Rihanna Is Making Even More Boss Moves With The New Trademark For Fenty Hair

Rihanna’s company Roraj Trade LLC just announced on Twitter yesterday that it has filed a new trademark application titled “Fenty Hair.” Which is looking to encompass the categories of hair care preparations, dandruff shampoo, hair waving preparations and more; the company stated in a Tweet. According to the legal trademark document filed March 3rd, the services will also include non-medicated hair restoration lotions; hair bleaching preparations; hair coloring prep and even hair glitter.

Even though Rihanna may have paused Fenty Fashion less than two years after it’s initial launch pending better conditions. Nothing has slowed her down from building her empire. Between Fenty lingerie, makeup and soon-to-be released hairline. She is a pretty busy woman. Although her fans are still waiting on that new RiRi album to drop. It seems like fans awaiting new singles will just have to listen to her past albums to cure their hearts of Rihanna music nostalgia.

When is she is ready to release new music we’re sure it’ll be plenty of fans walking around in their Fenty lingerie, with their Fenty skin, fresh new Fenty hair jamming to Rihanna’s newest album.

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