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JMP Media Group is a boutique publishing company that publishes books, the short film, My Mother Donna as well as The Hot Scoop Ent. Magazine. Started in 2012 by Janae Marie herself, it is growing and has several plans to produce more books, films and magazines in the future.

Flirting with Temptations, the debut book by Janae Marie

Flirting with Temptations, the debut book by Janae Marie

Flirting with Temptations is my debut book about a successful young woman who is at the top of her career but yet isn’t satisfied. So she finds herself in a web of destruction by messing around with several married men. Monica Clayton finds herself fighting for her life and has to learn a hard lesson about life and Karma.

daddy's home book cver

Daddy’s Home is my upcoming book about a troubled young lady named Danielle Turner. She gets molested by her father and betrayed by her family. Danielle grows up in the hard streets of Detroit and must learn how to overcome her painful past if she wants to have a better future.


Two twin brothers, grow up in the same household but each take two completely different paths in life. Karlos Hunter was fascinated by fast money and quick opportunities. It wasn’t until he is served a five year prison sentence for drug possession that he vows to change his life around.

Meanwhile, Karlton Hunter is educated and ambitious. A graduate from Michigan State University. He goes on to be the city councilman of Detroit. Karl believes he has it all until he becomes bored within his marriage. Suddenly, an unexplained murder comes into play framing one of the brothers to a crime they did not commit, landing them in jail for a life sentence. Which brother is telling the truth in this urban crime drama?

Book 📔#4. Sleeping with The Enemy; Betrayed by the Devil

Jeffrey Willis was a charmer. He was what some would call a “Ladies Man”. But what they failed to realize is, he lived with a unbelievable secret that could take him to an early grave. He was born with the HIV virus and he had no problems with spreading it to as many men and women as possible.

Abandoned by his father who was up for execution for infecting more than 60 people inside of a Jacksonville correctional facility. He learns a hard lesson about life. No one will ever understand his pain and suffering.
But what he fails to see is how his actions will soon come back to haunt him in a very dangerous way. Just when he decides to try and make amends with his troubled past but is it too late? Someone’s out for a bloody revenge and they won’t stop until he’s taken his last breath.


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