How Bad Do You Want it? 

dreambigEveryone talks about what they plan to do. Everyone makes new year’s resolutions during the brink of a new upcoming year. But how many of us stay loyal to our vision long after we’ve said it. 

Whether you want to start a business , write a book or even learn a new language you have to STAY the course. It’s quite easy to get distracted or blindsided by events in life. 

So I ask how bad do you want it? Remember, if you treat your gift, your craft like a hobby that’s exactly what it will be. Keep working! 

Sometimes, being disciplined means staying home on a Friday or Saturday night. Losing out on hours of sleep because while others are sleeping you’re too busy grinding. 

Another thing , that kills dreams beyond lack of ambitious is doubt and fear. Just because you don’t see an increase in your plans. Doesn’t mean you haven’t made progress. 

Keep working hard. The grind will pay off and don’t wait on opportunity to come your way. Because in this world you’ll have more people fighting against you versus fighting with you. 

Be confident and kill your goals! Applaud for yourself and KEEP WORKING to get even further. 

Don’t worry about where other people are with their lives. Their path is theirs alone and not meant for you. A path for you is already there waiting on you to realize all of your amazing greatness. 

Be a Go Gettah!  

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