Insecure Review: Molly’s Lowkey-Trippin’

via Insecure Review: Molly’s Lowkey-Trippin’

Directed By Kerry Washington

Insecure: Low-Key Tryin’ Episode #9

This episode felt like such an end of an era. It’s never easy to lose a friend but sometimes people just grow apart. Let’s talk about it! So, this week’s episode opens with Issa chilling at Lawrence’s crib. Guess, it’s good to say that they have gotten back together. We see them talking, eating and yes of course fucking all over that blue couch! But once Issa receives a text on her cell, she does tell Lawrence about Nathan. He is asking for help to move into his new place on Tuesday. Lawrence tells Issa that things are over with him and Condola.

But Issa is torn between making things work with Lawrence and being friends with Nathan. She begins reaching out to Kelli for advice, but she was hit with the voicemail. Eventually called her brother but his smart-ass was no help while he was at the restaurant eating some spicy chicken wings.

Dr. Rhonda is giving Molly some much needed advice about being forgiving and stop cutting people off when she feels as if she’s been wronged. Her therapist says, “Do you want to be right? Or do you want to be in a relationship?” Molly is very stubborn and just doesn’t want to take accountability for anything that she does. She will continue to stew in her juices.

Although, we were all wishing she hadn’t, she did it anyway.  Issa reached out to Molly first. The two met up at a diner to talk but never really hashed out their differences. Which never got to the root of the problem. Issa tried her best to make light of the situation as they engaged in small talk and she even paid for the meal. Issa tells Molly she’s helping Nathan move so she’ll be over Andrews’ spot so they can all hang out again.

Later, Molly is at Andrew’s place after bringing home some take-out. Andrew tells Molly that his brother is in town and is trying to make amends since the Mexico situation. But instead of being the bigger person and attending the game with Andrew and Victor. Molly tells Andrew to go alone. She also tells him that she talked to Issa. He thinks she should try more to make things work with her friend. While Molly says the conversation seemed phony.

On Nathan’s moving day, Issa tries her best to keep things open and honest and tells Nathan that she is back with Lawrence. He isn’t happy to hear that and makes a couple snide remarks, “He seems sometimey.” Issa replies by saying, “At least he knows how to use his words and doesn’t disappear.”  This is when Nathan finally admits to Issa that he is bipolar and when he went back home is when he truly found out. This certainly put things in perspective for her.

Nathan and Issa show up to the apartment.  The four of them are talking and begin to play a drinking game. Molly sends a text message, she thought was going to Andrew but accidently was sent to Issa, “See, I’m trying with her.” Issa, replies by saying, “I don’t think this was meant for me.” Disappointed and distraught she gets up and leaves. Molly follows after her. This is when Issa admits feeling like she was the only one trying to make things work. Instead of taking accountability on the shit she pulled. Molly says that maybe who Issa is doesn’t work for who she is anymore! Issa just answers with a simple, “Okay.” A surprised Molly expected Issa to fight or beg for friendship instead they part ways.

Are y’all ready for next week’s season finale? So, what will happen now that Issa and Molly aren’t friends anymore? Will Lawrence take the job in San Francisco? Who will Issa pick? Nathan or Lawrence? Is it really over with Condola?

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