Hazel E Fired From Love & Hip Hop

Yes, you heard right. Hazel E, the young lady who has been stirring up so much controversy received her official walking papers on October 4th. According to reports, she has been causing the producers too much trouble and they (Mona Scott Young of Monami Entertainment) decided to cut their losses and not bring her back as she was not shown on the reunion special of the Love and Hip Hop Hollywood franchise. 

This isn’t the only trouble that Hazel has found herself in. She has also been having an online beef with a female comedian Jess Hilarious, (a well known comedian.) Hazel has made comments about the young lady’s son which is a major no-no. Also Hazel has went on to say how she doesn’t know why everybody hates on her. She’s so beautiful and dark skin women are simply hating on her because they can’t pass the brown paper bag test. 

Lastly, if this wasn’t bad enough, Hazel E’s boyfriend and cast mate on the show Rose Burgandy goes on to social media to say he wishes all gays would burn in hell after being questioned about his sexuality. Soon thereafter, someone from Burgundy’s alleged past comes out to social media to try and prove that he is in fact homosexual. Although, Rose himself dismisses the claim. 

All of this is just crazy, Hazel dug herself into quite a big hole and the least I can say is at least there will be no more fights between her and Malika Kalysha. 

Hazel was feeling herself a tad bit much this season on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood and was brought back to reality, literally. 

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