Julia Royston Is Living her Best Life!

Julia Royston has been around books practically her whole life as a 30-year retired librarian. She has published 60 books! Talk about an accomplishment! Now Royston has a new book, titled, “Live Your Best Life,” and she aspires to do just that! As a writing coach, she helps people write their very own books. We’ve had the opportunity to catch up with Julia in an interview and this is our story.

TS: How did you get started writing?

JR: I went through a divorce in 1994 while in graduate school and started journaling as therapy to heal and move forward.  Surprisingly enough it was poetry and had nothing to do with my ex-husband or divorce. 

TS: How did you start coaching others?

JR: Actually, I found myself coaching my writing and publishing clients.  It comes naturally when you want people to do their best and accomplish their goals in the process.  After a few years of publishing, I was asked by someone to coach them.  I put a fee to it, and they paid me, and the coaching program continued and expanded. 

TS: What motivated you to write 60 books? That’s a lot. That is an honor!

JR: First, God would tell me to write and so I did.  Secondly, the desire was deposited in me after I wrote my first book.  The writing bug bit me and I fell in love with it including the process of writing.  Next, the needs of my clients and business encouraged me to write.  Finally, I am a 30-year retired librarian, so books have been my life. 

TS: How do you help others write their books?

JR: – Several ways, 1) I have written a resource series titled, Write, Publish and Promote that Book Now!  2) I have a virtual 10-Week Write That Book Now Course for Group Writing that I facilitate and guide them through the process and offer Individual Writing Sessions as well.  3) I have pre-recorded Courses on Demand that includes my 10-Week Writing Course. 

TS: Can you tell me a little about your companies?

JR: 1) BK Royston Publishing is a faith based publishing company 2) Royal Media and Publishing is my publishing company for things that don’t fall in the line of faith based or family friend materials 3)Julia Royston Enterprises is my Writing Coaching Company 4) BK Royston Foundation is my 501c3 non-profit for literacy, writing and scholarships for the undeserved and underrepresented populations 5) JuJu 4ee Music Publishing is my Music Publishing company for the music I write and 6) Book Business Bosses is my Business Coaching Company

TS: When did you record the 3 CDs? That’s awesome Could you explain that?

JR: I have been singing since the age of 9 in church, was a choir director, community choir director and lead singer for most of my life.  I didn’t write my first song until 2000 and recorded 3 music CDs, In Your Presence, Hymns for Him, Begin Again.

TS: Could you discuss briefly about the podcast?

JR: I have a broadcast and a podcast.  My broadcast is Live Your Best Life heard on www.envision-radio.com every Sunday morning at 10:00 a.m. EST and syndicated to Nigeria’s www.regiaradio.com on Sundays at 3:00 p.m. WAT – The podcast is Book Business Bosses Podcast that is a quarterly podcast for those in the literacy world.  I interview authors that I’ve published and those that I have published

TS: What was the inspiration behind you writing ‘Live Your Best Life.’

JR: Live Your Best Life is the accompanying book with 10 lessons I’ve learned to date that have helped me to live my best life.  It is strictly to encourage someone.  Not to preach but to give hope. 

TS: What does live your best life mean to you?

JR: Being free to be exactly who God intended me to be.  It’s not necessarily about wealth or possessions but about being free in your Mind, Body and Spirit and being the best you that you can be and on your terms in spite of anyone else. 

TS: During these troubling times with COVID going around, and the world is looking a little different how can we as people capitalize on this opportunity and still live our best life with everything that’s going on?  

JR: With technology and it’s use, I have literally been able to communicate and do business with people around the world.  Maximize on the tools, resources and gifts that God has placed in your hands to the fullest so that you can live the abundant life. 

TS: What has been the most fulfilling moment as an author, speaker and coach to you?

JR: Knowing that my materials, words and ideas will speak to generations long after I’m gone.  I have no biological children of my own, so it is my job to pour into, empower and inspire the generations that come after me.

TS: How can people reach you for coaching?  

JR: For a consultation, visit http://www.talkwithroyston.com

TS: What can people expect from a coaching or podcast session with you? 

JR: First an ear to listen.  Second, a heart to be compassionate and finally, experience, information and direction to share.

TS: Is there anything else you’d like to add? 

JR: My purpose is to teach, enlighten and guide you to get your message to the masses and turn your words into wealth.

TS: What are your plans for the future? 

JR: Help all of the People that I can, Be an Example of God’s Grace and Live My Best Life!

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