A Deep Mind Battle 

A Deep Mind Battle by Co Kane  



Everybody keeps insisting this is a lesson

I’d much rather the Universe lessen

All these loads so I’m not stressing

My life.

So much recollection

Yes I need some reflection

Or probably a decent distraction

One that wears a Magnum

Something sexy with much attraction



I need some action.

This is a phase.

My thoughts are all over the place  

Let me pick up my scattered thoughts just in case

I’m not trying to keep running away

Yet I can’t stay.

I feel so afraid.  

I go to my Higher Power but i don’t know what to say.  

Everyday I declare I’ll be okay

I look in the mirror and don’t recognize my face

My smile seems misplaced.

Dark, slanted eyes.

Reveals a soul that cries.

Unveils a spirit that died.

Now there’s a race against time

To reconnect my soul with my mind

It’ll take time.  

I got plenty to use to unwind

Un-blur my vision, I can no longer be blind

No one has ever been kind

My fire is dim, it used to shine

No motivation.  

Full of frustration.

Please hold the conversation.

Yes that’s Fear of Rejection; by default there remains a disconnection. I’ve grasped whatever valuable lesson all these hard times were teaching and stressing, and until I find peace, I’ll carry my heart on my sleeve.


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