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Orange County Supervisors Approve Year-Round Homeless Shelter

By Christopher Rivera   In November, the Orange County Board of Supervisors, of California, unanimously approved a year-round homeless shelter to be built in Anaheim. This was after 600 supporters and opponents who gathered at the forum at Eastside Christian Church. Their vote came four hours after heated debate over whether or not the warehouse should be converted into a

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Nicolas Hėnin: Welcoming Refugees A Vaccine Against Terrorism

        By Chris Rivera On December 7th, on Democracy Now, Amy Goodman interviewed French journalist and author Nicolas Hėnin; Hėnin was held hostage by Isis for ten months in Syria and was held by Mohammed Emwazi. The focus of their conversation included Hėnin’s thoughts on countries closing their borders to Syrian refugees.     Hėnin was released

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Black Power: Why I’m Fed Up With BET Networks

  BET or Black Entertainment Television use to be a force to be reckoned with. Once owned by Bob Johnson, use to display positive and powerful programs like Video Soul with Donnie Simpson, BET NEWS, also one of my favorites that they need to bring back for this lost generation is Teen Summitt. A youth talk show geared toward giving African

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2015 Emmy Awards

     Everyone knows of the Emmy awards. Everyone knows these kinds of shows, where they have lovely trophies to honor those that work in show business from producers to directors to composers and to actors especially. The Emmy awards and the Oscars are two of the largest televised awards shows in the United States, both of them involve show

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Fantastic Four Flop

One thing that cannot be denied about today’s modern media is that superheroes have grown immensely popular. Marvel studios has put out more and more movies, especially following its time where it was given to Disney in 2009 not too long after the release of their first Marvel-Studios sanctioned movie of Iron man in 2008. Before that time, many of

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