Stay Woke, Black Lives Still Matter

Don’t be fooled by the propaganda as of late that has broadcasts through our airwaves. Just a year ago we were chanting,”Black Lives Matter.” Now they have us quiet because everyone is so concerned with sexual harassment in Hollywood. But let us not forget the lives lost of our fellow brothers and sisters. Just because it is not reported doesn’t mean it isn’t still happening. There are too many of us dying at the hands of corrupt officers. More and more each day, it is so easy to forget when the news won’t report it. Not to take anything away from those impacted by sexual harrssment. But we must stay diligent and remember that we must still fight to be heard. 

Baltimore Uprising is a documentary that was just released this month in November 2017 about the riots that occurred over the death of Freddie Gray. There wasn’t a lot of media coverage for this but it was directed by Sonja Sohn, an actress from the hit TV show The Wire.

Never forget, But always forgive. 

Baltimore Uprising FULL Documentary.  <-Click to watch. 

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