2016 MTV Video Music Awards

OK!! The 2016 MTV Video Music Awards! People it’s about to get REAL. Get your kool-aid, make a sandwich and get ready cuz here we go. First the winners since only 5 people won awards all night… I’m so confused by that. How you have a 3 hour AWARD show and only 6 awards be given out. How dat work? Winners were Drake, Calvin Harris, Fifth Harmony, Beyonce & DNCE. Literally, that’s it πŸ˜•. Alicia Keys gave a lovely poem about equality, she’s so poetic. Then there was Kanye West… (insert deep sigh) He premiered his new video for FADE which had Teyona Taylor dancing like you’ve never seen before. The video is ummm, artistic for lack of a better term, but before the video was shown Kanye spoke………… That’s all I’m saying about that, just YouTube it or watch it when the show comes on again, it’s probably on again right now. I get what he was saying but… I can’t explain, sorry πŸ˜•. Now performances. Arianna Grande feat Nicki Minaj (not sure how I feel about that one), Future (insert Men on Film voice : Hated It!), Nick Jonas feat Ty Dolla Sign, The Chainsmokers and it’s Britney B@%*h! Yes Britney Spears took to the stage after like 10 years and performed her new song `Make Me Move’, I wasn’t wowed because she’s done wayyyy better. I wish she did a medley like at the Billboard Awards. Beyonce performed her entire Lemonade album, and yes she was VERY, VERY entertaining as ALWAYS. Not gonna lie, I was shocked that she performed, I’ll explain why in a second. My biggest upset of the night, Rihanna was given the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award and she performed 4 times throughout the show. She opened the show with a pink weird theme followed by an island theme, rebel theme and closing the show with ballads (sidebar, she actually sang like 27 words in all 4 performances. The background tracks played 90% of the time. I REALLY hate when artists do that, I mean either sing or lipsync ijs). I wasn’t really feeling any of her performances and I thought her fashion for tonight SUCKED! Sorry but girlfriend can do better. Drake showed up to present the award to Rihanna reading a cute speech of the teleprompter. He even admitted that he’s been in love with her since he was 22. Aww moment right, WRONG! When Drake hugged Rihanna he was trying to give her a kiss and she side faced him!! Yasssss boo! He ended up kissing her neck. Ladies,we don’t do that!! I mean if they REALLY supposed to be together and he wanted to be there for her big moment, why she ain’t let him get dat kiss? Hmm maybe because they still claiming they just friends? Or to get people talking more? To stay in the news and be relevant? I don’t know but dat side face was cold blooded. (other sidebar, was it just me or did Rihanna STRUGGLE vocally during `Needed Me’? No shade but…[insert twisted lip face]). Now, I’ve voiced my opinion on the fact that Rihanna DID NOT deserve that award. People, it’s called the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, it’s presented to artists with incredible artistic vision, groundbreakers, innovators when it comes to visual arts. RIHANNA IS NONE OF THESE THINGS!!!! Hold up Rihanna Navy, I didn’t say that I don’t like Rihanna, I think some of her videos are cute, honestly. But are they MICHAEL JACKSON level good? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Missy Elliott should have gotten it this year. There! I said it! Having said that, I believe that Jay-Z bought that award for Rihanna, like paid people to make sure that she got it this year. Wait, wait, stay with me now. 2014 Beyonce got it, 2015 Kanye West got it, of course Jigga gotta make sure that his whole clique stay on the same level, therefore, coincidentally, 2016 Rihanna gets it. You see the pattern? But wait doe, tonight was supposed to be ALL about Rihanna, why Beyonce take over? For almost 30 minutes boo boo!! Now, usually when you’re getting the Vanguard Award, you perform or talk for about 20-25 minutes. That’s YOUR time to shine and get your award and go sit down. Justin Timberlake did it, Beyonce did it, why come Rihanna had to break up her performance into 4 segments? Why she get 3 breaks doe? Nobody else ever got breaks. But the BIGGEST question is WHY WAS BEYONCE ALLOWED TO OVERSHADOW RIHANNA ON HER NIGHT????? Talk about the shade. Rihanna didn’t even win any of the awards she nominated for but Beyonce won all hers… How bout dis ya’ll… Jay-Z wasn’t even there. Why come he didn’t give Rihanna her award? I mean she’s his biggest star,right? So, so, you get Drake to give her the award to make some noise and create an OMG moment and get people talking about Rihanna since Beyonce stole all of her shine, everyone would have forgotten about Rihanna cuz Beyonce dominated! Boom! That’s my opinion, I’m just saying, I’m just saying. I mean the VMAs didn’t even have a host this year, they had fillers, Key and Peele (who I thought were hilarious), Jay Pharaoh and DJ Khalid. Dude, this year was, in a nutshell, WHACK!!! I give it an EPIC… D+

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