Rapper DMX In Critical Condition After Fatal OD Sent Him To Hospital

DMX’s Health Not Looking Good At The Moment

Rapper DMX whose real name is Earl Simmons suffered a drug overdose last Friday. According to reports his health is not looking good right now. Simmons had a heart attack due to the OD. He has since been sent to a hospital in White Plains, New York. Sources say he is an critical condition while others report that he is in a vegetative state and may not pull through. Simmons is currently, on life support.

DMX has scored countless hit records while apart of the Ruff Ryders as well as a solo rap artist. He’s also had a continuous bought with drugs and has been in and out of rehab several times. According to reports from TMZ, Simmons last time in rehab occurred in 2019 after he completed a 12-month sentence for tax invasion. We last saw him performing a Versuz battle with legendary rapper Snoop Dogg back in July 2020.

Family visiting Earl aka DMX in hospital, praying for well wishes!

Since he was admitted into the hospital paramedics have tried to resuscitate his heart for what seems like 30 minutes. But his heart deprived of oxygen and doctors say it does not look good. His ex-wife, mother and children are visiting him in the hospital. Their wishes are for everyone to pray for him at this time.

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