On The Brink of Greatness

Every time I’m beside you, everything is so chill. Just being beside you, shit kind of feels totally real

Sitting beside you, holding your hands in mine

Tracing both simultaneously, trying to connect our lines

Sitting beside you, looking at your side view

Admiring the strength in your face, you’re so cool

I’m genuinely interested in everything about you

Sitting beside you, I’m studying you like I’m supposed to

The curve in your ear, the bend of your neck

The presence of your Adams Apple, the light hair on your chest

I’m observed all that while you sat looking ahead

Sitting beside you with one hand rubbing your leg

I feel you loosen up, your tense exterior slowly dispelled

We’re taking it one day at a time, we’ll be GREAT, I can already tell

Sitting beside you, I’m wondering how many more days

Will I sit beside you and love you in so many more ways. 

Stand behind me and I’ll protect you from the front

Walk beside me and let the world know that this is what you want.

By CoKane

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