Jackson, Mississippi Residents Are Still Undergoing A Contaminated Water Crisis, Amid Winter Storm That IS Impacting Thousands

Thousands of residents in the Jackson, Mississippi city are still without decent drinking water. A city that is predominantly 82% African American. Last month, in February the intense winter storms was a tragic situation for most states, such as Texas and now Mississippi is experiencing a water outage. According to USA TODAY residents in Jackson have to get water from distribution sites simply to flush the toilet, wash dishes and even just to bathe. Officials in the city, said the water pressure was being restored after a winter storm that took its toll on the city just a few weeks ago. Although, in some area of the city residents complained they still were receiving little to no water pressure.

The city gave a boil water notice Feb.16 after, “Testing revealed the water contains high levels of turbidity, or cloudiness, which increases the chance it may contain disease-causing organisms,” reports USA TODAY.

Public Works Director Charles Williams, stated last Friday that the city’s water restoration was improving and that ‘only less than 5,000 possible residents were without water,’ On February 22nd the state health department recorded that 300,000 residents were under a boil water advisory. Grocery stores saw a higher demand in water bottles as residents didn’t have proper drinking water. City spokeswoman Michelle Atoa stated Jackson provided 26,500 bottles of water and 7,000 gallons of non potable water.

Since March 1st, Williams said the water main levels were back to being restored but they have since fallen back down. Close to 80 water main breaks were reported within the city. Williams also added that an aging infrastructure is the reason behind the water level and pressure failures.

Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba has sent an email to Governor Tate Reeves requesting $47 million in emergency funds to cover the cost of the project to repair the water pipe infrastructure. As of March 8th, residents, businesses and schools are still without adequate drinking water and quality water pressure. The city is still under a boil water advisory as the State Department Health Officials are testing and monitoring the city’s water supply.

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