Why Gwen Stefani is TOTALLY my BFF!

“Hey Baby, hey baby, hey”…is  what I have to say about Gwen Stefani! Ok, so I have been a “L.A.M.B” since I heard “Don’t Speak” by No Doubt and I was like “OH MY GOSH!!!” I was instantly a  No Doubt fan, ‘Tragic Kingdom’ is my absolute FAVE No Doubt album!!!! They have sooo many hit songs people, like “It’s My Life”, “Sunday Morning”, “Spiderwebs”, “Excuse Me Mister”, “Just A Girl”, “Hey Baby” and of course “Don’t Speak”…uhhhhh YASS! I’ll admit, when  Gwen went solo and released her first album ‘Love, Angel, Music, Baby’, I was kinda liiiikkkkkeeeeeeee…”hmmmmm I don’t know how I feel about this” BUT THEN, I saw the video for ‘What You Waiting For?’and I was like “OK! Lovin’ what’s happenin'”. The whole Alice In Wonderland theme/Harajuku Girl vibe was TOTALLY dope. You know it’s weird, you can be halfway on a song but then see the video and if you like the video, you kinda start liking the song more. ‘What You Waiting For?’ is my JAM now hunny…LOL. Then ‘Hollaback Girl’ happened…(Insert dramatic music) and the world was never the same. I’ll tell you one thing, I am a champion at spelling BANANAS!! LOL!! Umm ‘Rich Girl feat Eve’, so the jam! Gwen’s second album ‘The Sweet Escape’ was super cute; what’s my jam you ask?…’WIND IT UP”!!!! Another dope Pharrell beat. When I say that is my JAM, IT IS MY JJJJJAAAAAMMMMM!!!! I love that whole marching band sound, uhhh dopest thing EVER IN LIFE!!! ‘4 In The Morning’ is also a cute song, I really like it. Let me point  out something, Gwen is a style icon, OK. Seriously, she has this lean body and she rocks some of the FLYYEESSTTT fashion that only Gwen Stefani can rock!! Seriously, I LOVE her style!!! So wwwhhyyy is she my bff now?…Well, due a series of fabulous events (you know who you are) I got to see Gwen in concert for her ‘This Is What  The Truth Feels Like’ Tour. Super Fun! She is sooo adorable!! Such a diverse band and dancers and the background videos were so colorful and they fit her so well. Even with mic pack issues, she was funny, a good sport, signed stuff, talked to the crowd, I mean she’s 46 years old, a mom of 3 and soooo cute, for real. I had a lot of fun. I honestly didn’t know like 75% of her new songs from this new album but since she sang them at the concert I was like OK I HAVE TO BUY THIS ALBUM!!! I listened to ‘This Is What  The Truth Feels Like’ online first and I freaking LOVE IT!! Seriously, this is her third solo album and it’s all about love, her sudden break up with ex-husband Gavin Rossdale and the new love she found (unexpectedly) with country crooner Blake Shelton. I love the simplicity of this album, the song writing, the melodies, the beats…Not just the songs that were released like ‘Misery’, ‘Used To Love You’ and ‘Make Me Like You’, I’m talking about the unreleased songs. ‘Where Would I Be?’, ‘Asking 4 It feat Fetty Wap’, ‘Naughty’ and MY ABSOLUTE FAVE…’Rare’!!!! YASSS TIMES A THOUSAND!!! Freakin’ Love It! But seriously ( I’ve said ‘seriously’ like 20 times…my bad lol but seriously), just when I didn’t think I could like her anymore I saw a piece of Gwen’s interview on Howard Stern. She was talking about  her experience working with Prince. It’s on Youtube. She explained his focus and him being a musical genus in the studio and how he changed the arrangement for the song etc, then Gwen admitted “I mean I’m not even that good of a singer, I mean I have  my own style and everything, I can sing in tune but I don’t have a very big range”. That is why she is my BFF. I have always liked Gwen, no she isn’t the strongest singer when it comes to vocal ability,  your lane etc. BUT it takes GUTS people to be so honest about your vocal ability especially when you are a big star already. So many artists have such huge egos that you can’t tell them that they aren’t dabomb.com/youjealous/getlikeme/imthebestandyousuck…am I right? I love Gwen for being so honest AND this girl worked with Prince, apparently HE saw something in her that inspired him to write a song for her…Ijs. Anywho, Gwen, girl you are officially inducted into my BFF club. Hollaback…girl!!!!

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