Baby Mommas & Sister Wives

If you’ve been keeping up with this season of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, and you tuned in to view the crazy antics of the reunion, then you have an idea of who I’m going to mention next. Caught in a sort of twisted love triangle is Masika Kaylsha, Alexis Skyy and rapper Fetty Wap. 

Supposedly, Alexis Skyy was dating the rapper while he had a daughter with Masika. This of course, had brought up some resentment and heated tension in Alexis. The two ladies haven’t had a problem letting the world know about their dislike for each other as they frequently took to social media dissing one another. 

Now, if you’re like me and saw part one of the reunion, you heard when Alexis Skyy allegedly confirmed being now pregnant with Fatty Wap’s child as well. If this wasn’t a shock as she was seeing artist Lucci, during the beginning of the season. Is this just a way to get back at Masika? Doesn’t this storyline sound familiar to you guys? 

Clears throat

Of course it does, Tara and Amina! 

What is up with women refusing to let go of a man that’s clearly playing them? That’s why men will never have respect for us until we start respecting ourselves. Honestly though, that whole Tara and Amina, and Peter fling is a WHOLE completely different story for another time. 

But hopefully, Alexis was just trying to poke fun at Masika and isn’t actually pregnant as which why she was only viewed via satellite. 

Let’s aim higher ladies, don’t settle to be just a baby momma. This man from my knowledge hasn’t placed a ring on either woman’s hand and hasn’t came out to claim either one. Plus, he has several baby mother’s already. Why are you adding to the list? 

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