Derrick Jaxn Relationship Expert: Good Actor or Bad Husband?

So Are We Canceling The Advice We Received From Derrick Jaxn Now?

Within the past couple of days, things haven’t been looking too good for popular YouTube relationship expert Derrick Jaxn. Gossip blogger and YouTuber TashaK reports on her channel that she has receipts that Jaxn has been cheating on his wife of 13 years. This news comes after a supposed side chick comes forward. Giving the fact that he makes videos informing women to leave men who cheat, who are not consistent and play games. Pretty much to run away from the self-proclaimed fuckboys. But now that the proverbial sh*t has hit the fan should women caution themselves with his advice?

He went live with his wife on both his Facebook and YouTube pages to clear up the messiness that has since unfolded. His wife states that the news of his numerous bouts of infidelity comes to no surprise to her as this is something that has happened before. But she admits to leaving him until he changed, grew up and connected with God.

Many women feel that Derrick has duped them and pulled the rug from right underneath them. But what they fail to realize is, he is human. Humans are flawed by nature. A brand is what he is and hope is what he sells. People are visual creatures, Jaxn knows his audience are mainly single women. In order to capture the crowd he caters to he portray an image that women desire for. Since their mighty messiah has fallen what will they do now after hearing the details of his scandal?

Or is this just a ruse simply to sell his recent release, “Heal Together Without Hurting Each Other?” How convenient that this tea is spilled days after the official release of his book. Jaxn could do all the damage control in the world but it won’t change the fact he has now probably lost a vast majority of his fanbase. As many women felt the video of him and his wife holding hands was nothing short of forced and a tad bit on the narcissistic side.

Can we separate the man from the image brand that he conveys in the media? Granted his past relationship advice was sound. But only if he would have taken his own advice.

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  1. I think it depends on the advice he was giving on specific things for me to say yes or no on canceling advice he may have gave….

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