Stepping Towards A Higher Education

Every year since 2013, the Urban Heat Academy gives the biggest step show on the west coast. This time the 5th annual Youth step show conference will be no different.

On Saturday, February 24th, 2018 at Oakland Technical High School the Urban Heat Academy is hosting a “Best of The Bay,” step show and youth conference. Middle and High school teams from all throughout the US will come and compete on stage for a grand prize of $1,000. Along with a live DJ and over a thousand-people expected to be in attendance.

The Urban Heat Academy is an after- school enrichment program that inspires youth to start thinking about a college education by focusing on academics, building self-esteem while minimizing violence. The program ensures students are on track to taking the necessary steps toward a rewarding collegiate career. The Urban Heat Academy serves students in grades K-12 with locations in Vallejo, Stockton and Oakland, California.

Kino Carson, started the Urban Heat Academy to change the way children viewed education. He wanted to give back to the community in ways that it has given him ways to be successful in his own life. He played football in high school. He has been a part of the Boys & Girls Club, as well as a teacher and administrator in Sacramento. Now he is a high school principal in the Oakland unified school district.

“I just want to change the lives of people in the community,” Carson says.

“Being a product of Oakland, CA., I believe that change starts at the top. I am concerned that too many of our young men and women have been falling through the cracks. Urban Heat Academy is designed to inspire our youth to further their education and be the best they can be in society.”

Carson feels as parents we must do more to motivate and protect our children’s most powerful weapon; their future.

“Kids will do what they see, not what you say. Growing up, kids, mostly males hear, ‘Hey, you play ball (football or basketball)?’ But what about those who don’t do neither? The stigma is different,” Carson adds.

He feels we need to be more involved with our children to prevent them from spending overly amounts on social media and more focus on education.

“We provide an outlet that’s fun and exciting with activities that brings in real-life experiences. Things you expose children to can affect their environment. We expose them to more. We make getting an education fun.”

This is also the first time the academy is offering a summer academic enrichment program. The program will consist of field trips, free lunches, and t-shirts. The school will start at 8:15am-2pm at Lafayette Education Elementary from June 8th -July 12th for grades (1-6). Along with a concentration in Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Arts, Health and more. The price is $200.00 per student. For more information please visit

Don’t miss out on this year’s Youth Step show conference. Make a change in a young person’s life.

This FREE youth conference starts at 10:30am – 12pm. It consists of workshops for parents and students. Which is designed to shed light on college readiness and life skills, financial aid and scholarship opportunities.

The event is held at Oakland Technical High School at 4351 Broadway in Oakland, CA. Doors open for the step show at 2pm.

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