Artist RICA Has a New Brand & Sound

The talented 25 year old, independent, female artist RICA was born and raised in Washington, DC. RICA took interest in music during her 6th grade year when her fellow classmates created a rap group and would beat box in class. Poetry and writing short stories was RICA’S specialty but she decided to take those writing skills and write a rhyme. The rhyme was so good that the others in the group wanted her to write their lyrics. RICA was apart of two music groups during her high school years ran by Mega Don Productions which afforded her the opportunity to get in the studio and perform at local open mic in the DC & MD area. Soon after the group split up RICA decided to take her career in her own hands and went solo. RICA purchased a condenser microphone, a refurbished laptop and taught herself how to work audacity DAW and began creating. March 2015 , RICA released a mixtape titled ‘Thee AnitVirus’ that was recorded and mix by RICA in her studio apartment.

​”I am not a pro, but the mix was decent. The quality of course could’ve been better but I had to do what I had to do due to lack of funds to spare” – RICA

The mixtape was released under RICA’s old stage name ‘ENTREE‘; no not the meal. March 2016 RICA decided to take a new approach and elevate her sound by working with Live Band and music production team “Flux180” to acquire new music for the year. Her latest self titled release that is now streaming on all digital platforms is a great body of work that she exemplified her many styles as a artist.

When listening to music by RICA you get two things, which is quality and variety. Who doesn’t love variety ?

The many sides of RICA is what makes her a flavorful artist worth savoring . Forcing ears to listen with her passive yet aggressive tone, RICA can cruise the live drums and 808’s mellow or up-tempo. She can paint you a vivid picture of your life and her life, evoking human emotion or she can emerge solely in confidence and go bar for bar with the next artist and hold her own.

Young Urban Voices Magazine had a chance to catch up with the lyricist during her busy schedule. 

YUV MAGWhat are your current projects that you’re working on? 

RICA: Currently I’m focused on my brand as an artist and working with different producers to deliver great music.

YUV MAG: Do you have any albums out? 

RICA: I just released a EP self titled RICA and a few singles that’s now available on all streaming platforms. You can find all the information on my website & the listening party video for the EP is available as well.

YUV MAG: Where can people find out more about you?

social links

IG: RICAforeverx

Twitter: RICAforeverx

YouTube: RICAmusicradio

Soundcloud. RICAmusicradio

YUV MAG: Musical Influences? 

RICA: T.I. was a big influence but more so as a person rather than an artist. Different genres of music influenced me. I am attracted to versatility, so listening to all types of genres growing up developed my knack for music to be more than one dimensional. The genres consist of blues, classical, pop, gospel, reggae, rock and country music to name a few.  

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