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On The Brink of Greatness

   Every time I’m beside you, everything is so chill. Just being beside you, shit kind of feels totally real Sitting beside you, holding your hands in mine Tracing both simultaneously, trying to connect our lines Sitting beside you, looking at your side view Admiring the strength in your face, you’re so cool I’m genuinely interested in everything about you

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Love & Hip Hop Cast Members; Omarion and Apryl Calls It Quits 

  Defunct B2K member and Love and Hip Hop Hollywood cast member Omarion Grandberry announced via his Twitter account the breakup from longtime girlfriend and mother to his two children Apryl Jones.  This is what he had to say :     Apryl Jones also took to her own Twitter account tweeting: “Single…the end”.  The couple have two children together; Megaa

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7 Simple Practices To Improve Your Relationship Happiness

   7 Simple Practices To Improve Your Relationship Happiness By: YUV Guest Writer Annie Lizstan  Maintaining a happy relationship can be frustrating at times and disappointments are not inevitable in such a connection. Most couples find it disconcerting and heartbreaking if they can’t find contentment in their most loving relationships. Why would someone who truly loves you try to hurt

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Actress LisaRaye Set To Make Directorial Debut With Controversy “Skinned” Film

LisaRaye, best known for her roles in the film, “The Players Club,” and the TV show, All Of Us, and The Real McCoy, will be directing film that shines light on the recent outbreak of skin bleaching and lightening creams used throughout the world. According to reports from The Black Enterprise and The University of Cape Town, skin bleaching has reached

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Gays In Hip Hop: Miles Comes Out On TV

     Okay, So as you all might have seen last nights airing of VH1’s Love and Hip Hop Hollywood. It started off with a very emotional Amber as her long-time best friend Miles precedes to “come out the closet” during a counseling session. She runs out the door screaming and crying. Yelling, “I knew it! Everybody was right about you!” 

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The Face of Romance, 2015

the evolution of love

By Kate F. Sexual liberation has had a very complex background and history. Both men and women are involved in the process of pushing the idea of relationships forward. The hazardous old stereotypes still live, like men seeking more sex in a relationship while women look for emotional commitment as they raise children and put ‘pressure’ on their men to

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