Love & Hip Hop New York: Brings Unity

Love and Hip Hop New York is back with it’s eighth season. A few new faces has joined the cast such as Anais, a Latin singer who says she’s dominating the charts. But she is a bit questionable in my opinion. She is also married with two kids but will be Rich Dollas love interest. Speaking of Richy D, he was just diagnosed with diabetes. But you’d think he was dying from Cancer. Diabetes is absolutely NOTHING to play with. But if you watch your diet and control your insulin. It is manageable. 

Moving on, to Remy Ma, now she is throwing a networking party to symbolize unity and women coming together. Which is comical due to her recent beef with hip hop artist Nicki Minaj. There is a snippet of dialogue of Remy winning Best Hip Hop Artist at the Bet Awards this year. Her and husband Papoose are discussing how far she has come career wise. But things take a turn when he brings up having another baby. As Remy was pregnant just last season but unfortunately had a miscarriage. You can see the frustration in Remy’s eyes. He’s been hanging by her side since forever but let’s hope this baby happpens and brings them closer together. 

Now our favorite manager, Yandy is doing the most! Last year it was baby momma drama. This season it’s mother -in-law drama. First, while she’s in attendance at Remy’s rooftop networking function she receives a phone call from Mendecees (who’s in prison). But instead of answering, she’s placing him on ice. Telling him to call her back because she’s with the girls(Remy and Juju). Remy and Juju are looking at Yandy like what!!!

Yandy states in her defense that he’s calling her three times a day everyday and it’s too much because she’s working on expanding her brand. So once Mendecees gets released he won’t have to worry about anything. But during a meeting Mendecees accuses Yandy of wanting to be a video vixen. Later, during a photo shoot with an artist Yandy is caught rubbing oil on his arms but in comes the mother-in-law accusing Yandy of cheating. She evens goes as far as to embarrass Yandy by hitting her artist and creating drama. Now there is tension between Yandy and Mendecees. 

Lastly, Bianca, is looking a hot mess with all the blue hair and brown edges which makes her hair looks as if it’s receding. Now she’s beefing with a new artist, Britany Taylor. A new hip hop artist who also has blue hair. The young lady Britany is at an event talking to Rich Dollarz about her “career”, and in walks Bianca starting drama. Britany tries to talk things out but Bianca who claims she is trying to avoid conflict throws a shoe at Britany and tries to run after her but of course security stops it. 

I don’t know how you’re avoiding conflicting by starting fights. Anyway, what would love and hip hop be without the drama right! 

Dj Self claims he has a new star for his Gwinnin Ent. Dreamdoll, a young lady with again BLUE HAIR!!!! What is up with these girls trying to look like a Seaseme Street character! But I’m sure he’s just trying to sleep with her. He needs a new artist since he dropped the ball with Cardi B. Bet he kicking himself now. 

In the season previews we see that Bianca has issues with Yandy because of her antics. MariahLynn is fighting a chick because her boyfriend is cheating. Yeah, so original! 

Love and Hip Hop is just getting started and we’re here for all the drama and madness.



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