Atomic Veggie

America is a sausage fest. Aside from the obvious patriarchy reference, I mean that phrase to be taken literally. We eat too much meat. Our meals are planned around it, especially in the fast food market. Entrees almost always consist of a meat filled sandwich or sometimes we drop the distracting carbs and just dive into straight up hunks of meat, fresh out of the microwave.

In no way whatsoever am I calling meat out as bad. Protein is essential to our diet and should be consumed regularly. Rather I am suggesting that we focus our meals around the annoying cousin of the food pyramid, vegetables.

Now I am not attempting to condescendingly show you the path to salvation through a tuber. 4936777086_3ddcff194f_oObviously, people eat vegetables, they aren’t anything new. I just want to argue their value on the U.S. Ikea dinner plate.

America is one of the unhealthiest countries in the world, and it’s no big surprise with fast food chains dominating most dinner tables, and lunch benches, not to mention breakfast nooks. I am not blaming them for selling delicious slop; that is their prerogative. It is our appetites that keep them in business after all, so it is our appetites that need to consider an adjustment.

Vegetables are the way to go. To start off they are free of dairy, soy, and gluten, hold for applause. This makes them a fantastic food for even the most sensitive bellies or trend-followers.

Another beauty of vegetables is their variably low calorie count, so you can basically eat your weight with no consumer’s remorse, and they have a few necessary vitamins and minerals plus fiber, but that’s just an added bonus.

Break stereotypes and have them as your main course, lunch or dinner preferably. Breakfast is the best time of day to get carbs and protein into your system. There are many ways to dress them up with different cooking techniques and spices. If you’re feeling adventurous, raw is always an option for a variety of vegetable. Some, many you have never even thought of trying raw, like green beans and spinach.

Bottom line, they are truly and undervalued food group and I’ve nominated myself to be an irritating groupie that won’t shut up about how great they are until you listen to, I mean eat them. Whichever you choose, however you choose to eat it, dig in.

Got questions about health or nutrition? Comment or message me and I just might sit up all the way in my bed to write an article about it.

Delightfully Uplifting Fun Friend


Recently a movie entitled The Duff came to theaters.

The anagram stands for Designated Ugly Fat Friend and according to the movie’s heart-warming resolution, it also stands for equality.

Though the message of the movie seems to be that Hollywood’s young actors are ironically un-frumpy, it is actually, word for word, that “we are all somebody’s duff.” Believe it or not that is supposed to make us feel better. Leave it to the entertainment business to call us ugly and fat and pass it off as uplifting. In the moment, it may seem empowering, especially to someone who considers themselves in the duff category, to find oneself equal to instead of beneath others. And it is, in that one miniscule moment. In the long run though, this does not promote high self-esteem.bullying hurts us all

It is like finding out that the person you hate for being too perfect got the same bad grade on a math test you did. Welcome to my world you say in a mocking tone.

You can bask in the glory of this fact for a couple days but eventually it will lose its luster and you are back to feeling inferior.

This is why the duff theory is problematic. It is trying to bring these guys up by tearing those guys down.

The true solution lies in the elevation of confidence. Eliminate words like ugly and fat and promote those with a positive connotation like shapely and becoming, or dare I say, pretty. It is cliché? Yes. Is it pretentious to even suggest this? Maybe so.

Anyway, it is just an idea, expressed for the millionth time, while this on the other hand is a fact. Kids all across America suffer from inadequate self-esteem, and high school is where the inefficiency peaks.

It is what spurred the creation of the movie Duff, which despite its backhanded message, competently acknowledged the heavy hand bullying plays in our youth’s low self-esteem.

Spreading the word is integral to the decline of bullying, and changing what the “kids are saying these days” can’t hurt.

A Shower A Day Keeps The Doctor On Call

Cleanliness. It is the distinction between echelons; the mark of prosperity. It is what compels me to pay an overpriced pet groomer.
We devote ourselves over-zealously to its cause because society commands us to, like it commands us to like Beyonce. Despite what we think, smelling like kiwi-mango is not the mark of overall health.

Recent studies have found that too frequent bathing can have a negative effect on our health. The majority of people bath on an average of once a day, some even two to three times a day.
This is far too much, according to health professionals, who now suggest bathing every other day, depending on a person’s lifestyle.

Factors include the regularity of public transportation rides and exercise habits. They also qualify this suggestion by recommending a daily, gentle cleanse of specific areas that require special attention like the face and privates.4026956760_2c4bbec768_z
Giving skin a recess between washings allows it to replenish itself, natural oils, bacteria and all. The skin produces its own natural oils which, despite the negative connotation of the word, are actually incredibly beneficial to the organ.

Oils works to seal out bad bacteria and to moisturize the skin. That’s right, that expensive product you’ve been paying big bucks for is, in a sense, being produced for free by your own body. Even those of us with already oily skin will benefit. Every time oil is striped from the skin, our bodies produce more oil to replenish the skin; so the less we wash the less oil we produce.

This also gives the dead layer of skin on our bodies the chance to fall off naturally. Scrubbing our epidermis every day with a loofah or washcloth is like picking at a scab, it just aggravates it. Everyone knows to let the scab fall off when it is good and ready, so why not do that with dead skin.

There is a stigma against oily skin and oily hair. We’ll never see Taylor Swift or Jimmy Fallon with intentionally oily skin. It is considered bad hygiene, when in reality it is a sign of ideal hygiene. We need to erase the stigma and bath with the repetition that is healthiest for our own individual bodies.