Young College Student Starts Natural Hair Care Line 

Young Entrepreneurs are on the rise and they are taking the world by storm. Dejah Myers, is the creator of Curl Envy Hair Products for Natural Hair. She gave Young Urban Voices Magazine all the tea on how and why she started her brand. 

 YUV: How Did You Start Your Brand? 

Dejah Myers: I grew up with natural home remedies from my family, I was able to pick up and learn from them. A few summers ago I started to try them out on myself and my sister’s hair and ever since then we both started to see progression in our hair. I started my brand inside of my college dorm room. The reason why I started my brand was because 1.)I was a jobless college student , 2.) this has always been on my mind but I never knew how to start or do it. My hair products are natural and organic! All of my products are made at home! Which means my hair products are free of artificial preservatives, sulfates, paraben and other GROSSSSS chemicals. Curl Envy products contain certified organic & natural ingredients that leaves customers’ hair and body feeling soft, bouncy, with more volume and simply natural. Every since I started to make my hair products, I started to sell them on campus and I was getting a lot of feedback and was thinking to myself;  wow this isn’t a pretty bad idea.  Within the first three months of Curl Envy Co being born I was able to pay off my tuition for school so that I can return next semester! Having this company has benefited me in so many ways in my eyes. I do not care about what the challenges and the Profit might be I will finish school and go to medical school and Curl Envy Co will be in markets I am not planning on giving at any time soon! In the process of Curl Envy Co I’ve met AMAZING people and was involved in AMAZING events ! Being a full-time college student with a full-time job and being a full-time business owner can be very challenging but I do remind myself of who I’m doing it for and it’s in my blood. My parents raised me right and taught me this world is a busy world, with out my parents I wouldn’t be nothing. My parents raised me to be independent… Both of my parents struggled having me at a young age, and I have always admired how hard they work for the family. 

Dejah‘s 5 Tips Into Being A Successful Role Model / Entrepreneur

1. Never compare your work towards others, everyone works differently.

2. Quit Procrastinating, if you want it GO GET IT.

3. Stay motivated, there will be times were you feel like the world is on your shoulders but you do have to remember that the outcome in the future will be worth it. Just smile you’ll live longer !

4. Do this for YOU, don’t do it just because you want “attention” let this be a stress reliever for you.

5. Most importantly INVEST in yourself and keep God first. You wouldn’t go far without him. 

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Facebook: CurlEnvyCo 


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LOCATION: 313 Nelson St SW, Atlanta, GA 30313

TIME: 11:30-6:30pm

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