Tiffany Smith Business Consultant, Helps Dreams Come True

Tiffany Smith, CEO of Dream Team Consulting, LLC. 

Tiffany Smith, the owner of Dream Team Consulting LLC, graduated from Wayne State University in 2012 with a degree in psychology. Shortly upon graduating she was recruited to work in the insurance industry selling insurance and financial products. In 2013, she began working for one of the largest financial companies in the world. After the company closed its doors in 2014, Tiffany decided to branch off on her own. She became the first person in her family to own a business. 

Tiffany built Dream Team Consulting LLC with hopes of giving ordinary people the opportunity to follow their dreams. Using her various skills and training working in the financial and insurance industry she decided to partner with other individuals that could offer their own unique set of skills and insights into the road of success. 

 In her spare time, she works as a substitute teacher and has hopes of one day opening her own school for girls. She wants to instill in the youth the importance of financial independence and entrepreneurship. 

She is passionate about the empowerment and encouragement of women and hopes to be an inspiration to other female entrepreneurs. 

Young Urban Voices Mag caught up with Tiffany for an exclusive interview to see how she stays on track in her business. 

YUVMag: How did you start Dream Team Consulting? 

Tiffany S. :  I actually started my business right out of my home. I was preparing taxes and selling insurance. I also, learned how to set-up LLC’s through the state of Michigan. I started advertising my services on social media and reaching out to friends and family. The following year I was offered a physical office location for a very reasonable price by a pastor. I took him up on the offer and opened my very own office in Ypsilanti, Michigan.  

YUVMag: What was the hardest challenge you had to face owning your own business? 

Tiffany S. : The hardest part of owning a business for me was getting other people to see my vision. In order to grow and expand in business you need a team and it was very challenging to find people that were as dedicated to the team as me. Also being taken seriously in the financial industry as a minority woman was extremely challenging. 

YUVMag: What has been your biggest reward since starting your business? 

Tiffany S.: The biggest reward for me is knowing that I am giving my nieces and other young ladies a positive role model to look up to. Also making my family proud is extremely rewarding for me.

YUVMag: How can people learn more information to become financially literate? 

Tiffany S. :  I would recommend people read more, learn how to invest, understand the importance of credit and use life insurance as a tool to create generational wealth.

YUVMag: What is the biggest problem people face when trying to follow their dreams? 

Tiffany S. : I think fear is the biggest problem people face when following their dreams. There’s the fear of the unknown, the fear of failure, not knowing if you will be financially stable, the fear of starting at the bottom, the fear of other people’s opinions etc. 

YUVMag:What advice do you have for young ladies who may want to walk in your footsteps? 

Tiffany S. :My advice is to silence the fear! Stop overthinking, move out of your own way and embrace greatness! Trust the process, nothing happens overnight! Success takes time.  

Tiffany Smith


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