Is There A Conspiracy Against Our Famed Black Men?

Is there a conspiracy against our black men in the media? Why are all of our famed and talented men fallen victim to sexual harassment claims.  Just last year R&B pop star usher-raymondUsher Raymond was said to have allegedly  given a women herpes.


r-kellyNow legendary hit maker R. Kelly is in the hot seat for stories of not only harassment of several women but also giving a woman an incurable STD.  Now many companies are boycotting his music in a protest called, #MuteRkelly. A family has actually came forward saying that the Piped Piper is keeping young women against their will. What is really going on?

fb-morgan-freemanNow, the #Metoo movement is something that is so powerful to all the women that have been sexually abused and harassed. But now I am beginning to wonder if the women are just conspiring against the many celebrities in the industry. Morgan Freeman, is the newest male artists  to be caught up in this scandal. Mr. Freeman has yet came out to apologize for this actions.  This is not to say he is guilty but to save face for PR.  It may very well be that many women are riding this #Metoo movement. How many women have came out against famed comedian and actor Bill Cosby. After all these insane accusations it gets to be pretty hard to believe that so many women were impacted by the actions of this man.

Is it a conspiracy or do many men in Hollywood have problems behind closed doors?

Let us all stay aware of what is really happening to the urban community that the media refuses to report. #staywoke

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