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Bad Boy artist & Rapper Black Rob Passes Away Age 52

Rapper Black Rob Passes Away

Another infamous rapper has passed away. Black Rob passes away at the age of 52 according to NBC. Rob was apart of P. Diddy’s record label Bad Boy. Mainly known for his most popular hit, “Whoa.”

Black Rob’s former label mate Mark Curry announces his death during a video posted on Instagram over the past weekend. He recounts being with Rob when he passed. Also how he hasn’t spoken to Diddy in almost 15 years but he has recently. “This is the beginning of a new for us. Rob made sure he knew what he had to do before he parted this world to make sure we was all alright. And that’s what he did. Bad Boy for life yo’. ” Curry spoke of his dear friend’s passing.

Unfortunate cause of death

The cause of death for Black Rob whose real name is Robert Ross, is cardiac arrest. After he has already been suffering from kidney problems. Producer Mike Zombie and Curry have started a GoFundMe to pay for his funeral expenses. While Diddy offered to pay for his medical costs but the offer was a little too late. But now he is reportedly paying for the funeral costs for Black Rob.

Robert Ross grew up in East Harlem and started rapping around his preteen years. He started appearing on tracks from Bad Boy around 1996-1997. Black Rob is known for the hit song, “Whoa!” which topped the charts at no. 43 on the Billboard Charts in 2000. He was also featured on the “Bad Boys 4 Life” track along with Curry which charted at no. 33. Black Rob left Bad Boy label in 2010 but reunited with them for the Bad Boy Family Reunion tour in 2016. Reportedly, he had around 4 studio albums throughout his career.

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