Genius: Aretha Looking Not So Genius After Family Says Miniseries Isn’t Accurate

Genius Aretha Mini Series Isn’t Accurate

Another one bites the dust. Family of the legendary artist says they feel no R-E-S-P-E-C-T when it comes to new biopic. Genius is a series on National Geographic that spotlights the world’s greatest innovators such as Picasso, Albert Einstein and others. Genius Aretha aired last night on Sunday, March 21st. Actress Cynthia Erivo plays the Queen of Soul in the 8-part mini-series.

The Blatant Disrespect of Aretha In Biopic

Although, the project has received numerous amounts of praises. The granddaughter of famed legendary singer Aretha Franklin, says, “This new biopic has to go,” she says. “As the immediate family we feel it’s important to be involved in any biopic about my grandma’s life. As it’s hard to get an accurate depiction of anyone’s life without talking to the one’s closest to them.”

She goes on further to say during the production process of the film they have reached out to the ‘Genius Project,’ and has been met with nothing but disrespect. Told they wouldn’t be worked with.”

“As the immediate family-emphasis on immediate we do not support this film. We ask that you do not support this film, as we feel extremely disrespected. And we feel there will be many discrepancies about my grandmother’s life.”

The Show Must Go On

Producers behind the project made no contact with Franklin’s family but insist they’ve conducted research to make the story as accurate as possible. Stating that they understand the underlying concern coming from Franklin’s family. ‘They want to preserve her legacy as mush as possible.’

“We worked with many people who were close to Aretha such as Clive Davis and members of her estate. To ensure that we told the story in the most accurate and authentic way.”

The Franklin family is working with MGM for the ‘Respect’ biopic tentatively scheduled to release this summer on August 13, 2021. Which stars ‘Spotlight’ singer Jennifer Hudson. The son of the legendary Motown singer, Kecalf Franklin (Cunningham) says, “We’re just trying to make sure the integrity of my mother is intact. Also that if someone wants to do a project on our mother and grandmother that they contact us first to give some input. To see if we can contribute something.”

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