full Sail University, and a creative writing background specializing in Arts & Entertainment fiction writing, interviewing, script writing, and film production. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Media Arts with a focus in Radio/TV/Film, with a minor in History from Clark Atlanta University. Andrea has over 10 years of experience working in social service positions to compliment her constant involvement in community service.  Andrea debuted as a playwright when her project, “To Tell the truth” was selected in the 2011 NAACP theatre festival. She has written and worked on several independent shorts and feature films including winner of the 2014 film, Son Shine which won as the San Francisco festival selection and also for the best actor award in the Underground film festival.

Young Urban Voices Magazine chats with Walker about the books she’s written and her upcoming projects.

Young Urban Voices Magazine: How did your brand Create Noise come about?

Andrea Walker: The create noise brand was started because I wanted to bring diversity to entertainment and use this brand to allow young adults to illustrate their talents in all genres of the arts. In music, miming, drawing, journaling, through dance, music and performing arts. We are working to bring the arts back to public schools and bring diversity to entertainment.

I wanted to encourage young people to read and to also make it fun. I am the oldest of three, raised by a single mother and I felt I didn’t see a lot of positive images that utilize people of color in their material. I created a company that had a strong goal to encourage and motivate diverse characters and tackle social issues at the same time.

YUV: What made you start writing children’s books?

AW: I write books for everyone but I have a special interest in writing for children because they are so interesting and so loving and their minds inspire me. While raising my babies I realized how creative I had to become regarding how I educate them, how I read to them and the energy I have when I work with them and that developed my love for writing for children even more.

mama who is jesus book

YUV: What inspired the story, “Mama, Who’s Jesus?”

AW: The first project, “Mom, who is Jesus?” was inspired by my first-born son Justin. He was intrigued by the lessons that were instructed in children’s church during bible study. I found so much entertainment in the questions that he asked that I really wanted to share them.

YUV: Can you tell us about the new book coming to publication next year?

AW: The new book coming to publication is called, “Never too young to dream” and this book is for a much older audience. This is the story of a young girl named Jordan who comes from a middle class household but they lose everything and they are forced to live in the housing projects during her senior year of high school. Jordan is very talented but she is not aware of her true value. Jordan can draw and she takes all the chaos in the world and she sketches it. She allows fear to limit her gifts from being shared. As Jordan deals with the social aspects of her situation she also finds the nature of self-confidence and faith as she aims for the next journey in her future.

YUV: Briefly, explain your previous projects, “To Tell The Truth,” and “Son Shine.”

AW: To Tell the Truth is a drama and it is also my first play that I have ever written. It was selected for the NAACP theatre play festival and it was produced on stage at the LA theatre in downtown Los Angeles. This production led to being offered an opportunity for me to participate in the Robey theatre playwriting workshop and I was also selected to receive the Robey theatre Scholarship.

To tell the truth is about a nurse practitioner, Doris who is very good at her job but things take a big turn when she gets a little too personal as she cares for one of her clients.

The project Son Shine is a short film written by a friend Katrelle Kindred a USC graduate student who wrote and directed the film for her graduate thesis. This is a dated film about the 1992 riots in Los Angeles in a story that is told through the eyes of a 12 year-old child. I was the script supervisor and apart of the production of the project.

YUV: Where do you see yourself in the next ten or fifteen years?

AW: In the next ten or fifteen years I see my company being a major competitor in the literary world. My goal is o use Create Noise as a tool to allow others to use their voice by way of visual and the performing arts, with theatre arts play productions and 4-5 book series published that cater to children and young adults.

YUV: Do you feel there is a big emphasis on child literacy being held in America?

AW: There is not enough emphasis on child literacy being held in America. There are certain cultural norms such as literacy that plague African Americans far more than any other group in America. This has added to a structured system of despotism. There has been a recent breakdown in education. This system is referred to as “being in compliance,” which canceled reading intervention for a class called ELD which is equivalent to ESL classes for second language learners. Along with elective courses these necessary classes were eliminated and speech and drama were among them.

ELD is a sheltered English class that allows 140 minutes of English instead of 50 minutes so they have more time to practice reading and writing. The majority of these students are natives of the U.S. which should put them at an equal status to second language English learners but there are no programs to recognize these students. Although this new program is being afforded necessary and continued attention there has been no discussion of any particular consideration or subversive activity towards participants who meet the requirements of being in need of remedial reading resources. We now have a new curriculum that is known as “core curriculum” which targets public schools and is set to cater to the students who are in a great need of nurturing and the attention necessary to guide them to the next step in their lives. The gift of literacy is a great issue and must be tackled to broaden a broken education system.


YUV: Have you ever considered being a teacher?

AW: I have considered being a teacher and working with teens. I feel this group is often misunderstood and they don’t get sufficient life skills, business preparation and career readiness and goal setting tools to prepare them to be as great as they can be. I would like to teach business ethics and leadership courses to students ages 15 and up.

YUV: What other projects are you working on?

AW: Other projects include: A book titled, “Love, Dad” is about a father name Tim Stewart and this story is a collection of letters between him and his daughter. He is imprisoned and the distance between them forces him to look closer at himself as well as attempt to connect with his daughter who he has left behind. This story is about dealing with deep family wounds and exploring the unbreakable love between a little girl and her father.

I am also working on a feature film, “The Denise Berry story” about a Los Angeles woman who was driving and she took the time to flag down the police and inform them that she was being followed. Once this happened the man following her shot her as she provided a distraction for her 12 year-old son to get away. This is a true story but this film will allow you to see a glimpse in the life of this single mother and whom she was prior to this horrific incident that caused her to perish too soon.

Here’s a link for her vigil after the event: http://ktla.com/2015/04/03/woman-shot-dead-in-front-of-son-12-after-laughing-at-shooter-to-be-honored-at-vigil/

YUV: Where can people reach you or your books?

AW: People can purchase the book on Amazon, http://www.barnesandnoble.com or at indiebooks.com. They may also reach me online: www.createnoise.org -the site will be up by December 10th. I have the following social media links:

Instagram: createnoise1

Twitter: createnoise1

Goodreads: Andrea L Walker


Facebook. /Andrea-Walker-225465787465953/?ref=hl





essynce moore

Essynce Moore, Is A Teen Business Mogul On The Rise

essynce coutureEssynce Moore started designing clothes at the tender age of 6 with just for fun doodles in her school binder and notepads. Her passion was and still is, to find her own style and to share her creative UPSCALE clothing ideas and styles with youth around the world. Essynce is a “TWEEN” that has turned her passion into a business for 2013, with the launch of her official clothing line branded Essynce Couture, LLC with the motto “a child’s passion for fashion.” Essynce Couture also has a natural body product line for children, tweens, and teens labeled “Wynk” by Essynce Couture.

Essynce is an entrepreneur, children’s stylist, child’s fashion designer, author, actress, “local” celebrity, motivational speaker, and fashionista that brings a positive vibe to her peers and others. She’s been in numerous fashion shows, pageants, and karate tournaments. Essynce launched her first book 6th Grade Middle School Chronicles and will be in the movie King of Newark in 2015. In 2014 she has SHOWCASED at both NY Fashion Weeks and Atlanta Kids Fashion Week while also ripping the runway. In addition, in 2014 she was interviewed and featured on NBC (Channel 4 News), Jeff Foxx of WBLS FM, BuzzFeed, Yahoo, Verizon Fios Channel 1 News, NBC Channel 4 News, she was awarded “2014 Young Emerging Leader” by Alpha Kappa Alpha, she’s been featured in the 2013 TIME for Kids Magazine, Honored 2013 Entrepreneur of the Year by the Vashti School for Future Leaders, she’s been seen on the Uncle Majic Commercial (BET, VH1, Channel 11, etc), HBO (Bored to Death), and has involved herself with a host of other events and projects. In 2015 she has now launched her Essynce Couture, LLC Spa and Boutique EXCLUSIVELY for Children, Tweens, and Teens for the youth to come and be pampered, attend workshops, be styled by Essynce personally and so much more.

Essynce is also a member of the New York Youth Chamber of Commerce (NYYCC).  This young “phenomenon” is BUZZING and she can’t wait to see children wearing her Essynce Couture brand all around the world.

YUV had a moment to catch up with the new business mogul on the rise and this is what she said.


Young Urban Voices: Tell me in your words what is the “Essynce Couture” brand?


Essynce Moore: The Essynce Couture brand is everything associated with Essynce Couture, such as Essynce Couture publishing, university, LLC, and finally the Essynce Couture Spa and Boutique.


YUV: How did you get started in the business world at such a young age?

EM: I would have to say that my mom always included me in what she did at work was the start to me being brought into the world of business.


YUV: Who is your biggest inspiration?


EM: My absolute biggest inspiration is my mom. She’s the person who’s always been there to support me and what I do.


YUV: What inspired you to create the Essynce Couture clothing line?

EM: My love of fashion inspired me to create my clothing line, Essynce Couture.



YUV: How did the Essynce Couture, LLC Spa and Boutique get started?


EM: The Essynce Couture LLC Spa and Boutique started when my mother and I finally decided to open up a place in which all of my Essynce Couture products and services could be of use.


YUV: Can you tell us about your book, “6th Grade Middle School Chronicles,” published through your own division, Essynce Couture Publishing?


EM: My book 6th Grade Middle School Chronicles is about my first year in middle school and my 6th grade experiences. I wrote the book when I was 11 and it was inspired by the crazy events that occurred throughout the school year.


YUV: Are there any future publications in the works?


EM: Yes, the sequel to my first book, 6th Grade Middle School Chronicles is currently in the making… 7th Grade Middle School Chronicles.


YUV: How was appearing at NY Fashion Week?


EM: Appearing at NY Fashion Week was definitely an inspiring and memorable experience.

YUV: Do you make time to sit back and be a kid?


EM: I feel that it is very important as a kid for me to sit back and make time for me to be one. Therefore, I make occasional plans with my friends consisting of movie nights, ice-skating, and simply regular days at the park.


YUV: What are your goals for your business ventures within the the next five to ten years?


EM: Five to ten years from now I see my business, Essynce Couture going global and being a name that is familiar to society.


YUV: Have you decided on a college to attend?


EM: A particular college I have wanted to go to since I was little would have to be the performing arts university, Juilliard.


YUV: Where can people find your clothing line?


EM: My clothing line can be found on my website http://www.essyncecouture.com.


YUV: How can your fans reach you?


EM: My fans can reach me through my multiple social media accounts, essyncecouturellc, and also my website. They can join me on my “ask Essynce” segment that I do monthly.


YUV: How are you handling success at such a young age?


EM: I would have to say that I am handling success pretty well at my age, it’s a part of my dream coming true.


YUV: What advice would you give to other aspiring teen entrepreneurs who would like to do the same thing?


EM: My advice to other aspiring teen entrepreneurs would have to be that your age is just a number and it isn’t something that should stop you from pursuing your dreams.


YUV: How did you win the role in the film,”King of Newark”?


EM: Like any other actor or actress, I landed my role in King of Newark by auditioning.


YUV: How does education play a role in your brand?


EM: Education allows my brand to break down the steps in becoming an entrepreneur; Essynce Couture educates kids and teens about education.


YUV: What is your ultimate goal in life?


EM: I would have to say my ultimate goal in life is to make all my dreams come true and support everyone who supported me while doing so. Oh yeah, also to inspire other children.


YUV: If you don’t mind sharing, how old are you?


EM: I am 13 years of age.


YUV: How do you handle “haters”?


EM: I handle haters by simply ignoring them, haters to me are irrelevant and I pretend as if my haters don’t even exist.





Business Woman,Keisha Dunbar Is Bold & Courageous

IMG-24Bold, Courageous, Flamboyant…

These are just three words that can be used to describe Ms. Keisha Dunbar’s tastes in fashion. It’s deeper than mere outfits and trends. It’s an expression of all the eccentricities that make up the person. And no one embodies this sentiment more than Keisha Dunbar.

We  get a chance to chat it up with the new business woman and this is what she shares with Young Urban Voices magazine.


Young Urban Voices: What made you get into fashion?

KD: I fell in love with the idea of being expressive through clothing, shoes, and accessories.


YUV: What is the sole purpose of your company Lattimore Style and Image Consulting?

KD: Inspire Women to not only dress the part, Women be the part, look the part, feel the part with Confidence”



YUV: Where did the Image Consulting come into play?

KD: I have been a part of Precious Outreach Ministry for 7 years and during those years I have been able to speak with woman from all walks of life and on many occasions I have been asked where does my confidence come from so I wanted to offer a service and platform to women to display confidence from the inside out.


YUV: Where do you see yourself and your business within the next five to ten years?

KD:  I see Lattimore Style and Image hosting Workshops, partnering with schools and Social Services to provide classes regarding Image and Confidence. Owning and operating a boutique that caters to Curvy Women.


YUV: What are you currently working on for your business/brand?

KD:  I am currently working on a website for Lattimore Style and Image Consulting and designing T Shirts.


YUV: “Bold, Courageous and flamboyant,” explain those words to me and why they’re so special to you?

KD: Bold- I have never been one to conform to society standards. I have never hesitated to be the Woman I was called to be, once I grasp that God did not give me a spirit of fear there was no stopping me!


Courageous- I have known since High School I wanted to work in the Fashion Industry and for many years I talked myself out of purposing my dreams. After trying to determine my own destiny and much prayer I started to live my purpose on purpose. I stepped out on faith and started my own business.


Flamboyant- A lady should be seen and not heard;

As a young girl my Mom would make stand in front of the mirror and state “ I Am Beautiful” I stand by those words today. What she did was build confidence which allows me to see the beauty in my “flaws”. From family to friends I always was the one that reminded them to see the beauty in their “flaws” and walk with confidence in everything you do. My personal style has enabled me to display my self-confidence from head to toe. My Mom also told me, “You don’t have to look like the hell you been through” whatever I may face in my life I will not allow my personal style to be compromised. Since I believe I am a beautiful, confident woman I want that to be seen in the pieces I choose to wear. I always incorporate “Funky Fabulous” in everything I wear.


YUV: How can we get in touch with you?

KD: I can contacted via email at LattieMooreStyle@gmail.com Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/LattieMooreStyle Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/lattiemoorestyle


YUV: What advice would you give to other women who may want to follow your steps?

KD: Seek God…pray for guidance and wisdom. Be true to oneself. Surround yourself with people who have the same standards, don’t be afraid to network and make connections. Accept constructive criticism, and never be afraid of the word “No” all it takes is one “Yes”. Learn how to create your own opportunities.