Team Dark Skin Only!

Screenshot_20190329-200934photo courtesty of TMZ

Team Dark Skin. Team Light Skin, Team Brown Skin. What team you rocking with?

Are we serious? It’s 2019 and are we still having these Willie Lynch, Paper Bag test problems?

With the premiere of the 8th season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta we see Spice (Jamaican based rapper) sitting in a dermatologist office requesting to bleach her dark skin. This doctor advises her how it is dangerous to attempt skin bleaching and that a psychological evaluation may have to be done before any doctor can perform the operation. This leads to Spice’s explosive response.

After being told that she may need to change her look by a music promoter, Spice takes an unexpected turn to prove that African American dark skin women have it harder to succeed in the music business than other women. Leading her to supposedly, appear as if she’s bleached her skin. But as Mimi, Karlie and Rasheeda later find out  at her music video set; it was just makeup.

As silly as the scene looks, it’s just as silly that in real life thousands of women do these horrendous acts on themselves to feel more accepted in society. This is not a new age phenomenon, rapper Lil Kim bleached her skin some years ago. Stating how she felt her dark brown skin was repulsive to men. Saying, she struggled with finding love. As she watched Biggie choose Faith over her, along with several failed relationships thereafter even dealing with her own father’s treatment towards her.

It’s not as much as a problem of being accepted in society. But accepting ourselves. We must learn to truly love our big lips, thighs and hips. Whatever your body skin tone and type. We have been conditioned to hate ourselves and love the white man’s standard of beauty. We are not defined by anyone’s standard but our own.


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