2018 A Happy New Year

By Karisma Romea

happy new year“Happy new year!” – I bet this is the most common phrase we hear today or the easiest greeting we can utter when we meet an old friend along the way. But, is it really a happy new year for you or is it just a make believe?

How did you await for 2018? Did you wear your favourite polka dress? Did you had a complete set of twelve round fruits on your table? Did you blow a horn? Did you watch a fireworks display? How did you celebrate the New Year to make it a really happy one indeed?

The last year 2017 seemed to have flew by so fast that we are now facing the first month of 2018. Who would have thought we will all still be grinding for this year? What’s the difference between 2017 and 2018? They say it’s a New Year then so what?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately on how can I make this year a better one or, the best one so far? How can this year be different? I wonder what will be my plot twist for my brand new 365 – day journey. As I ponder on this little mind-boggling puzzle, I came up with three ways to make this new annum a happy new year, indeed!

First is to put God at the centre of everything. Make God your core and let everything you do be wired unto Him. Remember, God without man is still God but a man without God is nothing. You don’t want to be just nothing this year, do you? Now, you know what to do! First thing’s first. Choose to be someone in His eyes, not in the eyes of anyone else. Make Him your priority above anything else.

Second, know your lifeline and by this I mean your circle, your family. Know your bloodline by heart. You may get to choose your friends but never your family. People may come and go but a family will always be family. Remember, the blood running in your veins right now is the same blood running in the veins of your parents and siblings. Whether you like it or not, you will always be a part of each other wherever, whenever.

Lastly, love yourself a little more. Stop being hard on yourself. Give yourself a break because you deserve it. Follow what you truly love. Pursue your dreams. Hold on to your faith. Take yourself on a higher challenge that you are capable of. You don’t deserve mediocrity. Be brave to aim for the stars. But, give yourself a room for adjustments and mistakes. Do not hate yourself for plans that do not go as they are. Remember, nobody else will love you better than yourself (God is an exemption for this, of course!).

This 2018, make this year your year! Claim it. Declare it. Live by it. You are going to conquer greater feats. You are going to win against tougher battles. You are going to be victorious this year! It’s just a matter of mind-setting and prioritizing. And it will always start within YOU! Yes, you! You are the key to your own door.

Choose to have a better year this year.

Happy New Year!

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