A 10-Year-Old Harlem Boy Dies of Abuse and Other Horrific Injuries Inside His New York Home

A 34-year-old man, Ryan Cato was held without bail after he was charged with the abuse and death of his girlfriend’s 10-year-old son. According to reports, Cato has a history of violence and has even been charged with choking the mother of his own two children in their Brooklyn home.

The young boy Ayden Wolfe’s injuries included a lacerated kidney, spleen, liver, fractured rib on both sides and bruising between the toes, based on reports from NY Daily News.

Cato contacted authorities after he found the young boy unconscious and once the police arrived they found Wolfe barely breathing and soaked in water. Cato apparently poured water on him in an attempt to wake him up, sources say. Paramedics transported him swiftly from his home on W. 131st street to Harlem Hospital. Sadly, he was pronounced dead at 3:20pm.

While Cato has a history of violence and charges against him. Officers report that Wolfe’s mother has had a previous complaint against her for alleged child abuse from the city’s child welfare agency that was filed in 2010 after the child was born.

According to reports, Wolfe was a miracle child for the mother. A relative stated that she was a teenage brain cancer survivor and was told she’d never be able to have children. Luckily, this was not a accurate notion as she gave birth to Ayden her only child. The family has since made their own memorial for Wolfe in remembrance of his life. -The Scoop Report-

Photo courtesy of Brittany Kriegstein

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