Three Life Changing Mindsets For Success

It is about that time….

At this moment, time has spread its wings once again. The year seems to be into overdrive! Several months ago, I was about to shadow the same routine I do on New Year’s Eve. Normally, I would click the switch watching the ball drop, writing down all my “new year new me” resolutions that would become second nature but were never achieved. Some of you might be able to relate. Lose X number of pounds/Kilograms? Better relationships? Getting out of Debt? That raise your boss said will be open in the new year? Or just having a better new year?

I was on the same page…until I changed paths for 2018. I slept the night away. I could NOT take it anymore! Knowing that these resolutions I have mindlessly written down were only based on hype and tradition, I did not want to keep this cycle up for long.

So, for the year of 2017 (or any other year for that matter), I will hand to you 3 concepts I have started to live by that will help you re-engineer your 2019!

1.Scratch the “New Year New Me” motto. Now!

It is not logically possible to create a whole new you at the start of the new year. From the day you were born to your last dying breath, you will always be you. This is what I advise you to do:

To NEVER forget last year.

Even if it was the worst year you have ever experienced in your lifetime- keep it with you. These unaccomplished goals and heart-filled failures should motivate you for the new year.

Start assessing last year and use it to plan a whole new year. Most importantly, it’s time to achieve your goals.

Notice how I said “goals”, not “resolutions”. There is a distinct difference, and that is where our next concept comes into play.

2.Many Resolutions vs. One Progressive Goal

To start off, what is a resolution and what is a goal?

Resolution- a firm decision to do or not to do something

Goal- the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result

Honestly, I thought these terms were the same but they’re quite different.

Resolutions aren’t something to base your life from. It is a good start, but it only gives you TEMPORARY motivation with little discipline. From [New Year’s Resolution Statistics], it stated 58.4% of resolutions are maintained after one month! Can you believe that? And that’s only from the percentage who’ve written down their resolutions. As I said, you must start somewhere but that doesn’t mean you stop there. Now you transform those resolutions into one goal.

Goals in their purest nature are who we are and what we really want. It is emotion-driven. Unlike resolutions, you would have an ongoing desire to scope for a way to achieve it. No matter the cost.

In addition to having goals, I’d like to introduce what Brendon Burchard has talked about in his information-packed video Plan an EXTRAORDINARY 2017!

So, what is a Progressive goal?

To give a basic understanding of what a progressive goal is, I’ve made a little illustration of what generally happens when we act on resolutions, goals, and progressive goals.

3.Habit! Habit! Habit!

You can change your mind in the new year and develop an awesome progressive goal that will keep you motivated, but there is one problem.

How do we stick to our goal?

At the end of the day, we are human beings. We are going to forget and might even lose interest, but success isn’t if you like it all the time. It’s you willing to work hard to obtain your goals and aspirations. Let me solve this ONE problem with a ONE-word answer.


To achieve your goal, it is a must to develop a habit. Consistency is a habit. Habits result in success. So, success is based on consistency with goal-oriented habits.

In some shape or form, you must work on your goal every day. Building up to your goal takes one step a time, one day at a time, to achieve greatness.

Look at the videos and articles I have linked. They have broadened my knowledge on personal development.

“If YOU don’t create a future for yourself, who will?” — Oheine Porter

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